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Spartacus: Blood and Sand

Magnificence in Extremo
This show really grew on me - I'm at the moment on my journey to re-watch the whole show and I just can say: it still tastes delicious and fresh. For starters, this show avoids all those p.c.-stuff that is obligatory these days, and the only thing I got to complain: I would have told the story of an unknown gladiator and not that one of Spartacus, simply because the latter is a historical figure and everyone interested (or just knowing the movie with Kirk Douglas) in Roman history knows the end of the story. Maybe that unknown gladiator would have won finally his freedom etc. But that's really the only "point" I gotta complain, everything else, the fights, the pretty "colorful" Roman feasts and so on, including the actors and their work, are top-notch. For the connoisseur of violence and Roman times, still a feast extraordinaire and unchallenged in the TV business to the day.


Psycho is maybe the mother of all slasher movies but the real deal here is Anthony Perkins - his excellent performance of our little psycho Norman Bates makes this movie what it is - a real classic thriller with a good tendency to the house of the many horrors. Still essential.

Starship Troopers 2: Hero of the Federation

Good Enuff
Well, this sequel to the mighty impressive Starship Troopers got a very bad rating and lots of bad reviews, and of course, if you compare it with that big production piece of the first movie, you must be disappointed, but I watched Starship Troopers 2: Hero of the Federation twice and I enjoyed both times. Just accept that the effects look more like those of a 90s sci-fi show (Babylon 5 etc.), and if you enjoy to watch such sci-fi B-movies like Screamers (1995), you may like this one anyway. Just enjoy the bugs, the little gore and some decent action, and last but not least, the actors do well.

Please Stand By

Bitter-Sweet Good
I like Please Stand By a lot - especially the performance by Dakota Fanning as our autistic heroine is excellent. The story is here and there maybe a little too predictable and sugar candy but there is also a good shot of bitter-sweet pain. All in all a fine little flick that shows a little fairy tale embedded in every day life. My rate = 6 + 1 for Dakota's superb game.

Super 8

Decent 8
Rewatched this little flick lately and I still like it - Super 8 got a good shot of some Goonies (1985) and Stand by Me (1986) feel, the production is pro and the actors, especially the young ones, fill their shoes well. No masterpiece but good popcorn-sci-fi-little-horror-shop-entertainment. Get some coke and popcorn and watch, and put your brain aside.

Brave New World

Lame New Sexy World
I imagine: some semi-genius of the production company was a little too bored by the story of the book and conjured up (using all his creativity) the idea to spice things up with some "soft porn". Well, in times of Youporn and all those sources of carnal pleasures a rather bad and clumsy idea, at least in my humble view. Anyway, pretty looking actors get in "close combat" and here and there you get a sniff of something you can label science fiction. Maybe interesting if you are on your journey thru puberty ;)

Elvira: Mistress of the Dark

Classic 80s Horror Comedy
Elvira: Mistress of the Dark is one of those great horror comedy gems of the 80s with a high trash factor - Return of the Living Dead, House, Re-Animator, Beetlejuice to name a few belong rightfully to that list. Cassandra Peterson plays her iconic role as a kind of goth/heavy metal witch chick most delicious. Thumps up to this one. Also strongly recommended: Elvira's Movie Macabre, a horror TV series were you get some trashy B movies (horror/sci fi) featured, interrupted and spiced up by comments and jokes by the hostess Elvira.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2

Boring and Bad
The first Texas Chainsaw Massacre movie from 1974 is (in my opinion) rightfully considered a groundbreaking masterpiece of the horror genre. How Tobe Hooper could make such a bad sequel I still cannot understand, alone the adding of the comedy elements was a very, indeed very bad idea. Only recommended if you want to go on one of those bad trips that are really bad...


Better Than Most
Defiance is a fine piece of a sci-fi show: unique world-building, good actors and a very good production (without CGI overload) makes Defiance one of a few (like e.g. Firefly, Farscape). In the end the show maybe did not hold the level of the first two seasons but anyway, still good enough to beat many of those "modern" sci-fi abominations of the last few years.

Star Trek: Voyager

A Great Voyage
Just paying my tributes here: I gotta confess, on the side of the original Star Trek with Captain Kirk and his crew, Star Trek: Voyager is my other most favorite piece of Roddenberry's universe: lots of interesting and unique (and lovable) characters and on top the idea of a crew getting lost in some far away place of the galaxy, which provides a great background story for lots of unique and special stories. Still top notch.

The Old Guard

More Filler Than Killer
Sadly, The Old Guard is just a mediocre action movie - neither story- or action wise we get something special. All in all just another mass product produced these days to put up some "original" content for one of those pay channels. Even Charlize Theron cannot save this one from its mediocrity.

Last notes: in the Highlander movies we watch immortals battle each other, but how interesting is the concept of immortals fighting against mortals!? Also, how stupid is the notion of those four immortals that they can change with guns and blades the course of human history in a greater scale!? Hunting after some kidnapped girls changing anything!? And why they didn't kill e.g. Adolf Hitler or some other bad ass character in history!? The more you think about it the more you realize how weak the concept is, or at least its execution.


One of a Few
Great show with a great cast. If you like unusual crime/thriller shows like Breaking Bad, Dexter, The Bridge and a few others, Ozark is made for you. In times of fast produced mass products that flood all channels, Ozark is a real gem and top of the pops.


Essential Watch
Still worth a watch for its rich imaginary visuals. Of course - it is a silent movie and shot in black and white but if you are into movies and especially the horror and fantasy genre you should watch L'Inferno at least once in your life. A few years produced before WWI this one is in my opinion essential like Fritz Lang's Metropolis and The Nibelungs, The Golem (Paul Wegener and Henrik Galeen), Nosferatu by Fritz Murnau and last but not least The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari (Robert Wiene).

Torture Garden

Horror in Nostalgia
One of those mostly forgotten horror anthologies of the old and rather early days of horror. Not every story is a hit but all in all Torture Garden is a nice sip of horror for the inclined audience - on top we get some well known actors like Peter Cushing and Jack Palance. No masterpiece but for the sake of nostalgia a good choice.

The Cell

The Night is Full of Terrors
The Cell is a hell of a fine trip and movie and it makes me really sad if I compare the rating of this visual journey with all those faked up blockbusters of these days. The Cell got impressive visuals and an interesting story - what do you discover if you would travel or dig into the mind and dreams of a serial killer? The cast is also a good one: Jennifer Lopez, Vince Vaughn and Vincent D'Onofrio as our beloved mandman (if you like his performance I recommend strongly Chained from 2012 to you - Mr. D'Onofrio gives in that one another excellent performance as a serial killer). Anyway - fine visuals, good production, interesting story, good actors. What you waiting for!?

Tales from the Darkside: The Movie

Tales from the Darkside is a solid horror anthology: a young boy is telling a witch (Debbie Harry) some horror fairy tales (trying to buy some time) while the evil witch prepares her kitchen and tools to make some nice Haute Cuisine (using the boy as main delicious ingredient). The stories are solid to good, and there is also some blood to adore, and last but not least we get some well known actors: Christian Slater, Steve Buscemi and Julianne Moore and more.


Holy Mania
A few days ago I rediscovered this one in my not too small horror DVD collection - and what should I say, Maniac is still a fine piece to watch - a creepy tone and a little gore here and there and a great performance by Joe Spinell (known for his work in The Godfather, Taxi Driver and Rocky to name a few) as the serial killer Frank Zito. Well, if you like some creepy and insane dude killing young and pretty girls, this one is made for you. Note: a remake with Elijah Wood in the main role was done 2012, that one is on my still to watch list, and after watching the original one my appetite just grew a little ;)

The Offspring

Morbid Tales
A fine horror anthology with the maestro Vincent Price in a small but crucial role as the storyteller. All stories provided are still worth a watch, on top we get some morbid ideas and spicy gore here and there. Beats most horror anthologies of our days easy.


Talking Horror
One of the most captivating and intriguing movies about WWII ever made. Without one single bullet shot, Conspiracy gives you a chilling look into the abyss of human cruelity - disguised as a bureaucratic technicality. The actors are top notch. For certain a must-see.


Eye Candy
Immortals strongest point are the visuals, on top we get some fine action and solid acting. Everyone complaining that the story is not accurate to Greek mythology went to watch the wrong movie - this is an action and fantasy movie and not a documentary or an adaption of Greek mythology. If you like fine action with swords and stuff, this one you can dare to try. Solid movie spiced up by fine visuals.

Reality Z

Reality of a Dead Set
The Brasilien show Reality Z is mostly based on the British mini-show called Dead Set (release 2008, fortunately I got the box of that one in my collection). Well, if you don't mind the same "setting" and resembalance of some parts of the story, you get a well and pro produced show with some nice gory effects and solid acting - in a genre dominated by bad to ueber-bad shows and wanna-be movies an achievement and a pleasant surprise for an inclined audience. Worth your time - if you like the genre.

Captain Future

The Future is Now
What!? Just seven reviews (time writing my own) for this excellent sci-fi show!? Compared to many of todays anime, Captain Future and the adventures of his crew are superior in many aspects - excellent characters, very different and fantastic stories in a well composed universe, and still superb visuals. Based on the Captain Future pulp magazine stories of Mort Weisinger and Edmond Hamilton published from 1940 to 1944, Tomoharu Katsumata directed this fine anime. 53 episodes were produced and aired based on some of the stories of the pulp magazine. May rate is seven + one point for nostalgic reasons. If you never watched the show and you like to watch sci-fi anime, put this one pronto on your watchlist.

Note: I watched the German version back then (somewhere in the mid 80s or so), as far as I know there are also French, Italian and Japanese versions, sadly no English dubbed version is available to the day, but there is a Japanese edition available with English subtitles.

Æon Flux

Still a Triumph
I rewatched this little series lately and I just can state: Aeon Flux is still pushing boundaries regarding storytelling for a sci-fi animation show. With its own visual style and story (ideas) plus the sometimes weird storytelling techniques still a pleasure to watch. Such kind of experimental stuff they do only very rare these days - just look what MTV has become...

Slow West

Another Journey thru the West
From time to time there is still a good or excellent contribution to the good old gunning West genre. Slow West provides an old story in new clothes so to say, empowered by nice cinematography and a good acting crew (Fassbender, Pistorius etc.). In its best moments Slow West reminds me of that surreal masterpiece Dead Man (Depp, Jarmusch, 1995). Put that one on your watchlist if you like "modern" Western movies like True Grit (the original one like the remake), The Homesman, The Salvation or Bone Tomahawk.


Stylish Emptiness
A wanna-be and watered down version of Natural Born Killers for the Generation Mimimi (or better Mememe). Best part = hot Bella. That's it. Disappointing.

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