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The Replacements

A Fairly Odd Parents Rip off.
First of all the theme song is trying way to hard to be catchy and it just dose not sound good at all. And second this is just a blatant Rip off of FOP. The premise is similar in that the twins are able to change whatever they want to better suit their petty needs at the time. In FOP the fairy's have much more possibilities to in their problem fixing magic but in this Rip off it's strangely more restricted, Timmy could not only replace certain people but make things vanish, teleport, go back and forth in time, get super-powers, transform and more. Here it's just replacing people and you think maybe they could replace objects but no just people. FOP had a consistent moral of "just because you can change something, dose not mean you should," sure it popped up a lot their but their were other morals and some episodes didn't have morals and where still funny. The Replacements however practically repeats the moral almost every episode and it gets dull real quick, As well as the humor and art style not being anything special.

YouTube Poop

In Retro spect it was the best.
Before you could make a living off Youtube and before the Ad- pocalypses , Youtube was just a site in which to make video's for the sake of simple entertainment. Record your dog doing something funny, tutorial videos, game cheats, simple reviews, and that sort. But there was a genre of Videos that took footage from cartoons and video games and edited in a way that people could make their own unique parodies. Old half baked Video game cartoons, Bad game cut scenes, classic Disney movies, beloved Childhood cartoons, edutainment cartoon's all where used for YTP material. People could make their own stories, parodies, memes, crossovers, music remixes, collab projects, and all sorts of cool stuff. It was a prime time for Youtube. It was just fun to see what some ordinary guy who had footage editing software could put together. Today Youtubes algorithm is terrible with constant let's plays and vlogers, yet YTP's still live on, even in Youtubes darkest time. They maybe weird, surreal and loud at first and you might even find a couple of crappy ones. But know this, These are what once was the cream of the Crop for youtube. YTP is not a trend, not a meme but a genre, and a piece that is very important to the Internets history.

Cartoon Hook-Ups

Here I thought cyanide and happiness and Hot Diggity Demon, Animeme and Dorkly were the lowest point of internet gross out, low brow, raunchy, immature animated videos This Crap exist. Sure it's called "Cartoon" Hook up's up Their are a couple of times where Non Cartoon characters like Mario and Peach or Donald freaking Trump join in on the cringe filled humor And I wouldn't mind this so much but That barely is even an actual complaint compared to the lowest common denominator jokes, crude nature, hideous animation and ruining a concept that could work if it was a recurring segment on Robot Chicken But here it tires out the premise by episode 3 and even then it wasn't really entertaining to begin with. Newgrounds is still a thing, I recommend checking out the new talent their for much better thought out humor and animation.

Admirable Animation

Better but Just a detour
Mr.Enter just isn't suited for Reviewing, Admirable Animation is just him talking about good cartoons which he does do well but still has moments where he uses that stupid angry voice whenever he has to referrer back to bad shows or bad moves made by networks and It doesn't ruin it entirely but Admirable Animation isn't worth watching/ supporting animated atrocities to see. He's just isn't charming, funny or entertaining in the slightest. If he were to do more Admirable Animation and stop the angry act then maybe he be OK but as it stands I wound't give him a watch.

Quack Pack

Thank God for Duck Tales 17
Well this is pretty bad. I'm just glade that the duck nephews got a second wind in Duck Tales 17, I know it's not supposed to be viewed as an actual reboot just a spin off sequel but It's pretty bad. Huey, Dewey and Louie were arguably bland characters in Duck tales but that doesn't mean they weren't charming and likable, here however they aren't at all. The design for Huey, Dewey and Louie look so force to look like cooler versions of them past selves not to mention they all have the same personality The cool bad boy archetype that has a thing in the mid 90's I guess. By the way while reading the wiki page for this review I can across this in the 2 paragraph "(They usually do this by tricking Donald, or whoever else they wish to manipulate)" Really gotta love the Word "Manipulate" when describing main characters. One thing I hate is that very often they visit Ludwig Von Drake, He's a good character but he only serves a purpose as the Sisters from Johnny test served for their inventions to be used for plot devices. I always hated things like that If your gonna call it "Quack Pack" The Quack Pack do something unique and adventurous not slap another character on their for the sake of having something to base episodes on. The Intro is pretty lame too it doesn't have the same catchy vibe as the other intro's did though in the later Disney Afternoon show's like this the shows began to stagnate. Donald is enjoyable, I constantly rooted for him because he has to put up with The triplets crap all the time as well for Ludwig Von Drake.

The Fog of Courage

Good One off revival Short
I loved Courage growing up, it was basically the less cheesy Scooby Doo. Cartoon Network Did some revival Movies in the late 2000's like Ed, Edd'N Eddy: the big Picture show, PowerPuff Girls Rule and PowerPuff Girls Dance pants and Johnny Bravo In Bollywood, all of which were pretty good. This ones much shorter though But still retains the old feel and even in the CGI it really does replicate the look of the original (keep in mind Cartoon network has only really done all 2d animation before say a good amount in gumball, some auto-mobiles and the PPG Dance pants). The story really does feel like it could have been an episode from the original, a little shorter because it's 3 minutes shorter than the average episode but it still doesn't feel rushed. They monster even gets a little sentimental moment in there too which courage often did for some of the creatures that showed up. Over all I say this is something that should air a decent amount of times every Halloween from now on. It's a shame they never really fixed that cliff hanger the final episode had where his parents are stuck on the moon but hopefully soon they can properly conclude that if they decide to take another shot with courage.

My Strange Addiction

Oh boy! a show about Fetishes!
Okay that my be stretching it a bit but really this just some of the most boring crap I've seen from reality T.V. Reality T.V is garbage that just want's to turn anything into drama for the sake of making a quick buck, The only decent reality shows I can recall is the "Totally" series from the early Disney channel years which is basically kids playing sports and making music. This show it just over exaggerates peoples weird fascinations. It tires to make some more shocking or sad than other's but over all this is the G rated version of intervention. Over it's just crap.

Dank Memes

Ingenious story telling
Dank Memes is a break through in today's entertainment industry. The writing, the suspense, the heart break, the angst and passion and the execution is something to marvel and behold at. It'll have you on the edge of your seat, glued to your T.V and on a continues binge watch till your on the floor begging for more. It's hard to top the all time greats such as Casablanca, Citizen Kane, and Mary-Kate and Ashley in Action! But this proves that the golden age of film and story-telling was not long ago, but over a new horizon, just waiting to be explored. It has and will continue to inspire generation upon generation and will always be an all time favorite of mine.

Animated Atrocities

Review show or rant?
Now I will say he is good a criticizing and the format of review peaces of bad media episode by episode is a decent concept, he really doesn't have anything of value in his reviews. I heard some compare him to AVGN where he's suppose to be angry, but with AVGN he actually does make jokes like contemplating that he rather have a unicorn shove a dead skunk down his wind pipe or something to that degree. Not to mention that AVGN is a character while Enter's angry side is just something I feel he dose because there's a decent amount of people who'll stay if he he keep's it up. I'm pretty sure the anger is something that's just a facade but he desperately whats us to believe that's the real him to keep his view count higher than it would be without. On top of that you think for a review show that would give one ample amount of chances to ridicule the media for making a mistake by making a joke or something but he just gets more angry and it just comes off as annoying and crude. I was following his video's for a while and over time I just found that Mr.Enter got his name because he took the enter out of entertaining.

The Powerpuff Girls

I like it!
I hate teen titans go, yet I get actual enjoyment from this show. Maybe it's a situation of What I really wanted and the amount I get from whats presented here. Really this show and the new Ben 10 exist because of the success of TTG. In my opinion Both those show's are way better than TTG, I feel their less mean spirited because I never really think the Titans get along that well, that's not a real problem here or in the new Ben 10. I like this more than Ben though. I guess maybe I view both those shows as burn victims of TTG but I actually get enjoyment from this show. Sure as a Guilty pleasure I have to admit to the bad episodes but as a fan there's more good for me than there is bad. Some episodes I can recommend to a first viewer are "princess buttercup", "Powerpuff up" "Arachno-Romance" "Viral-Spiral" "The last Donnycorn" and "Clawdad" that help you adjust into the flow of the show. Also that new theme song is catchy and cool.

Pokémon Housou

Love it!
Pokemon is more or less the same with Ash doing the same thing over and over again, getting 8 gym badges and losing the pokemon league just to do the same thing in every new region. I can't complain too much because really Pokemon is just to show what your favorite pokemon does in the wild. But this show is something I really like, it shows what the more memorable characters like Misty who left after Johto, Richie and a few new faces. I guess maybe it was that it was the same Pokemon formula just in a different setting and maybe if was just that fact that it was what the pokemon anime could have been for that stuck with me but I really do recommend this to any fan of the pokemon anime.

OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes

So glad it got green lit!
I've been following this pilot since they released the Mobil game last year and I played the crap out of that as well as watching the pilot and promotional shorts over and over again to tell CN how much people wanted this as a full series. And to hear 6 episodes got released a month and a half early filled me up with so much joy. After watching those episodes. I can say that OK KO............Is part of a complete breakfast....or as Tony the tiger would say "GREAT!". It pays inspiration to anime, video games, comic books. I like how it's kinda of like an episodic show that has potential to have a on going narrative that delves into the lore of the world and the origins of the characters and after watching the few first episodes, they foreshadow that. This show can go places, with shows like Adventure time and Gumball wrapping up their production and those ever nasty Teen Titans looking to cause trouble for CN's schedule, as well as upcoming shows like Uni-kitty and Apple and Onion which could go both ways, I hope that KO can big a big hit for the Network and the odds of that are looking good. And Ian Jones really deserves this, he is a really talented cartoonist and writer. And it just goes to show, if your pilot fails once, it doesn't mean it won't get green lite at all.


Such a great show, would be even better with less DW
Arthur is a great show for kids that is not only charming, relate- able and fun and taught great morals to watch but also had great characters. Like the ever reliable best friend Buster who had a running gag of eating questionable food, the tom boy Francine who is hinted to be a love interest for Arthur, Binky the on and off again bully, Fern the adorable shy girl and many more. But for every good character on this show there is a bad trait put in to 1 of the worst characters of any show ever DW! DW is annoying, bratty, mean, selfish, loud, snot nosed, whiny, rude, greed and just plain a shot in the foot to the show for having so many episodes with her put in the lead role. For a show called Arthur their sure is a lot of his sister and some episodes really could have been better if they just swapped her out for someone else. Their are good episodes with her in the lead role like the fire drill episode or Bleep. But there are the bad ones like the one where she gets an allowance but is jealous that her friends get more and does some pompous bull crap to trick her parents into giving her more or one of the episodes I hate the most, "Never, Never, Never" where she has to donate toys she doesn't play with anymore but obviously she doesn't want to get rid of them, so you know what she dose, she gives legit all her toys to the tibble twins and like the brats they are don't give them back and she acts like a brat for the rest of the episode and doesn't really learn anything at the end of episode. Or The episode DW flips she could have been replaced with Sue Ellen or any other girl character. Overall I was just ranting about DW a bad character in a show full of great ones.....but really there should have been less of her.

The Modifyers

will it get green lite?
It's been years since this pilot has been shown to the public and I'm wondering why this hasn't green lite. It's popular, funny, cute and overall everything animation fan want in a cartoon now a days and I'm sure if there was a kickstarter of some kind it would reach more than it's intended goal. I'm not sure how pilots work but If the original creators did get the rights back it would be a prime series to put on netflix.


I can't get enough of this
Crude, surreal, out there, full of nonsense I know the joke is poorly draw Garfield but I just can't get enough of it! I even made a play-list called "The absolute very best of Garfielf" It's just nonsense but I love it. Garfielf is just the most in-redeemable asshole in the world yet he always comes out on time, Odie only says Borf, everything is badly drawn but it's done in such a humorous way and the Fist of the Borf star parody series is actually really good! MAY THE GARFELF MEME LIVE LONG AND PROSPER!!! I actually made my own Garfielf video called Garfielf the shaman king, check it out! Here's the link

Wabbit: A Looney Tunes Production

Don't see why there's so much hate
Wabbit is a decent show, not bad but could be a better revival for the looney tunes but could have been worse. The slap-stick is funny, it puts Bugs in some situations that could happen in today's world and Bugs acts like he would. The hate I feel comes from that there aren't any of the other looney tunes like Daffy, porky or Pepe le pew, well that's not entirely true I have seen screen-shots with daffy and Foghorn leghorn made a cameo, There are only two recurring Looney tunes in wabbit that is Yosemite Sam and Wile e coyote (some thing coyote is only with the Road runner but he has done one offs with Bugs in the originals), another thing is that the art looks more average and basic for fans liking. I do agree the art could be better but for show with a simple premise it works just fine. As for the lack of beloved characters that is an actually issue, the show could benefit greatly if Bugs was with other character like in the originals. There are one off villain's that aren't really memorable but they do have the grim reaper with bunny ears who is returns time to time and that's pretty funny. squeaks is a rodent Bugs is friends with he really doesn't have anything special about him but he's okay. Bigfoot isn't really funny but I guess they thought it would be interesting to see Bugs in a situation where he's really struggling to come out on top and one or two are fine. The reason I feel That Bugs is the main focus is because they want a new generation of kids to be familiar with the character which from a marketing stand point make sense and when season 2 comes around the other characters likely will return. As for now it's a funny show to watch once in a while.

Gravity Falls Shorts

Wished more shows did this
I remember Shows did this more often, Camp Lazlo did this too and those are funny and quick to watch. Cartoon network does this with Mini-episodes for there current cartoons like Steven and Power puff girls witch they work good as short video on youtube and there own website, but I remember when cartoon channels did this and they aired them during commercials. It's like extra promotion for a cartoon while being an episode itself only way shorter, I wouldn't put them in the same class as the channel indents like Cartoon network city or there Powerhouse era as there more of a goodie for sticking around during the commercial as well as making the channel stick out, but those were mandatory because you needed ads to make your show look interesting to watch but with Mini episodes it's more like a sample of an episode plus when the show is all wrapped up and finished the Mini-episodes feel like you got a bit more out of the series as a whole and it just cool to watch if you just happen to be watching during break for ads, Gravity falls had great shorts with great comedy that doesn't feel lack luster of water down at all. Gravity falls was a short series with 40 episodes and with episodes like Dipper vs Manliness and Roadside attraction brings that number down a bit but these shorts more than make up for 2 bad episodes and when I'm feeling down craving for more Gravity falls, these shorts help fill my need a bit more.

The Completionist

Good old Jirad
Good old Jirad doing the grueling task of beating and 100%ing the games he reviews which is what makes him stand out from all the other gaming content creators like Peanut butter gamer or Space hamster. He's funny, well researched, good at what he does and spends many of grueling hours trying to 100% a game weather it's worth it or not:)Poor bastard spends hours doing the completing and sure playing games like that is an extant, some games just aren't worth 100% but he does it anyways for the sake of the review and that's great dedication to your work. Though still getting All gold ranks in Donkey kong Country returns is something that will take a great deal of time, sure with something like that or updates he does put if off until he is able to return to it at a later date witch is cool.

Twelve Forever

It's like Star VS FOE but not! :)
A hyper active preteen girl with powers and an responsible male friend in JR high....Now don't that just sound a bit familiar? It's likely that this pilot was turned down was it's strong similarities to Star VS the forces of evil which could make this seem like a rip-off and due to the fact that that show is owned by Disney which is a strong company to fight if they threatened legal-action. But through the ages their have been many Franchises that have either shared core ideas or had strong similarities to other properties: Bugs life and Antz, Pokémon and Digimon, Star wars and star trek the list goes on and on. Though those types of things aren't as common as they used to be out side of the monstrosities that are they Straight to DVD Mock-busters. Now this pilot is far from those Mock-busters and is not a rip off, it just happens to have similarities to Star but it's not a rip off at all. For starters the designs of the characters and settings are different from the art they use for star, Reggie's power can only be used at party island, and where Stars power's come from magic spells Reggie is mentioned to have omnipotent like power on her island. Star's moral is to accept responsibility while still being true to yourself 12 forever's moral is has to do with growing up. And the fact that it seems to be going for a less plot heavy focus show is also a big difference. It said that this is a failed pilot but in reality there is a chance that it with be picked, and I sure do hope so.

My Friend Pancake

Sooo damn cute!!!
The over all charm of this short is just overwhelming, I can't help but smile every time I view it. It's like a more rowdy version of Harvey Beaks which is one of the best recent shows put out by Nick, Hazel is just like Mabel pines only a bit more ruff, And Pancake is the easy going cowardly cat. The plot is weird the duo trying to stop and befriend a giant chicken before she makes a mess of the forest they live in and it's over pretty quick not attempting to show off minor characters or showing where Hazel and pancake live, it's 3 and a half minutes long though so I guess the creator and her crew ran out of time or were limited but the final product left me wanting more of these two and other pilots Approved by Nick were just as short (though some were for bad shows like Breadwinners and Sanjay and Craig). This is like Harvey Beaks and Adventure times Fionna and Cake series: Harvey for the setting of a magical forest and the many of cute tiny critters we see doing whatever: and Fionna and Cake for the characters being up beat and likable. I hope this gets a second chance one day it would be a huge waste not to green-lite it.


A time waster and nothing else
Watch-mojo is Nothing special in any sort of way shape or form, but for what ever reason many people flock to see what new top ten they uploaded and stay subscribed to see what's new. They make top ten list of anything like something decently relevant such as top ten movies of the year or top ten songs from an artist, to something more random like "unconventional superhero movies" or "Deadliest little girls in anime" to really dumb ones like "Hottest female Instagram celebrities" or "Booty songs" and also something did-tasteful like "top 10 infamous mass shootings in the U.S". The reason these list have very different subject matters is because Watch-mojo is a corrupt business that takes the statistics that anyone will watch there videos by there sheer amount of them and subjects they cover....and there not wrong. It does sound very manipulative and that's because it is, even though they base their list by facts and not my opinion like every other youtuber but their are times where I found myself bored without Much to do and well sometimes I just watch one of there video's. I know that's how the get and trick people into their views but it's harmless really, I know there are people who would argue with me for saying that I shouldn't watch their videos like that anyway or at all even but Sometimes you just got 8 minutes to kill and are mildly interested in a certain top ten or something. Sure it's soulless business I guess but I only watch them every one and again when I'm really bored.

Update Edit: Just boycott all of it.

Right Now Kapow

Disney and Waner brothers? I wouldn't think so
Disney and Waner Bros are Titans in the animation industry so for this show to come out the way it did, there's no excuse. A sketch comedy? I know I shouldn't expect something a kin to Steven universe or anything super ground breaking the loud house and we bare bears are great shows despite being episodic comedies but they are charming and endearing. But the in your face humor of this show is just annoying and there's gross out humor witch is one of the lowest forms of comedy. And speaking of gross the animation is ugly. It legit looks like Problem Solverz one of the worst CN shows but Problem Solverz was forgivable because it was during a hard and experimental time for the network, But Disney XD has some of the best animated shows on now like star and Gravity falls, did they think they needed more bad shows to balance the good ones? Your live action crap like Walk the prank will do more than that! And why is it in flash? I know flash can look great with dedication and talent but now talent was put into this show. Besides the nasty designs there's nothing new this show has to offer, characters aren't interesting, music's forgettable and the voice acting is terrible. Hope the upcoming shows like the new Duck-tales, Country club, and Big hero 6 the animated series can help Disney's T.V animation track record.

Meru hevun

Underrated Shonen Series
I know there are people who'll say this show is unoriginal and dosen't do anything new or ground breaking or exciting, but the problem with anime is that there's so much different anime and manga out there that it's hard for a any show to stick out unless it's so big name or some new trending show like Mob psycho 100 or Twin star twin star exorcists, witch both of those are great but there do exist anime that is good just get shoved of as unoriginal and meh because critics don't want to be bothered with having to review them because they don't do anything new. However it's not also something new that makes your show stand out it's the execution of it and Mar dose good execution. Ginta, Babbo and the rag-tag group of friends they team up with and fight along side with are interesting, enjoyable and have their share of funny moments, the animations is pretty good, The music isn't anything super duper but it's pleasant, the plot has charming and is very fitting for this kind of show and the fight scenes are cool. I really like the ARMs witch is the weapons the use to fight in this show, they require the users own energy to use their special magic attacks and are ranked by class like holy Arms, dimension ARMS, Darkness ARMS and so on, It's kind of like the NEN chart From Hunter X Hunter. I will say the tournament battle arc does drag on but they change locations on where they fight witch really helps for any tournament arc and I do have to complain about the use of CGI but it's not as bad as say Kirby right back at ya. Over all I enjoyed MÄR Heaven and if your interested in checking out underrated anime I say check it out! And check out the Sequel manga Mar Omega.

Magic Children Doing Things

So what did Sanjay and Craig have that this didn't?
Sure nick has Harvey and the Loud house but There track record for cartoons lately hasn't been.....Logical. You see Cartoons like Steven and Mighty magi-swords have good clean and sharp characters designs and look pleasant to look at, also with the rise of more adults watch cartoons it would make sense to have a charming vibe to your show and maybe some adult oriented jokes Like cartoons did in the past like Animaniacs and Powerpuff girls did and cartoons still do even though there intended for kids. But still green lite crap like Sanjay and Craig, pig goat banana cricket and even some of there upcoming cartoons look trashy. Magic Children Doing Things may not have a strong plot for a first impression or ground breaking achievement in a cartoon but it was funny, charming, cute, had some bits of dark humor witch I felt helped it stick out, It was just a fun watch that kind of resembles the pacing and atmosphere of 90's Nicktoon like the loud house did but in a different way. It reminds me of another Rejected pilot by Nick called "My friend Pancake" That ones worth a watch too you can find it on Vimeo, While I enjoyed Pancake more this one was also lost potential too all you really have to do is change the name and give the blonde kid a shirt and your golden. Kids would like it, grown animation fans would like it. I wish Nick would stop searching for the "next SpongeBob" and give cartoon that deserve a shot a real chance because if not people will just go to Disney XD and Cartoon Network to submit there pilots while nick drowns itself in crappy live action tween shows and SpongeBob reruns.

Peppa Pig

Soulless, manipulative Trash.
The animation on this show is god awful it's as cheap as you can get even for flash, I mean this makes a Mock-buster look like studio mad house. The show is just some basic relatable childhood situation set up like Arthur or Max & Ruby but unlike those shows witch do a good job on teaching kids good lessons on how to deal with everyday problems in A enjoyable and charming way Peppa Pig is just annoying. Peppa has an annoying voice, she's dumb (even for a kid her age), whinny, spoiled, unfunny, and over all just a bad main character, Everyone else is bad but we don't put up with them as much has peppa. Not to mention these episodes are really short compared to other shows like 5 minutes long. That just proves how very little our youths will pay attention to something now. This show is just trash and with how it manipulates kids saying it will educate and entertain them but barely educates on anything at all, not to mention check out how many views this show gets on youtube it's no better than those wretched toy channels. Please protest this show and toy channel and here's a list of good shows to show your kids: We bare bears, Miraculous ladybug, Harvey beaks, Arthur, and practically everything else. (but those four are really good for kids).

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