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The Timeline: The Ice Bowl
Episode 4, Season 3

It's not about the game; it's about whining about the weather.
My favourite NFL team is the Green Bay Packers, and my favourite game in the history of the league is the Ice Bowl, so I'm excited to watch another special on my pick for the greatest game ever, and I got a special about the Cowboys players, media personnel, and the players' relations whining that it was cold. This is pathetically idiotic. I don't want to hear Don Meredith's wife whine that it was cold and that they should have won the game. I want to hear about the game itself. The person who produced and directed it is Don Meredith's son, so maybe it's only natural it's just his son whining the Cowboys should have won? Whatever. This is stupid, and I will never watch Timeline again. Stupid.

The Nostalgia Critic

Awful. Awful awful awful.
All this guy does is scream and insult films. He isn't funny, or intelligent, at least his persona isn't funny. I can't stand this not-really-a-show. You know, if he was smart, he wouldn't have started, because he isn't funny.

He just screams about random things that either don't pertain to the movie he's watching, barely pertain, or are terribly obvious and unfunny that they're just cringe-worthy. I don't get how anyone can like this reviewer. He's not a comedian, because that requires being funny, which he is not.

I tried to stomach a review from this idiot a few weeks ago, and had to turn it off in about a minute because he was just throwing lame insults and crappy jokes, and it got tiresome, repetitive, and boring.

Please tell me he's done making this crap.

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