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A Well Acted Farce of Reality and History
As expected from the famous, wealthy, and successful white female actresses in the movie, the acting was quite good. For those familiar with the infamous Patricia Arquette Oscar speech, you will notice that several of these exceedingly wealthy, famous, privileged, white women were the ones giving a standing ovation after that speech.

The real damage and sickness of this movie is that its presents its self as a true, accurate, and real bit of history. Yet it is as close to an accurate portrayal of history as Star Wars. If the movie had been set in a farcical alternate reality it would have been mildly more palatable. The vastly inaccurate history mixed with the disgusting demonization of all things male puts this film firmly in the same category as the Nazi Films that demonized Jews.

The feminist zealotry of the movie glosses over the real historical events. It fails to show the real work for equal voting rights that men worked every bit as hard at getting (In favor of sticking to a feminist; men are bad, women are good, ideology). That most people, men included, did not have the right to vote was all to conveniently left out. The suffragists, composed of men & women, lobbied for 1 person = 1 vote. It was the Suffragettes who were openly racist and only wanted white, upper class women to have the vote, another reality conveniently missing from the movie.

Another glaring omission was that the right to vote was to go hand in hand with the "Draft" or military service to ones country and the Suffragettes were completely against women having the same responsibilities as men. And women did get the Right to vote without the Obligation to serve...except in Israel, and most non Western countries.

The open violence of the Suffragettes is accurate; they were very violent and relied on societies unwillingness to imprison women to get away with arson, bombings, beatings, and larceny. At the time they did vastly more harm to getting the vote than any good and today would be viewed as terrorists. If not for the actions of the Suffragettes the vote would have most likely occurred nearly a decade sooner!

Do not waste your time, if your looking for man-hating misandry and feminist lies simply visit tumblr, Facebook, or any of the several feminist website rags that claim to be "magazines" and get your fill. Its cheaper and the lies are the same.

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