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  • Its funny, pretty corny, but thats fluffy for you, but the laugh track and the almost uncanny student reactions kinda mess it for me.
  • Not gonna lie here, first time,i've accessed my account just to right a review and i hope this convinces someone to actually watch the show itself.

    In terms of plot, you can bet that each episode you are learning something new about the over arching saga of the given season, and that's what makes you really want to watch more. The content might seem somewhat jaded since its been done before, lets just say the series does the plot themes right and there is always a nice little plot twist which you may or may not guess.

    In terms of acting, this is as good as a horror genre gets in acting without going too melodramatic, The killers have good motives and they show the consistency of their belief through their acting.

    Music, nothing special, what you'd expect from 90's slasher movies.

    Overall, there is always a sense of unease while you are watching the show and if you are a horror junkie like me, it really feels good to watch something familiar yet different at the same time.


    There is a lot of hate going towards the last season, and that seems to be a backlash against the theme and the current era of the internet world rather than an actual critique. If you are a neutral, you'd find it as amusing as all the other seasons, but if you have a bias, it will feel like a personal attack. That has nothing to do with the quality of the show and the story itself but more of a personal act of vindictiveness.
  • Usually I would never go out and actually make the bold move of writing my opinion, let alone writing a review, but for this one I had to seeing how so many people are shrugging the show off for being "bland comedy".

    Frankly the show is much more than just a comedy, its more of an emotional roller-coaster. It takes different real life situation and problems and introduces them to the viewers in the a more comical way. That is what good comedians do, they are able to integrate real life with a comical twist and Aziz Ansari has not failed to do so.

    There are a few down points here and there, like the seemingly half hearted acting of his parents, but give them credit since they are his ACTUAL parents with no acting background.

    Long Story Short, This isn't a sit com, this isn't a Modern Family like unreal comedy, its real life situations and stories told through a comedians prospective.