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Not for minds who don't run deep. This is very deep
This movie is an absolute gem. I have resorted back to 90's films considering the new class of films just does not suit my particular taste. Although this movie is a rather slow burn for some, it hits like a ton of bricks in the end. Well worth every second in my opinion. I was captivated throughout, and the acting is very intense and realistic, almost as if you are living the stories portrayed yourself. This film seduces you from start to end and touches on some very deep human emotions in a intertwined web of characters. I could not recommend this more, and now have placed this in my top list of favorite films.

Sex Education

Yesssss!!! Watch this!
So good. I loved everything about this! Perfect coming of age in every way possible.

The Final Wish

First bad review....
I'm sorry. I don't like to give movies bad reviews, but....ughhhh. I watched about 35 mins of this and that was way more than enough. No need for details. There was nothing about this other than the amazing house that I could positively review. I really did try.

The Lake Erie Murders

It's a sad world we live in, all these children.....
So many of these rehashed crime docu-series are done these days it's hard to find ones that are actually good. This review is short and sweet. If your a fan of these , watch it. It definitely held my Interest, and was definitely sad and unbelievable as usual.

Goodnight, Sugar Babe: The Killing of Vera Jo Reigle

Just when I thought I saw it all in regards to the worlds most disturbing films....enter this. This story hits from every angle in which the human race can be the most disgusting and vile on the planet. Not often do I watch something with my mouth hanging open the whole time in awe... but with this... it seemed to just get worse and worse. This is real life folks. This is not a movie. So if you want to witness life at it lowest point, where every person is a victim turned demon, please look no further.


Real life HORROR
This honestly made me cringe at times, more so than actual horror films. I could not believe how a movie with almost no speaking at all could keep me fully engaged. I have known a couple people with this condition, but nothing close to the extent of this. The Lead role was very well done and realistic. Knowing that this is a daily struggle for so many, it truly breaks my heart. This movie is definitely raw and hits you like a ton of bricks, knowing that our minds can be the biggest horror story of them all.

Perfect Skin

Hauntingly beautiful
I was pleasantly surprised by this. I had no idea what to expect. The storyline is really good as well as the acting. The music was perfect for the movie and gave it a really sexy vibe. I'd say give this about 30 minutes. It is slow burning at first, then unfolds into something very unique and hauntingly beautiful.

Hot Summer Nights

Intense and extremely well done coming of age
How can words describe? This film deserves an award. It's pretty much up there with all the 80s and 90s best coming of age films out there. I have watched this film at least 5 times to share with other people, I am mesmerized each time. The acting is top notch. The lead actor is just phenomenal in every movie he is in, especially this one. This movie is happy, sad, beautiful, dark and everything in between. Whoever did the soundtrack to this killed it. Every song is perfect for every scene. I honestly went into it knowing nothing about it....I could not have possibly been more impressed and blown away with how good it was. Easily one of the best films of 2018. Highly recommended! Believe the hype.


Interesting dynamic of love and hate towards villian and victim here.....
One of my favorite shows of 2018. The acting is really good, although the main female character I personally cannot quite like. The lead male role is excellent, and surprisingly you seem to fall more in love with the villian as opposed to the victim. I love the narration as well as the build up to this this awesome obsession tale that just keeps the suspense rolling. Definitely worth a binge watch! I want more!

Escape at Dannemora

Desperate times call for desperate measures
Being that this is a true story is what really made this show. I'm not a huge fan of prison shows or films, but found this quite a good one. It held my attention in each episode, dying to know what's going to happen next. It's a little bit of a slow burner, so give it some time before giving up altogether. Great acting! I feel like each character embodies the role quite well. ( But really! Who can go wrong with that cast!) I can't say I was very thrilled with the end, but then again, that's what actually happened. It's definitely worth a watch and made me want to further research the actual events.

Conversations with a Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes

Feels like the first time in a sea of countless programs on Bundy over the years
This was so addicting I just couldn't stop. Definitely a binge watch. So many of these are overdone to the point of boredom, but this was like watching the story all over again knowing nothing about it. Really makes you dislike him even more than before, which I didn't think could even be possible. It's so fascinating to dive into the mind of the people who commit these horrendous crimes. This guy was such a piece of work it's hard not to watch In awe. If you love crime docu-series this one is 100% for you.


Loved it! Awesome! Everything about it rocked! Give it a shot....unless your a prude and easily offended.

Velvet Buzzsaw

Unique and entertaining
Neat portrayal of the art world, with a dry comedic horror story and rather deep message. No need for all the bad reviews, no need to take everything so seriously these days. If you want a entertaining, visually stimulating and odd movie going experience give it a shot. I loved the art, and the cast alone makes it worth the watch.

I Am the Night

First episode : So far so good
Looks like this might be pretty good. Acting is great, storyline great, love the era.... I mean how can you go wrong. Let's hope it stays that way until the end! Looking forward to this coming out weekly.

Abducted in Plain Sight

This has got to be one of the most UNBELIEVABLE crime docs I have ever seen....
I mean WOW. Seriously I cannot believe this actually happened. I just watched this for a second time so my husband could see it, and honestly I was just as shocked as the first time. If you like the documentary "Dear Zachary" then you will like this. There is something really wrong with the mother and father here...The twists and turns just keep on coming. The sad part about it all, is that these stories are actually true. This one in particular is so unbelievable it seems like a really twisted tale and not reality.


As a fan of watching movies with the most shock value possible, I really enjoyed this. Some of the acting was a little silly and a few cheesy scenes were rather drawn out. I certainly can stomach watching some of the most disturbing scenes out there, but I have to admit....there were a couple in this film that had me rather squeamish (especially one where a baby was involved). No babies and no animals for me! So be prepared for that. I like the story line and the name, which goes hand in hand with ones being raised in a traumatic environment, dealing with the reprocussions of trauma and how it can make people dive to the deepest dwellings of sadistic behavior.


Instant Cult Classic
This type of bizarre movie rarely comes around. I always wait for these type of movies and needless to say I was really impressed. Completely original and 100% entertaining, I was on the edge of my seat the whole time trying to figure out where it was going. Definitely give this a watch if you're into weird plot twists, excellent acting, unusual storylines, great cinematography and psychological thrillers. One of the best I've seen in a while.

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