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Batman Returns

Has grown on me over time.
Spoiler warning ahead if you have not seen this movie.

I originally saw this movie when it was in theatres back in 1992. I was super hyped for this movie, but was looking forward to seeing it. At this point in time my interest in Batman had diminished in favour of Silver Surfer.

I did not like this movie at all upon my first time viewing it in a theatre. I thought it was boring, and not anywhere near as good as the first one. I was pretty disappointed with this film compared to the original.

The first thing that took me out of this film was that it was set in winter during Christmas. Which threw me off, because it was a summer release. Also I did not like the penguin, and thought the design was just gross. It annoyed me that he was always spitting up blue crap in the film.

Also the rocket launching penguins I thought were completely lame.

The only thing I liked about the movie upon watching it originally was Catwoman. I thought the character, and the way she was designed looked really cool.

Now I've seen the movie many times over the years since then. My views on the film have changed. I actually enjoy it, and I'm entertained by the movie now. It has evolved into one of my favourite movies to throw on at Christmas.

I really enjoy the design of the winter setting, and the look of Gotham. It has a other worldly fantasy look to it, and that gives it a timeless feel.

I really enjoy the score of the film, and I think Danny Elfman has done a great job on this film.

I still don't like the penguin however, and him spitting up blue goo at through out the film still totally annoys me. Also the rocket launching penguins still just makes me shake my head.

Catwoman is still awesome, and Michelle Pfeiffer is still my favourite on screen version of Catwoman.

If your a die hard Batman fan you've most likely have already seen this movie. If your not, and you're going to watch this film. Keep in my Tim Burton strays quite far with the source material. So there are a lot of changes from the comics. Also this movie is not a perfect film, and has it's flaws. Keeping all that in mind it can be a fun viewing.

Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan

Best of the Best
I don't really know what to say about this movie that hasn't been said before. It's my favourite of the trek films, and it's a bench mark for all trek movies to this day.

There is so much I love about this movie. The first time I watched it I was a little kid, and it was on a 12 inch black and white TV. I was blown away buy it. When we got a VCR I would rent this movie at least once a year. It would easily be in my top ten movies of all time.

This movie has a broad scope of appeal, and is a movie I think even non trek fans will enjoy. It was listed as one of the 101 Sci-Fi movies you must see before you die.

The movie has themes of old age, revenge, and dealing with death. As Captain Kirk is now turning 50 in the film. He is given an antique book, and eye glasses for his birthday.

The Enterprise at this point is being used as a training vessel for star fleet cadets. With Spock as the Captain, and Kirk evaluating the cadets performance.

Meanwhile another star fleet vessel the U.S.S. Reliant is evaluating a seemingly lifeless planet for the terraforming device known as genesis. Created by Kirks old love Dr Carol Marcus.

When the Captain of the Reliant, and Chekov (who is now serving on board the Reliant) Beam down to the planet to investigate what may have been a life form reading. Only to fine KAHN!!! Kahn then puts parasites in there ears as a means of mind control. He then takes control of the Reliant. Then he puts his plan into motion to take the genesis device for himself, and destroy Kirk.

The best part of this movie for me is the death of Spock. It was, and to this day one of the best on screen deaths. It is the perfect example of how a great heroic character should die.

There are so many good parts to this film I love, but I'll stop with Spocks death.

The worst part of this film for me has nothing to do with the film itself. The worst part is I never got to see this movie in theatres as a kid. I wish I had seen it for the first time on the big screen with the wonder only a child can have.

Only a few years ago I finally got to see it on the big screen for the first time.

So if your a star trek fan most likely you have already seen this movie, and if your a fan of sci-fi movies you have most like already seen this movie.

If you haven't and you are a fan of sci-fi. I highly recommend you watch this movie, or your a movie buff in general.

You will be entertained.

Star Trek

A timeless classic
Every now and then a piece of art comes along that really affects you. It affects you to such a degree that it says with you forever. You return to it again, and again. It could be a poem, book, song, movie, or TV show.

Star Trek the original series was one of those things for me. It was one of the first sci fi things I was exposed to. I was totally fascinated by it, and watched it when ever I could. It has been with me for all phases of my life. It is one of if not my all time favourite TV show.

Star Trek for anyone who doesn't know is set in the 23 century. Mankind has ships that can travel faster than light. This fleet of earth ships are known as star fleet. They have spread out through space, and have made contact with other alien races. Some of which they have formed an alliance with known as the united federation of planets.

The U.S.S. Enterprise is a star fleet vessel that explores space, helps expand, and protect the united federation of planets. The ship captain is James T Kirk, along with his alien first officer Mr. Spock, and ships medical officer Dr. Leonard McCoy. Along with the rest of the 400 other crew members. They go on various adventures as they explore space.

The series was made during the 1960's on a shoe string budget. So much of the sets costumes, and aliens look fake by todays standards. However the stories, and themes are years ahead of the times it was made in. The series deals with a lot of political, and social issues, but disguised in a sci fi setting.

The friendship between Kirk, Spock, and Dr. McCoy is what makes this series so enjoyable. The bond you feel these three men have, and chemistry is remarkable. They are perfect foils for one another. With McCoy being an overly passionate man who thinks with his heart. Spock who is the complete opposite by being logical, and controlled. Kirk is a combination of the two.

The feuds between Spock, and McCoy are always entertaining, and amusing. With Kirk getting caught in the middle. Without this the series wouldn't have ever worked in my opinion.

Also the musical score for the series is great. It goes from adventurous, to dangerous, sad, and mysteriously eerie.

The bad effects have a charm to them that I find gives the show its sense of fun. It gives it a timeless charm. It also give the show it's colourfulness with the bright costumes, set interiors, and phaser blasts.

Those are all of the things I like about the show, and now I'll give you what I don't like about the show. The relationship of Kirk, Spock, and McCoy are the heart, and soul of the series. However almost every single episode is about these three. The other crew members such as Uhura, Sulu, and others are never really fleshed out.

Scotty is more fleshed out, and has some episodes about him, and even Chekov. However Uhura, and Sulu never are. We learn nothing about them hardly, and when their missing from an episode. I don't even notice.

This is one thing I like more about Star Trek the next generation. All the characters get their time, and we get to learn a lot more about them. They get fleshed out a great deal.

With that I'll end by saying that this is a classic sci fi show, and one of the my iconic TV shows of all time. It is fun to watch.

Gremlins 2: The New Batch

Some things should just be left alone.
I just finished watching Gremlins 2, after I found it in the cheap movie bin at walmart. I remember seeing this one in the theatre back in 1990. It had the same affect on me as the Ghostbusters sequel.

I saw the first one in theatres 6 years prior, and as a kid I loved the movie. I got sucked into the story, and cried at the end when they had to give gizmo back. It all took place in a small town, and it was a gem of a movie.

Now I was 6 when I saw the first one, and flash forward six years later, and I'm on the verge of turning twelve when the sequel came out. Now 6 years is a long time in child years.

So I had changed a lot, and my interest had changed. This sequel just didn't capture the magic a second time for me. I didn't like it, but at the time I couldn't put my finger on why I didn't like it.

Now I can, I don't like the setting. Inside the high tech office building. Also this one is much less serious in tone then the first one. With the comedy going way more over the top. Where they break the third wall too many times for me, and it takes me out of the picture.

Also the first one had such a sad, but nice ending. The first one is a great 80's film. One of the most memorable from that time.

If your a fan of the first film then chances are you have seen this one, and if your not a fan of the first film. Then you most likely won't be bothered with this film at all.

One last thing I'd like to add. This was a completely unnecessary sequel. The first one was a complete story, and adding anything more just waters things down. Some things should just be left alone.

Jodorowsky's Dune

What if???
I watched this last night on netflix, and was really entertained by it. It is a much see doc for any Dune fan.

The Dune movie that could have been. Alejandro Jodorowsky's Dune was grand in scope, and would have been one of the most mind bending, and trippy things to have come out of the 70's.

This film goes into a great deal of detail about how the movie would have unfolded. Showing off tons of art, and story boards. He lead everyone involved in this movie like a cult leader. His passion for his project completely infected everyone involved.

As a Dune fan I would have like to have seen this take on the story. Alejandro did stray quite far from the source material in areas of the story. I don't know how Dune fans would have reacted to that.

I've read some comments on here that say Alejandro Jodorowsky, came off has arrogant in this movie. I don't agree I think he was extremely passionate about this project.

I love strange off beat sci fi movies of the 1970's. Zardoz is one that comes to mind. So I no doubt would have loved this one too had it been made. It truly would have been one bizarre Sci fi movie.

If you love Dune you will find this movie quite interesting.

Batman Forever

Bad superhero movie
I was out at my local grocer the other day, and found in the cheap bin. Batman Forever, and Batman and Robin for 5 Canadian dollars. So what the hell I'm a Batman fan I decided to pick them up.

Then I watched Batman Forever. Well first thing is first, Val Kilmer in my opinion didn't make a good batman. He was too stiff, and wooden.

Next the whole character of Chase Meridian, served to logical function in the movie except to give a Batman a love interest. Which I don't know why they always insist on this. Batman only cares about being Batman.

Her using the bat single to summon batman so she can seduce him. I thought was totally cheesy, and Ridiculous.

Then there are the villains in the film of two face, and the riddler. Which are done way too over the top. That it is hard to watch them without feeling embarrassed for them.

Then the whole robin thing doesn't work at all. Which I think that the whole idea of Robin is an out of date one. I was cool in the 40's, and 50's. These days it just doesn't work, and makes Batman lame. It really does not work in the movies at all.

Then the whole idea that the riddler got his mind control blender in the house of every person in Gotham, and built a huge glowing fortress in the bay within a few days. Was totally stupid.

This movie follows almost no logic at all.

Also Commissioner Gordon, and the rest of the police force has been reduced to stupid, and useless. The relationship between Batman, and Gordon is something The 80's, and 90's Batman films would completely miss out on.

So if you like bad superhero movies than this one would make a great addition to your collection.

Ghostbusters II

It just didn't deliver
I re watched Ghostbusters 2, I remember being pretty disappointed when I saw this sequel as a kid. The first film was such a blast for me when I saw it during the summer of 1984. So expectations where high for this one.

It just didn't deliver, and seeing it again as the years have passed. Its faults stand out more and more to me. The lines are no where near as funny, and the story is pretty dull. Combined with the hip hop rap soundtrack is the final nail in the coffin. I remember a lot of movies coming out around this time using rap in their soundtracks. (including rocky 5 which I disliked.) It's watchable but now where near as memorable as the first film. I think the first movie is just one of those things where everything clicked. So it never needed to be visited again.


Avoid this film!
I just finished watching this train wreck movie. Thank god it was on netflix.

I've seen this movie floating around video rental stores for years, and years. I've always just looked at the cover, and thought the whole idea sucked.

I saw it pop up on netflix, and decided to watch it. Mainly because Jennifer Aniston is in this film, and I use to watch Friends back in the 90's.

15 minutes in I wanted to shut it off, but though sheer will power I made it though the movie.

The story is so badly written, and it's never clear why people do anything. Tori (played by Jennifer Aniston) and her Dad are ether moving, or just spending the summer in this totally run down hole of a house in the middle of now where. It is never made quite clear.

They show up, and are only there for a few minutes when three morons are painting the exterior of there crap house. We are left having to assume the dad hired them to paint his house.

The painting crew consists of the "hero" of the story who has a bad mullet, and fails of every level to be cool. There is some fat brainless fool, and a young kid.

And...Oh hell I can't go on with this review. I'm just torturing myself for no reason at all.

There is only one good thing about this film, Jennifer Aniston looks good. There is nothing else about it. How these movies are even made to begin with is beyond me.


One of the most memorable movie going experiences
The Summer of 89, was one of the most anticipated summers I could remember from my childhood. Why? Batman! I could not wait to see this movie.

Today people take superhero movies for granted, but back then there were not a lot of them out. Not like today. I really got into Batman during the summer of 1987. So my fever for Batman was in full gear when this movie came out.

When I finally saw the film boy it did not disappoint. I was blown away, and didn't take my eyes off the screen for a second. I actually had to go see it twice the same summer. It was one of my most memorable movie going experiences.

I still throw in the DVD, and watch it once in awhile now. I'll admit it has aged, but not too badly. However it's still one of my favorite Batman films.

Star Trek: Generations

What a waste of a film
Spoilers ahead! Let me start this review by saying there are only really two movies in my life that have utterly let me down, left me feeling cheated, and completely disappointed. Generations was one of the two. First I'll start with what I liked. (this will be short) The design of the enterprise B, with the excelsior design being one of my all time favorite star ship designs. Also the special effects were pretty good. Its was cool to see Kirk, and Picard on screen together.

Now what I didn't like about this movie. This movie had the potential to be the best trek of them all. By pairing out both the original crew, and next gen crew. What was handed to us was a waste of a movie, and the waste of a great character.

Kirk had only 30 minutes of screen time in the film so it was more like a cameo. So the audience was tricked by the marketing as to making you think he would be through the whole thing.

The lighting in this movie was terrible. It was always dark on the enterprise D. I really don't know what they were trying to accomplish with this.

The music was depressing, and overly sentimental. A complaint I would have about all the next gen films. Listing to the score of this film it kept saying to me: Hey this is kirks last film cry your eyes out he not coming back.

This music combine with Picard learning his family burned to death in a fire. The destruction of the enterprise D, Data crying over his cat spot, and finally the lousy way they killed kirk. The movie was just a depressing downer.

Finally the biggest nail in the coffin the death of kirk. Why did they kill him off? He could have lived and stayed in the 24th century. It seemed they killed him off just for the sake of killing him off. Also kirk dies as the catwalk he clings to gives out? Pretty poor send off to give such an great character.

When I first heard about this movie being made I was really excited. I was expecting a full blown epic cross over of the full original cast, and their ship. With the next gen cast, and their ship. What I got was a pale, poorly done slap to the face of what could have been.

I'll end this review with this. This bad poorly done movie, and the killing of kirk would come back to haunt me once more years later in 2009. When the new star trek film was release featuring Leonard Nimoy, and a recast of the original crew characters. See they tried to include Shatner in this film some how. Which if they did would have been awesome. Alas they couldn't because why? Kirk was killed off in generations. Which made me despise star trek generations even more.

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