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Death in Gaza

Very good documentary
As I watched the movie I was first annoyed because it looked like it was going to be yet another one of those "Israelis are evil" films. Indeed it does seem that way at times, but I guess sometimes if you look at yourself (or your people) in the mirror, you may see something you don't like. Although I STRONGLY believe Israel has the right to defend itself, It's not good if innocent people are killed (such as this journalist who had no malicious intent.) The saving grace of the movie, I think, is that it shows these little kids (11-14) who dream of being martyrs. They show school classes where the teachers ask who the occupiers are, etc... It shows where the seeds of hatred are planted. There is a bone-chilling moment in the film where a FIVE YEAR OLD GIRL says she hates the Israelis and calls them "sons of dogs". The journalist asks if the girl has ever seen an Israeli, and the girl says "on TV". The mother is of course standing beside her kid, and makes no excuse for what the kid says, nor does she try to stop the kid from saying it.

I think, ultimately, this movie shows that simply killing terrorists will not win you a war on terror because the death is only used as a recruiting tool by the terrorists.

World Trade Center

Very touching
I realized at the start of this movie that it seems a bit tacky that we are seeing a director attempt to put together a convincing "reality" of something that really happen and that we all collectively lived through (even if it was vicariously by watching CNN.) That feeling quickly went away as I got drawn into what really is a human drama.

This movie really picks up steam as it goes on, but it starts off being very confusing because we keep being introduced to new characters and families and we have no idea whose families they are. As the movie goes on and we figure out who the families are, it becomes easier for the audience to identify with the families and with the main characters (the 2 trapped firemen.) I really liked the fact that the director chose to completely ignore politics and "the greater issues" because in reality, the GREATEST "issue" is the human one. This movie did a great job of boiling life down and showing what is absolutely the most important thing, which is family. Race, religion, political affiliation were all 'checked at the door' when the movie started, and it added greatly to this movie.

The best quality of this movie is that it showed that human beings can be caring and compassionate, and that they can risk their own lives to try and help strangers. And you know, when I think back to that fateful day and the events that happen thereafter, that is the one memory that is most etched in my mind, that people from all over the country and even from Canada did everything they could to help whether it was by coming to NYC or by simply opening up their homes to passengers who were grounded all over North America.

The director of this movie wanted to show that we are humans- humane beings- before we are black, white, Christian, jew or Muslim. In my opinion, he succeeded.

Lucky Number Slevin

This was probably one of the best movies I have seen in a very long time. Most movies today are so predictable in their plots and outcomes, but with this one, you are confused at first, then you get lulled into a false sense of security of thinking you know what's going on, then you get smacked upside the head with an amazingly pleasing finalie. It reminds me of Fight Club in a sense, because of the ending which - after you think about it- is pretty obvious.

I would recommend this movie for sure! I'm tempted to go see it again.

On a side note, "calebra" does mean bad dog in Hebrew although it should be pronounced "kelev ra" or (if they wanted to say it quickly) "kelevra" It sounds like they say "calebra"

V for Vendetta

Decent movie, really hated the political undertones
This movie was good in the same sense as the matrix: lots of well-scripted action that was entertaining.

V's literary illusions were interesting although I have to admit that some of them probably went over my head (mostly because I haven't read some of the works he mentions.) The thing that I didn't appreciate about this movie was the political statement that it makes. At first, the movie is subtle at basically comparing the George W. Bush administration to Hitler, but it becomes more and more transparent to a point where it is sickening. There is a point in the movie where you can see a poster hanging on the wall that has a British and American flag with a swastika in the middle, and the words "coalition of the willing" written above. Further allusions to Nazi Germany include the leader of Britain being called "Supreme Chancellor" (which was Hitler's title.) In addition, human experiments are shown.

Moreover, the movie shows the re-election of the "Supreme Chancellor" to be based on a false war against terrorism.

I did not appreciate the fact this movie shows terrorism in a positive light. It seems to me that this movie endorses the ends justify the means IF your ends are good. However, good and evil are subjective judgments, and they turn morality into a moving object, which it is not. It seemed like there was some attempt made to show that V was not entirely correct in murdering people to attain the ends that he sought, but this fact is played down greatly, and overshadowed by the "freedom fighter" image.

At a time when the world is faced with growing terrorism, the last thing we need is a glorification of terror. That is primarily why I didn't enjoy this movie as much as I could have, if they didn't have such an obvious political slant.

To End All Wars

Really good movie
If you are looking for your typical shoot 'em up war movie then move on to something else.

This movie shows what real courage is, and REAL COURAGE isn't always what you think it will be.

I thought one of the most poignant statements in the movie is "the ultimate destination of hate is self-hate." Many of the characters go through complete transformations throughout the course of the movie, and we get to witness this firsthand. sometimes we get caught thinking 'why would he do that' when a character commits a particularly selfless act, and I think that is a big part of the writer's intent.

There's a lot of historical, literary, and biblical allusions which add to the complexity of the movie, and ultimately I think it adds depth and helps us to understand the transformations of the characters.

The movie is all the more amazing when you consider it is based on a true story.

I would recommend this movie but beware it isn't a walk in the park to watch.

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