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Good Girls, Bad Girls

The Eric Monte Cum shot
Really like the BJ Sharon Mitchell gives Eric Monte (Gordon Barnes )-

Monte's cum shot is like a volcano, splashing onto Ms Mitchell's face.

Also, Monte can act & playing off of the legendary Joey Silvera, makes for a good story !

New Wave Hookers 5

New Wave Hookers 5- Scene with Julie Ashton & Eric Monti
Great movie, Lottsa hot girls.

Good music & special effects.

Really love that one scene with Julie Ashton & two middle aged guys.

Eric Monti & Julie Ashton do a great anal scene together.

Before that she gives him a terrific BJ Really hot is her "eye roll".

Eric Monti then delivers a copious cum shot in her mouth.

Terrific scene as Ashton is so beautiful & Monti so ordinary.

It gives us plain guys hope that we can make any girl.

I always liked Julie Ashton, but this one scene stays with me.

Try to get this movie and watch that scene.

Double Trouble

Eric Monti is Hilarious
Eric Monti playing a daffy Hillbilly is hilarious.

And, his scene (along with Tim Howard) in the outdoor scene with the luscious Kristara Barrington is hot.

Monti delivers a great facial cum shot onto Barrington. Great scene.

Also, the lovely Taija Rae is breath taking & watching Monti licking her "clam" as Tajia closes her eyes is really hot.

Just that Monti is such an "every day guy" & makes you feel like "If he can, So can I -

That he can shoot great cum shots just adds to his mystique. (Gotta see his blast on Barrington's face, nose & mouth, as it drips down.) The entire scene with Kris Barrington is sizzling !!

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