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MSG 2 the Messenger

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If you are an action movie lover or give preference to thrilled movie, then you must go for MSG 2 - The Messenger. This is an type of movie that contains Awesome Music with thoughtful lyrics, fully packed with action and nail biting stunts, An love story and the most important An story of tribal rehabilitation( on which the movie is based on)... Seriously it was an great experience to watch an"जरा हटके" movie. And after that show i'm eagerly waiting for weekend so that i can go to watch another next show. On my 1st experience for this movie i was just like my eyes were frozen while watching this. And if i write a long note for music, it was always always short. I just loved the stunts and i have heard that all the stunts were performed by Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan himself. Great enthusiasm . And while watching stunts seriously i was biting my nails. Over all Movie is just "Awesome". An must watch movie by an Saint.

MSG: The Messenger of God

Awesome great movie
have u seen this movie if u not so get ready and go to watch movie as it is a Awesome Movie...MSG Has Inspired to Fight Against Social Evils MSG Movie Has giving the More Than 15 social Message really guru doing the great works for humanity hats off grand salute to guru After watching MSG Movie people leave their bad habits that's is amazing Guru has motivate the people to donating blood,Tree plantation really its wonderful movie I liked it very much its family movie we will see with all family member and guru doing all stunts himself shows the power of guru mantra saint and their followers doing many welfare works of humanity really great inspiration provided by saint to do the works for their country impressive works doing thanks for everything

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