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Carter High

Real Life Football Tragedy About the Consequences of Bad Decisions
Carter High is the true story of the powerhouse 1988 David W. Carter High School Football Team from Dallas, Texas. Growing up in Dallas a few years before this took place, this tragic story has always fascinated me. I have read countless articles from the Dallas Morning News, the segment within the Friday Night Lights book, as well as the book Carter Boyz by Gary Edwards, the player at the center of the grade controversy. I've always hoped ESPN would so a 30 for 30 segment on this tragic story, so I was thrilled when I heard it had been made into a feature film.

The film covers the grade controversy that began during the 1988 football season that eventually stripped them of their 5A State Championship title, as well as the armed robberies committed by several players just weeks after winning the State Title.

From the extensive articles I've ready on the subject, the movie did seemed pretty accurate. I was afraid it portray the team as nothing but ruthless thugs, but it showed them as just typical high school students. I was also afraid the film would try to make excuses or try to justify their actions in the armed robberies, but it did not.

It is a very powerful film that is a must-see for children and teens. It stresses the importance of making good decisions, distinguishing right from wrong and the ultimate consequences faced from bad decisions.

My only criticism of the movie was they didn't address the kids by name enough for the viewer to keep them all straight. With all I've read on the subject, even I couldn't keep up with who was who. However, I definitely recommend the movie.

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