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MSG 2 the Messenger

MSG The Messenger 2 is based on reformation of tribal as civilians and to integrate them with main stream but its also going to initiate revolution against social evils as it includes lots of messages to encourage youth to stay away from drugs and bad deeds.. I'm totally feeling spell bound after watching the MSG 2 The Messenger . Our youth needs right direction and Saint g has used an Ultimate idea to motivate youth to leave evils and bad deeds to have healthy living . i will love to watch films like this in future.Guru g is a great youth icon and capable to bring desired change in our society.Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh g Insan is rocking the silver screens as well as ruling on millions of hearts.

MSG: The Messenger of God

Stop antidrug
This Movie is anti drug movie .Each Scene Gives a message how to live life in peaceful and healthy way. There was a miss in this world that we can only remember god by sitting in peace or temple.But this movie gave a chance to remember god in today's modern way... by singing.. by dancing.. by watching movie.. After watching this movie everyone will be unresistant to think that if he fell in drugs.. He must leave this bad habit.. and make his family happy.. everyone unresistant to dance over beats of various songs... which lyrics says.. do not take drugs.. do not take drugs.. it will destroy your life... However other movies promote this drugs . This drugs should be banned totally..

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