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Kaena: La prophétie

It's up there alongside Final Fantasy
Short and sweet storyline:- Set in another "world", Kaena is the rebellious girl of her tribe.She finds herself beckoned to save her people and world, with the help of some new "friends".

This is the best anime using CGI since Final Fantasy and is just as good.Certainly outshines The Animatrix, which is also a favourite of mine.

Don't let other peoples bad reviews put you off-take a gamble, rent the DVD(video doesn't do it justice) and make your own mind up. I saw this from a downloaded, poor quality copy that was passed on to me.I liked it so much that I went and bought the widescreen DVD the next day.

I confess to being a little bemused at the PG13 rating, as my two youngest daughters(7 and 10 years old) loved it and will watch it again.The only thing I can think of is a chase scene but even that was not scary to them.They have seen worse on Itchy and Scratchy!! It's a must see for anime/fantasy fans of all ages.

10/10 every time from me !!

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