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Love in the Sun

Skip this one
This was painful & boring to watch. Most Hallmark shows follow a formula & are very predictable, but when you add terrible acting, no chemistry with anyone in the show, the copy-cat Kardashian lead & pasting a sticky over the Apple logo on what's-her-name's laptop, it's just low-class & cheesy. Then there's the token not-great-looking best girlfriend & token black assistant with a miner role. This movie was a insult to the audience.

Castle Rock

It's so boring
I'm on the 3rd episode & I just can't stand it anymore. I've hung on to see if it improved, but it's only gotten more dreary. There's no plot, no excitement, nothing to keep me watching. None of the characters have any chemistry with each other. It's very depressing with no reason to continue watching. I'm done.

El tiempo entre costuras

This is one of the best TV series I've ever seen. I watched this through Netflix streaming and got so hooked, I'd stay up late to see what was happening next. The main character is smart, courageous, resilient & gorgeous. She's a seamstress who creates stunning haute couture dresses along the lines of Grace Kelly and Kate Middleton. Her clients are some of the richest & most powerful of European society, so it makes it fun. The film is set in the late 30s & early 40s, so there are gloves, hats, coordinated bags & heels ... pure class & style all the way. But that's just the flash. The story itself starts out slowly, but develops, along with the characters, from a poor dressmaker's shop into intriguing emotionally charged war time espionage excitement, showcasing classic cars & incredible Moroccan & Spanish architecture & decor. The film is in Spanish, so if you don't speak it, you have to read the subtitles. The Spaniards speak very quickly, so I had to pause occasionally to read the full text. A fun fact: Because the main character, "Sira", is a dressmaker and the show was such a hit, sewing machine sales in Spain rose 197%! I'm going to pull out my own fabric stash & patterns & hit my machine. Only wish we still dressed that classy & could kick the Kardashians to the curb. What a refreshing turn that would be.

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