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MSG 2 the Messenger

Indian hero
Here comes the most awaited sequel of Bollywood Film Industry: MSG 2 - The Messenger. It's the fastest sequel ever made in the film industry releasing after just 8 months of the first part. Since times immemorial, the great saints of the world have used various methods to spread the message of love and humanity which may have been seen as absurd in first place by mortal humans living in this world. Congratulations to Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Insan for stepping up again and courageously making this legendary saga for the mankind. What a brilliant job this man is doing, if whatever shown is to be believed and if it is reality. It is indeed one of the best with solid social messages. It will create history and would change definition of social reforms, spiritualism the notion of civilized people and of course Cinema too. Change is on the card my friends and it is inevitable. Now coming to the movie, MSG 2 has overcome all the small technical shortfalls of MSG 1. The graphics are just fabulous and special effects add to the awesomeness of the movie. As said by Guruji, the movie is based on reality with some Bollywood taste. The movie showcases that the most important thing in this world is "LOVE". Love can civilize even the most uncivilized tribal people in no time. It is shown that how Dera Sacha Sauda under the guidance of Guruji has done welfare works in the tribal areas of Rajasthan. He completely changes their lifestyle and their evil rituals like Nar Bali, marriage of girls at early age, eating raw flesh and many more. All this he does with only one weapon, that is LOVE. Amidst all this, the thrilling plot of the movie and the locations of shooting are very much commendable. As the movie progresses, you become glued to the movie and curious to know the climax. Guruji has acted superbly and has done a marvelous job. The music of the movie is very enticing and catchy and the stunts performed take the movie to new heights. The movie has shown the world the true meaning of spirituality and selfless service to humanity. The movie is definitely a masterpiece and it will set standards for other movie to come. To conclude, I would say that this kind of movies are really needed for our society and more such movies should be made and the efforts should be welcomed and well appreciated.

MSG: The Messenger of God

I cant understand why people call it a 3 hour advertisement.It's a great movie which reveals almost every social issue which is the need of today's society.motivating people to quit drugs, stop prostitution, blood donation etc.. Apart from this revenue received from this movie is used in research of AIDS, CANCER and other diseases is itself a great achievement.IF v can appreciate Mr Modi for his single idea of swach bharat mission 2014 then THE SAINT deserve the STANDING OVATION for his 105 welfare activities apart from safai maha abhiyan which he already started in 2011 Great salute to him. Its a must watch movie with a good mixture of drama, acting,stunts and also the songs which makes a good package of 3 hour entertainment.we can call it a revolution of 2015 which began for the welfare of human by teaching the lesson

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