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  • Warning: Spoilers
    The show is about a strong silent type cop, stoic and apolitical, lone wolf dedicated to his job but unwilling to kiss butt to the brass. Everything old is new again as the have a male protagonist and early on we don't even have a family to grate on us. It is refreshing change, even though the obligatory pedo is introduced as a villain, new millennia style. Your euphoria doesn't last as eventually the X wife and teen daughter get into the act, and there is nothing old school about cops relationship with them. When he gets an urgent call from the chief of police about investigation of a death, he says "I'm about to have dinner with my daughter" and the chief says "of course". All thats missing is the daughter squealing with delight as she sees she is more important than official biz, and it is often made clear who is in charge. The said chief also gets kicked out of his house when he is blamed by his wife for stuff thats not his fault, and he sheepishly complies. The show has good acting and OK writing, and it could have been a great show if it didn't comply with the new Hollywood mantra "women and kids can do whatever they want, men don't matter"
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This movie had decent acting and an interesting , brooding tone. It was difficult to follow because there wasn't much dialogue , and what there was hard to understand w the heavy accents. However, what I got was that a gal ditches her home for 15 years , then suddenly returns when she hears of her fathers death. Her brother is , understandably, non plussed at her unexplained absence , and also that she butts in and starts suddenly taking over the farm. Granted, he is taking poor care of the place, and could use the help. The brother gets approached by some developers , and does what almost anyone would do : sells out. No wonder considering the dreariness of that dump. However, sis goes nuts . She spazzes out and needs the old smelling salts. She and her bro have a heart to heart , and discuss past sexual abuse she suffered by the father. He asks why he saw her go to him. She explains she didn't tell because she was a child, and went to him because she "hated the waiting". She asks him why he didn't stop the abuse , then looks real Judgy at him. HELLO !!! He was a child too...from the DUH file. But this later explains why we are suppose to actually feel good about him going to prison for her, which unless you just hate men for being men makes no sense at all. Next she tries to kill a dog and accidently shoots a man, then later you see the brother takes the rap for her and goes to prison. So... she gets everything, I guess because even thoug the brother suffered the same abusive father, although probably not sexually, certainly emotionally , he has to be the martyer and take the rap for her , so it has the new Hollywood ending "woke" ending ;"women and kids can do whatever they want, men don't matter. It rememded me of most Hollywood movies, which I guess is infecting Euro product , where the woman gets everything in the end and the male just suffers. It was not unlike "The Affair" a series that this chick was also in, where the man went to jail for the woman in that. What, is this duck billed looking chick getting type cast as that ? I don't know but it sends a bad message for boys, men do the suffering, and women get all the goodies.
  • The movie is about an East Euro War crimnal and a simple maid.... or is she.... the always excellent acting by Kingsley and the decent performance by his ingenue make the film interesting. The suspense of just exactly what the motivations and background of Kingsley's "maid" is builds well, and at the time I write this I still don't know. The backdrop of communist Euro trash city are also a good easel on which to spin this yarn. However, nothing new here..... In past generations this would have been a "Scent of a Woman" style coming of age father /son bonding flick, back before any intergenerational frienship between men didn't raise eyebrows in our "Beevis and Butthead " world. So now they insert a female into the mysterious role of the agent with questionable intensions, and like in the lives the story An Ordinary Man is based on, all the men are dead.
  • The documentary is about what , sadly, appears to be a typical young American family.

    There is a huge amount of footage from social media that the wife has narcissistically recorded. The husband is the strong silent type, in fact a neighbor comments "he never talks". The wife on the other hand......She has literally mountains of footage of her and her "beautiful daughters " and loquaciously rambles about every mundane thing they do, from making cookies to, just sitting around complementing each other. Eerily, she has an extremely enthusiastic smile pressed on to her face , almost as though she is smiling sardonically. at one point, she smiled so wide I feared the sides of her mouth were actually going to tear, like a surgical dehiscence gone awry . At first, I thought it was fake footage or a spoof, the "Waiting for Gufffman" movie, where they are doing a take off on a murder investigation. However, it turns out that they are all too real (or are they.........?)..... Early on the wife is described as bossy, and she boasts about how the husband has to do the dishes. Our current social milieu is such that the man in the relationship is suppose to gladly take on the hard and unplesant work, and the woman is suppose to do the fun part. Caveat- more than half our marraiges fail .

    "I'm the hi strung one in the relationship " she say "hes a great guy to put up with me" ....She seemed to spend a lot of her time worrying about the way things looked, and not the way things felt, for her, her kids.......her husband.........She gave the impression she was the director of this movie that was her life, forgetting that the actors in the piece were real people, her partner and her kids. Tragically, her husband didn't do the right thing and leave her, instead he reacted to our environments message that a man can't "abandon" his family , so he commited a henious and unimaginable act. What we should all ask ourselves - "is this what we want the typical American family to be ?.. is there something wrong with a society that produces this ?.... At the end they point out that most partners who kill their partner and kids are male . They fail to mention that most parents who killl their kids are female.
  • Very interesting story about a Chech actress who becomes a mistress of the Nazi killer Gobbles . In spite of the darkest seriousness of the material they still oddly added the PC soft selling of what this chick was actually doing . Basically , she was doing what ambitious actresses have been doing since the silent film era and before : throwing themselves at powerful men who could advance their career , while ignoring the fact that they and the man were both married to other people . The thing I found most ironic was that the leading lady was portraying a beautiful actress while she was almost shockingly plain . No offense but , she was rather horse faced (if she went to the Kentucky Derby they wouldn't know whether to seat her or enter her ). Every time they would allude you how gorgeous she was , I almost burst out laughing . It was defiantly a lost opportunity to examine a time period which was fascinating and effects the world to this day. Maybe if they used a truly beautiful actress it would look too much like the Nazis could score top shelf women ? Whatever the reason , it just fell flat , and looked a bit like an acid version of a lifetime channel special .
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    WE are flooded with it: "Children are our future, they are the meaning of life, they are everything" . Sometime between the end of WW11 and when the baby boomers had grandkids. having kids and parenting became a national obcession, to be placed above adults even though they are simply going to become us. Was this because it is a noble thing to do ? No, to the contrary, if you are an American in particular , in a world w 7 billion having kids is actuallly the worst thing you could do for a world already choking to death on it's own vomit. No , boomers parents could have told you, and their parents and great great grandparents before them : all the hoopla was that so people could sell you stuff , it was a simple marketing scheme . In this piece, the "go to chick" to play the ugly friend Katheryn Hahn, plays a current day mom wanna be, who is so narcissistic she wants to get one by any hook or crook so that she can show the world. "I'm a mom, see, I am doing what you all want to do " even though , nobody cares... This movie makes me thankful for so many things - that I am in a relativly wealthy country, that I have nice family and friends, that I am healthy and most of all , I am not married to Kathryn Hahn. At the end the look on hubbies face tells it all. It can be interpreted differnly by differnt people, but the way I see it is he wishes he werent married to Hahn.
  • The story is a good one : Nice ,regular guy " Everyman " gets a job at an Australian detention center for undocumented persons , and they show the harsh conditions and cleverly jump around in time . They do backstories of detainees interestingly mixing in multiple characters. The protagonist is the strong silent type, a good guy who got his family into a decent single family home with a pool. As the story unfolds they show how it is difficult for a man with a good heart and a conscious to not change amongst the misery and violence of the camp's milieu. A touching story , but the way they portray "contemporary Dad" and his role at home is frightening ! For example : Dad arrives home one afternoon after a particularly stressful day , to find his wife stressed out and his kids running wild and screaming like deranged banshees . Instead of her shielding him from this mess he walks into , she rudely shoves one of her unruly kids into his face and announces "I'm taking a shower ". He then chases the poorly controlled kids around , and they are screaming "No" at him when he tells them to chill. He is very patient , no licks w his belt like the boomers would have gotten , he is restraining one of the boys on the couch safely , and the kid starts balling , likely apparently never having been told what to do before. The wife walks back in the room: "What the hell Are you doing ?"she is hysterical , obviously she doesn't approve of disciplining disrespectful kids , which explains why she doesn't have them under control when the poor guy gets home . "GET OUT " GET OUT GET OUT GET OUT" she screams, and he sheepishly leaves .The message this sends is frightening . That nice house he has ? Well there is today a Shortage of men to build them because boys coddled don't pursue the skilled trades , and those kids of his will likely have to live at home for free forever because mommy doesn't believe in any discipline. It could have been a good show but , I just wonder who writes stuff that advocates parents taking abuse from 5 year olds? , willful disobedience used to be trained out of kids , and people wonder why so few men learn functional skills today ? The other guards are fairly well cast , there is a sadistic manly female (yikes ) who steals the show w her realistic wanton misandry . Could have been an 8, looses points for PC wokeness .
  • Is this for real? If this were a spoof it would make more sense. The acting and script is so over the top that it's cringe inducing, and it seems more like the serious lines are a set up for a punch line that never comes. There is a fight scene between a detective and a skinny perp that is so laughable. I liked the review that said it was a cross between a soap opera and a Lifetime Network show, well put. It's a seral killer murder mystery, and the first thing you notice is this "new age" acting that is just terrible. I remember when "Six Degrees of Separation" came out, which was a cute popular film, but I noted the acting was weird, the players were talking too loud, like they were in a stage play. In recent years I have noticed something even more annoying, a new way of acting that just seems really fake. Maybe it's like when platnum blonde hair of the 50s or big hair of the 80s comes in as a fad, I hope? It just seems like there is this cheesy way of acting that is less that what the actors can deliver , like the director told them to act fake on purpose. I kep waiting for a punch line to the serious lines because it seemed like a spoof. It was very scary, not the serial killer part, the kids were so annoying you kept hoping one of them would be next. It was frightening because of the way the adults react to the angsty brats..."You have to appoligize to your daughter " the wifey squeals to Daddy. WTF? It's scary the way Hollywood normalzies this wag the dog kids empowered over adults . The kids are all like little neurotic royals and the adults just go around catering to them and being afraid of what the kids might think.
  • The story is about a gal who was an olympic snow skier. She had a season ending injury, then goes to LA to sort of , well hang out I guess. She works as a cocktail waitress, and it would have been more realistic if they showed her trying to be an actress, which is what most WLA cocktail waitresses are doing. Instead they show her working for an A hole of a boss, and as a PA helps with his poker game,which she eventually steals away from him. I think they showed him being A holeic so you wouldn't mind when she stole his game, a sort of rationalization. It's not just any poker game, but one with movie stars and tech big wigs, the cool kids of LA. Reading some reviews I was shocked to read some think Chastain's acting is great. To me she seems to read her lines way too fast, have a sort of adult version of a valley girl accent, and doesn't act anything like a real person. Of course she is always delivering quips and quotes that people don't come up with sans a team of writers, and has the knowledge of a lawyer with only an undergrad degree in Poly Sci. The script also gets real "woke", ie she has all the wisdom and integrity, and the guys are mostly corrupt, dumb , chauvinistic and bossed around by the women.Then it devolves into a message piece :men are all cheating immature pigs who need to listen to their wives, devote all their time to their daughters, and probably not hang out playing poker or doing anything for themselves. Everything about the script seems fake : game w all billionaires and stars, another with all women who are 9s and 10s who are expert poker players, a Heidi Fleiss of poker games that will give a tell all but , of course naming no names of anybody alive. It looked exactly like a USA or Oxygen Network movie you would stumble on to randomly, you don't even need an app for those.
  • The movie is not very good , but is worth watching as an artifact from a very narrow window in time , when wood was fake, and breasts were real . It was the late 1960s , the oppression of the 1950s McCarthy era was still fresh in our psyche , but the freedom of the pill was in full force . The middle of the baby boom was coming of age , and Vietnam would have it's most deadly year. I saw the movie when I was 12, back then the R rating wouldn't keep you out if you were tall for your age . The fact that Ewa Aulin was 17 wasn't an issue then, 19 year old boys were being killed in Vietnam, and if she wasn't of legal age people just shrugged and said "close " or "it's just a movie ". Back then childhood hadn't been extended to like, 26. Aulin drifts through the film with the pouty , wide eyed , unaffected innocence that is exactly what the director wanted . She comes off as so naive you start to wonder if she is even aware of her surroundings . "But I don't know anything about acting " is answered w "neither does the grand canton , but that doesn't keep people from looking at ir . The all star cast of comics that today would be called "creeps" do their bits all competently , I liked Walter Matheu the best but everyone will have their favorites . People should watch the movie and realize when we saw it back then we saw a funny movie with a series of silly sex advancement scenes that were all a joke . I knew that nobody ever acted like that in real life , and I was 12 . Doing the film didn't seem to harm Ms Aulin , who left the film biz 6 years later , married a builder , went back to University and then taught the second grade . Maybe people came out better when we could take a joke.
  • The story is the same old buddy cop story, but with the obligatory snotty woman shoe horned in place of the guy. This always complicates things, because instead of the good cop bad cop thing you have to wonder about the two , the whole time thinking : just go ahead and get a room. The guy cop is played competently but some old dude. The chick cop is played by one of those "parlee vouex Francee" smirky types that seem to be channeling a sarcastic cat. She's of course smarter than all the guy cops, and doesn't act so much as smirk her way thru the show. Is that accent for real? I mean, it makes her sound really uneducated and slow, yet they are trying to show her show up all the guys. And that bun? they have to do something w that hair. She's always chimming in when the adults are talking, The first season is about a serial killing couple, and its a real tease, they take you down a path where you think it's gong to be different. But like those old cliff hangers where the following episode he's miraculously not on the cliff and he is inexplicably saved. The secnd season could have been been cool, some hot red head with a dear in headlights look is shot, and no one knows why, even her. Unfortnatly, they go down the cliche path where bad looking bad guys with bowel haircuts do stupid things, and good looking good guys get the snotty waife out of trouble. The writers could have done a great story, but they chicken out. It got so I FF thru the tense parts, because I didn't want to see the ending you knew was coming anyway.
  • The story is about a group of delinquent kids , who collude with their mums in sexual extortion, cussing and belittling the men of the family , breaking and entering into private property , and just generally being ugly bovines , w a brand new page boy. I actually thought the matriarch of the family was transsexual for half the film, w her porcine physique and corse face . They portray her husband as always drolling over her - major cred problems .

    In the beginning a precocious teen and her mother threaten a man who said teen dragged home after lying about her age . She called her father a "proper prick to his face and he sheepishly looks at the ground .. Next , the butterface teen and a motley crew Of her friends jump a barbed wire fence to illegally enter some kind of factory , where they get injured while vandalizing the place (I know ... right ?) The story unfolds trying to paint. the above hellions as victims "THEY KILLED OUR CHILDREN " ... hello? Don't you teach your kids to not break into industrial zones ? Are people under 18 held responsible for ANYTIING they do anymore ? Or is it "women and kids can do whatever they want , it's always the men's fault ? There is a scene where the teen says to her one nighter "you met me in a school girl uniform"... well, plenty of strippers sport those so, you should find another line .
  • The story is about a "real firecracker" of a gal reporter during the Regan Iran-Contra years. With her hard driving (grating?) personality it becomes clear early on that she truly is a "woman on the MOVE'. PROBLEM ! This chick is played by Ann of Hathaway, and her acting ability seems to be fading faster than her looks. She's reportedly 37, but suddenly appears much older. The rest of the fading star studded cast include other Hollywood staples including , but not limited to, Ben Affleck, Rosie "versatile hispanic alpha female" Perez, and they even make William Dafoe look talentless. Don't know why the director had all the players deliver their lines so fast , like they were in a Lifetime channel production, or a porno, but it makes them look bad.

    Ms Hathaway early on has a fight with her editor about being pulled off a story. She flits around the office like a valley girl on crack, and , back away from the sunlamp Ann , it's bad for you. I remember hearing Hathaway interviewed by Terri Gross a couple of years back, and when she described playing a "plain Jane" character started fishing for compliments wildly from Gross; now I see why. In this piece when she faces off with New York actors playing central American gangstas it becomes laughable. Hathaway putting on a hard chick act is like casting Michelle Williams (that billboard of vunerability) as a Cholla...She pulls a gun on a driver and car jacks him, major cred problems..

    Rosie Perez is of Puerto Rican dissent, but seems to be Hollywood's resident Latina, as I saw her and fellow countryman John Leguizamo cast as Mexicans in LA in some other nebulosity. Her accent and voice are going from cute and perky to annoying and grating as she ages very quickly. Ever wonder what she REALLY sounds like?

    The only way to watch this movie and enjoy it is as a spoof, and thats made easy by the 80s get ups they have put everybody in. Dafoe is doing his imitation of Pacino, Perez of Rita Moreno, and Hathaway of her younger and more entertaining self. I watched as long as I could until , like a couple of big macs a fries, this junk food for the brain became too much. I shouldn't have super sized the fries...
  • The best part about the series is that they found an actress that looked a lot like Keeler, and she might even b a bit cuter . However, we all know the story so, it seems they had to do a remake only to conform to our new social milieu . When "Scandal" was made, and even more so when this whole mess actually occurred , people were actually given responsibility when they became adults , and childhood wasn't extended to like , what ? 30? Christene Keeler was a beautiful, wild and dangerous young woman then , who went out looking for trouble ., Today, she is an innocent , illiterate child who was exploited by rich powerful men who used her for their own pleasure . She was charged with perjury then, today they would have changed the men with sex trafficking and child abuse , and she wouldn't have been charged with anything . Times have changed and the balance of blame today goes wholly on any adult males nearby , the older the better . I will give the film makers credit for at least being realistic about the way this chick went looking for trouble and w her set of gams had no trouble finding it . If it had been made by the Americans she would have been portrayed as a two dimensional pure victim , too young to know better, too cute to deserve any trouble and too innocent to ever be charged with anything . Not great but , good enough for a time slot w your next bout w insomnia , this actress is awfully cute ...
  • This peculiar made for tv looking series centers on a rich family in the UK, American Dad style. The family it centers on has a lawyer father and a mom who, well is supposedly a teacher but she never seems to go to work. Early on she goes all Kramer vs Kramer, leaving the family when Dad confronts her with a secret, and she is going to tell him what its all about but ." not just now, no no, not like this" what? you wonder, ... like when we are in the same place at the same time?... Then you realize it's part of the new "woke" Hollywood mantra :"women and kids can do whatever they want, men don't matter". The rest of the cast are a sordid gaggle of hagardly lady cops, fat boys, mixed raced sardonic brats , preppie burnouts and dumbo sons who ask "why don't you know where mom is"? and when Dad retorts " why dont you?" he quickly and tearfully takes back the question. He seems like a suckanastinatic sycophant to his owns sons, sad''', A bug eyed chick appears out of nowhere, and drops hints about people cheating on spouses, faking pregnancies, and just generally being skanks , ho's, scodes, toads and freeloads, but keeps her idenity SECRET.... She and her scody looking girlfriend go around blackmailing people, and thats not the worst part, "lil miss thang" is also uber judgy like a churchlady....well isn't that special.... when they confront their victims they give a big dose of judgment "you were a shagger, a ladies man, and you hurt people " mention that if the affairs were consentual the other person in the equastion was choosing to tango, or doesn't that matter if they are the female of the species ? . There is also a side plot where Dad is dragged over the coles for a fling he had, but get this, they apparently didnt have any sex. "you were teetering on doing it", that new post woke deal where a dude is in trouble for "almost " doing it....I guess were gonna need the thought police for these. The kids all talk to the adults, parents, teachers and police, as if they were endntured servants , routinly barking orders at them as they drop F bombs. Most of the adullt male characters spend their time fretting over either loosing or possibily loosing their woman, and there is a lot of sobbing and crying with questionable acting skills. It's mainly junk but like junk food it's hard to put it down, your just dying to see some people punished, but they are not necessarily the ones the writers intended you to choose.
  • In a world where a large minority (ie all adult men) believe that if they were falsely accused they wouldn't get a fair shake in court, a film showing the side of the voiceless needed to be made. In a move out of character of the woke masses in Hollywood ,( or woke pretending at least), filmakers give us a rare glimps into what unfortunately happens all too often -a man is falsey accused and every means he uses to defend himself is batted away like so many OJ Simpson pineata heads at an LPGA event. The story is a great one of grit and perserverance, but unfortunately it has a cheap, "made for tv/movie of the week" feel about it. The shooting looks low rent, and the screeplay has an artificial way about it. No offense but, If they had had some more experianced writers maybe , and it wasn't so slow paced, the maudlin feel would have been usruped by tru grit . At least they finally made a film about this side of the isle, even if it had a "", K mart feel to it.
  • The premise of this story is good : small number of people in a far northern town, doing various scientific and business projects. They get the part right about infidelity being a universal theme, but go off the rails in the violence and torture dept. It becomes really predictable where every man who has a roving eye, disses a woman or child or is even just annoying ends up being beaten, tortured, and I mean bloody fingernails ripped/power drill to the skull off tortured, I'm no prude but.. sick..... Message : MEN BAD, WOMEN AND CHILDREN : GOOD.. Other reviewers complained about the way the women were portrayed, but I think the men were the neanderthals in this, frequently beating other dudes to a pulp or torturing them, even when they are wrong in their reasoning as to why the guy deserves it. However the guy usually did something else wrong so, no harm no foul other than the facial fractures and missing fingernails. They women in the series who are cheaters and home wreckers are totally unapologetic but the male in the equation is generally beaten to a pulp at some point.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The story is typical revenge flick, but with an interesting twist. An aging mob boss with a degenerative neurological disease chooses to go to a nursing home instead of back home to his delinquent sons. He runs into some bad luck when he draws the attention of a hero male nurse at the facility he choose however, Hollywood style. If they made a super hero PC nurse in a comic book it would be this dude -he is a tireless caregiver , the strong but silent type who goes around belittling men who cus in front of women, doing whatever his wife tells him to do, and oh yea, she is preggers by the way and he goes to those classes too. When he seems irritated he tells his wife exactly why thus answering the age old "what r you thinking?" and comes off with many quips like "it's true what they say, pregnant women ARE beautiful", so he is the illusive 'perfect man".......Hes a sort of a "woke PC police " character, like a 1977 Charles Bronson with 2020 sensibilities. So he tells his wife everything... or does he?????... she does discover he is keeping the drugloard stuff from her, and immediatly bleeds, as to show "SEE, YOU PUT YOUR FAMILY AT RISK WHEN YOU DONT TELL ME EVERYTHING".... the new message:men, " you had better tell us everything inside those neanderthal heads of yours: OR ELSE !!!!" He is a man on a mission, and it's payback from this drugloard who has hurt so many lives. No matter that Mr Nursie is breaking so many laws, medical and legal, as he injects illicit drugs into the veins of his sordid patient. He is judge, jury, executioner and PC police all rolled into one. Major cred problems, I didn't know the Spanish were so suggestible.
  • This is a fairly good slasher genre with characters set up fairly well , with histories , OK acting and all with human flaws, pasts, and stories. Problem is, as he violence unfolds, it goes beyond silly or gratuitous, right on to sadistic. There is one sequence where the female character with plain Jane face, no make up, short hair and constant flat affect torchured the "regular guy" character to death. Granted, said regular guy is a sociopathic killer in his own right, but when he kills and torchured it seems somehow less offensive, if that makes any sense. I mean, he is a sociopath after all, doing what they do. When the butch faced lady does the torchuring , then is later shown sleeping with a huge grin on her face while covered with blood, it seems sort of well, un American (in this Canadian production) I mean, we do have a cruel and unusual punishment clause in our constitution, so when" the good guys "do the torchuring it rubs me the wrong way. The production quality is high, with mostly competent acting and OK writing. The slashing scenes are good , with the exception of the above mentioned sadistic segments with the message "some men deserve to be torchured by man hating women". The gal who plays the experienced nurse looks 19 so, unless she was a nursing student some cred problems. Worth a benge watch when you have other work to do on your computer, plot is simplistic enough you wont miss much.
  • Season 1 was good, not great but "aight" . BBT was great as usual with a rag tag gaggle of hookers, neurotics, sadistic lesbians and co dependent skanks. Problem with it was that it had a sort of a "reverse Bechtel" vibe , considering he didn't seem to have a single male friend. Or isn't that allowed anymore? Do people no longer believe in platonic hetero male friendship? Maybe the only way they could get this green lit was to have a combo of an old school dude protagonist mixed with a Koffee Klatch from "The View". In addition , BBT's butter-faced partner is always being hit on by guys above her level and she always shines them on, a sort of metaphorical kick in the groin to men. But it was a good, classic David and Goliath deal with big bad corp. against little regular chick, and it worked in a sort of cliche way. Then season 2 comes along with a belly laugh and WTF? First they show the villain staring at dudes in a locker room, next he devolves into more dark net sort of kink. Amputee sex ? really? I mean I guess it exists somewhere, but so do people who like to eat dirt but, do we really need to see it in a plot ? I first thought, like many other viewers that season two sucked until it was saved by a single episode, which may be the best of all time . It's called "Diablo Verde" and it could stand alone as a short feature film, with characters so C squared (creepy cool) they could give those of RD a run for their money, or , pesos u mite say. Enjoy !
  • This episode is one of the best TZ's, and is fascinating in its presentation . Made 50 years ago, before we got all "woke" and neurotic , the characters are presented much more realistically than they would be today. The story is about a 62 year old with a 23 year old gold digging wife . He is very much in love with her, but she treats him like crap. 62's brother is always calling out the chick, pointing out that she is a greedy little tramp using this guy for his money . It's kind of ironic that this is being shown now , in an era where the young writers have never even seen a woman portrayed in this way. If this were made today , the female in the piece would be portrayed as an innocent , possibly illiterate "child" , plucked from security and "groomed " by a perverse predator, (her husband) who actually met her when she was 17 and a half. He would Be the one labeled "predator " and probably be criminally prosecuted, after all his assets and bank accounts had been liquidated and placed in her and her lawyers accounts. At one point in this piece the brother refers to her as a predator, I am suprised this didn't get banned. The story shows a man willing to be injected with an untested substance that makes mice younger but hasn't been proven in man. He is desperate to be younger to keep up with his Much younger wife . The serum ends up with unusual results , but not so unexpected in , The Twilight Zone.
  • This brilliant, outlandish plot shows a small, goofy faced boy terrorizing a town with supernatural psychic abilities. He can cook, maime ," jack n a box" a man ,simply with his thoughts. How outrageous.... What in the world ?...Everyone afraid of damage by a small child.... That's insane, ,,or is it ...??....... Thats the genius aspect of this piece, it's not just a regular story, but an allegory, and shows a parallel to the power a kid can get if we let him, if we "empower " him , if we believe him in a "kids never lie" no matter what social milieu. The brat is played well by a larval Billy Mummy, who went on to puzzle and annoy audiences alike with such cheezenoids as "Lost in Space" later in the 60s. . In this piece he lives in a little hick town, and his parents and everyone else is afraid he is going to put them in his sites, and cook them into a briquette, or worse.....He doesn't like noise or singing or a lot of things, so they walk on eggshells trying to keep him happy. I give this episode a ten, and I don't even give tens. It's not so much that the boy is a pariah, but in a way, he is also a profit...... I think Rod Serling had a little look into the future in this one. The way people tiptoe around the kid was filmed in 1962, but is SO 2019. In an era when an adult male coach is likely to hear from a six year old : "I can get you in trouble by just saying you touched me, NA NANA NA NA..." It looks exactly like parents, teachers and adults today who coddle and cater to kids, for fear oof getting sued, accused of abuse or worse. The way they tell Mummy "oh you are wonderful, everything you do is great " will ring familiar to anyone who has observed parent/child interaction in this day and age. In the age of paranoia an fear, in the "For the Children" era...Isn't it a good life ?
  • Robert De Niro is my favorite actor, and as usual he does a good job. Unfortunately it's the writing that falls short. The movie jumps around in time, but much of it is set in the 1950s, and the high quality filming shows few, if any, anachronisms as far as the cars, settings, clothing or designs. Showing De Niro at different ages also didn't bother me much, except he looked like a very stiff 60 year old. The sets may say 1952, but the script writing screams 2019. It's a shame because with the money spent they could have made a great film with an accurate portrayal of life and people at the time. Instead they show PC revisionist history of the worst kind, and miss a tremendous opportunity to make an accurate historical piece. The scene that totally lost me was one in which Dinero learns that his daughter was shoved by a grocer. She is sulking when he arrives home, and when he asks his wife what is wrong with the kid she tells him the guy shoved her. His daughter doesn't say much, but does nod her head when asked if it's true. She doesn't have a scratch on her. In the next scene, Dinero returns to the market with his daughter by the hand, and beats the grocer to a pulp. He kicks him in the face and gives his hand a crush injury. . He severely injures and humiliates the man , kicking him into the street , beating the man like an animal without asking a single question.. The movie is set at a time when the power dynamic between adults and kids was completely different. In the 1950s De Niro would have more likely whipped his daughter for annoying the adult if he heard about it, Let me tell you what life was REALLY like in that era for kids: In the early 1960s when I was 6 years old, I was allowed to walk alone to the "liquor store" on the corner to buy candy. When in the store, I saw a girl my age telling her cowboy grandfather she wanted candy for the kids back home, and he insisted "no, they get ice cream, they will throw candy all over the yard". She was crying when they left the store. When I went out front a few minutes later, she was screaming her head off , and her cowboy grandfather had whipped her with a belt , which was still doubled in his hand. I knew what that was like, nearly all kids of that era did, including, probably especially, the kids of mob guys. I felt bad, embarassed for her, for me, I even paradoxically felt guilt. THIS was he REAL 50s, THE "GREATEST GENERATION". Scorsese is old enough to know it, he should show it to us, least we forget it. To see portrayal of his "hit man" as a 2019 Dad is absurd , instead of what most "Dads" were like at that time. It's revisionist history of the worst type. Younger people have no idea, and many adults don't remember, or more accurately chose not to. Other anachronisms include the daughter refusing to thank her dad's friend for a money gift, and willful disobediance didn't occur much back then. Also, grown men didn't wear pajamas, in the 1960s I only saw that on TV. I heard a crimes division guy in a documentary complain that Hollywood's portrayal of these mob guys as caring family men is ridiculous. They were sociopathic killers and generally made bad husbands and fathers. To show anybody , especially a mob guy , vigilante splat a man without knowing what happened in that era is bad history and bad for society. If we don't remember our history, we will repeat something worse.
  • Series is about a cop from London that movies to a small Canadian town to work as police chief and give his family a better life. Tim Roth is a good actor , and supporting cast seemed competent. Plot unfolded as evil corp oil company built a refinery and good guy /bad guy David and Goliath story well set. Then Tim Roth gets punched by a local crazy, and he doesn't want to pull a gun on said local because he is English. Instead , he kicks him in the balls, which I think is an amoral act. The certain extreme pain, as well as the d substantial risk of a testicular hematoma or rupture is worse than arresting someone at trained professional gunpoint, so any film that portrays this for a vulgar laugh gets one star in my book. A film biz that will more freely show men kicked in the testicles with a hard boot than nudity is sick. Roth also repeatedly and smugly beats and tourchures men in the film in ridiculous ways. Later in the series there is a lot of gratuitous violence again involving men getting kicked, punched , beaten and having guns pointed at their genitals. It could have been and good story and has some good acting, but the cheap shots just ruin it. There is one sequence where the 16 year old daughter gets drunk and sneaks out nearly getting herself killed. Note all they do is blame the adults for not watchin her , a sad state of of cultural neurosis in our infotainment system.
  • Most people know about the famous storyline before they see this film : An aging X football player married to one of the hottest women on the planet seems more distracted by football and his lost buddy than the sexual advances made by his wife...makes you wonder.... When the movie was made in the late 1950s homosexuality was a taboo topic, and people didn't even believe there were any X jocks who would ever have a "problem" with it. What is interesting is that, although due to censors they all but cut the gay out of the original screenplay, the rest of the piece is actually more honest than anything that has come out of Hollywood in the past three decades or so. For example, there is one scene where the patriarch, played brilliantly by Burl Ives, launches into a tirade that includes "life is work, sweat, pain and paying bills, life is making love to a woman who you don't love, and they don't print your name in the paper until you die". .. Wow!. Incredibly frank for 1958, and it would never be uttered today. In modern film the patriarch would be portrayed as being in the infatuation phase of love with his wife of 45 years, instead in this piece Burl spends most of his time telling Big MaMa to SHUT UP ! He also doesen't like his fat & dorky grandkids , seeming to want to wait for better looking offspring to pop out of Taylor and Newman. Blame him? It is also easy to identify with Taylor when she refers to the kids as ill behaved little monsters. The great acting and the good parts of the script make this a must see movie. Today we are so enlightened we would just come out and say that Newman's character was in love with his bud Skippy; we are so much more open and honest now... or are we ?.....
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