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  • Day of the Dead can't compete with its cvlt predecessor Dawn of the Dead, but is still a solid and entertaining piece. I re-watched it lately and just have one main point that does (still) bother me - the tensions between the military and the science guys are a little overdone. Remember, Day of the Dead plays in the timeline maybe a couple of months after the outbreak, but especially the military guys look deranged as if they are already a couple of years in walker trouble (behavior, look of the uniform etc. etc.).

    Anyway, Day of the Dead is still a fine dinner - if you like zombies of course.
  • An intriguing and fantastic story with some dark and gripping moments - Young Sherlock Holmes is not based on Doyle's work but a great homage to the unique master-detective and his companion. Young Homes and Watson get involved in some mysterious cult organization and death is walking the streets of London. Of course, Homes and Watson want to solve the mystery behind some murders.

    A top production, a very good cast, the story and the sometimes real dark gothic tone make this a movie still worth a watch.
  • All those people who got the notion that back in time our ancestors lived in peace and harmony with each other and the nature should watch Ultimo mondo cannibale at least once - I am pretty sure that the cruelty and ugliness shown by those "stone-people" in this little gem is far closer to the "how our ancestors really lived back in the stone age" than any of those new-age nature adepts would ever be able to or dare to imagine. Anyway, even for the simple lover of horror, that just wants to enjoy some gore, this little Italian trash piece is still worth a visit - and last but not least we get here and there (if you really watch with open eyes) a nice and unique idea. Last note: those notorious gory scenes with animals are in my opinion not made for "effect" only but also as a tool for symbolism etc.
  • Roger Corman and Vincent Price are in my opinion a duo unmatched in the history of the art of making horror movies. The Tomb of Ligeia may not belong to the strongest ones of their joint work but still the Tomb beats easy 90% of everything published under the label "horror". You did not watch this one? Watch!
  • Vincent Price is a true master of good old-school horror - The Abominable Dr. Phibes is like many works he was involved a fantastic dance into morbid wonderlands with great cinematography, a fantastic story and last but not least a nice kick of (black) humor, on top we get some fine and imaginative methods of how to conduct revenge the right way ;) From time to time I really like to re-watch movies starring Mr. Price - some of them are real gems and best entertainment for the true lover of the art of horrors.
  • Millie Bobby Brown is super-cute and charming, that's the strongest point of Enola Holmes. The rest is a p.c.-burden dull story with a solid production. Maybe young ones will like it, I was rather slightly bored. Most Sherlock Holmes movies I know, not only the old classics (Basil Rathbone!) and the new ones with Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law alike, including Young Sherlock Holmes and the Pyramid of Fear (watch if you don't know that one!) are superior to this "Tomb Raidered" version (not those good ones with Angelina but the "modern" interpretation with Alicia Vikander). My rating is a 5 but one point I added only for the charming performance of Millie Bobby Brown.
  • 24 September 2020
    One of those great old movies about knights, knighthood, war and romance. Charlton Heston again is excellent, so is the rest of the cast, also the production is top. In short: truly one of those great adventure movies of gone times that revive ones imagination, even (or should I say especially) if its already heavily damaged by and put to sleep by modern zeitgeist schrott.
  • A fine revenge movie based in good old sword-fighting Japan. A strong point are some of those well photographed scenes that are almost meditations, and to watch the Japanese original with subtitles just makes the experience stronger. Last but not least, a decent portion of blood is spilled, and there are some epic moments like the ending. Verdict: a fine and tasty dish for the true connoisseur of the art of movie-making and strongly recommended.
  • Forbidden World I would call a cheap and very trashy Alien clone (or homage) - but still it got some merits of its own - we get here and there a little sip of gore and some pleasant boobs are here and there revealed to our curious eyes, and last but not least a droid/robot with a handy on- and off-switch on its breast. Anyway, Forbidden World is a nice trip for those who like to watch all those B-movie sci-fi wonders that are bad but somehow still entertaining and pleasing to watch. My real rate would be 5 but I add 1 for nostalgic and trash cult reasons only.
  • This is one of those movies that you will enjoy or you won't watch to the end - bad acting, bad settings, bad special effects - but like those pulp magazine stories, Starcrash still may something got that will hold your attention and you may actually enjoy it.

    In short, if you like to watch sometimes movies for the sheer terror of badness but still sparks your imagination, you may give it a try - either you will rise to the stars or crash down to earth. ;) Recommendation if you like such movies like Galaxy of Terror, Forbidden World and Battle Beyond the Stars.
  • I liked The Babysitter (2017) but this sequel I even could not finish - it is not funny, it is not creepy, and all in all the humor (just those scenes in the school. feel like the copy of a copy of a copy and than some copy more...) felt very shallow, stale and forced - but maybe I am not the right audience for The Babysitter: Killer Queen, and all those kids born after 2k will like it more. Anyway, more and more Netflix is for me a synonym or label for mass-products and bad "entertainment".
  • 10 September 2020
    I take any bet that everyone rating/reviewing The Mad lower than with a humble 3 never had the experience nor joy to watch a really bad movie - and the zombie genre really got a lot of unwatchable schrott produced. Anyway, The Mad is a zombie comedy that is no revelation or new cult but got me here and there smiling (including a tango dance of the father with a zombie girl) and on top we get here and there some little gore injected. For sure a B-movie that got a decent level of cheese and trash, maybe with some lengths here and there that could have easy cleaned up with some cuts. Recommended only to the lover of the genre that does not mind to dig in trash to reveal something worth to watch.
  • In its best moments Raised by Wolves tastes to me a little like some of those sci-fi (comic) stories forged by Alejandro Jodorowsky, Enki Bilal or Moebius and other European writers. What we get is a weird future dystopian world in which two androids, called Father and Mother, raise some human children on a far away and uninhabited planet after a great war on Earth.

    I am two episodes in and pleasantly surprised by the story, the scenery, the good production and, well, Ridley Scott directed the first two episodes. All in all good and promising and far more interesting and entertaining than most shows of recent years (mis)labelled "sci-fi".
  • Well, you put a team together and all the people you choose got some psychological issues, on top they can't stand each other, and this is the best you got to put together for a mission that takes some years and needed some years of preparation!?

    Anyway, production and acting are okay, and I am a great admirer of the work of Hillary Swank, but even she cannot save a movie or show if the script is just one of your overused en vogue cheesy scripts (husband gets stroke, to create some more drama hohoho).

    Away is a drama show or soap opera that could be placed in suburbia somewhere and not much would change, for certain it is not much of a sci-fi show (I don't need laser gunfights and light sabers to call something sci-fi I should add) and if you crave for some real science fiction you won't miss something here if you just skip this one.

    Last note I wonder these days more and more:

    a) are the scripts written by some cheesy software that was coded by some ueber-emotional geeks? b) are writers these days so underpaid nobody with real talent takes on the task anymore? c) are all writers psychological damaged and have always to whine, sorry, write about their own dysfunctional families and existence?
  • Relic is a well shot movie with three main actors doing really well. The only thing I really missed (for such kind of movies), are some intense horrifying scenes or goosebumps moments, that I got e.g. in the first Conjuring movie - but maybe as a strong connoisseur of everything regarding the art of horrors, my nerves are too hardened by watching too much horror, but on the other hand, getting some terror in the hearts and minds of your audience is in my opinion the true art of making a horror movie. Anyway, Relic is a solid contribution to the genre and for sure you can waste your time on many far less entertaining movies.

    Last note: of course, one could take the story of Relic as a metaphor to dementia or such kind of illnesses (or just getting old: the last scene reminds me strongly of the Triple Goddess: the Maiden, the Mother, and the Crone), but this would not change my rate or my review in general.
  • 6 September 2020
    The Outpost tells us the story of the Battle of Kamdesh in Afghanistan - a small US outpost was surrounded and attacked by strong Taliban forces. The Outpost is a solid war movie with some fine combat scenes in the end chapter. Recommended if you like to watch such (war) movies like Lone Survivor, American Sniper, Battle for Haditha, The Wall etc.

    Last note: people expecting character development (means mostly personal drama), quality of dialogues etc. should watch something else but a war movie....
  • There are countless post-apocalyptic movies around made in the 70s and the 80s. Many of them are B-movies like Damnation Alley or Def-Con 4 for example. The special effects have not aged well, but like those sci-fi classics of the 50s, Damnation Alley is still a pleasure to watch - if you like the genre, of course. The story is pretty simple: a small group of soldiers travels in armored vehicles through a nuclear wasteland after World War III, many troubles and death challenge the unit. My rate is 5 but I add one for nostalgic reasons.
  • 4 September 2020
    I really liked the start of Rogue - it reminded me fondly of The Wild Geese (and Megan Fox does well, but maybe I am here not really unbiased), of course, without achieving the quality of that action classic, but after the mercenaries wasted their ammo mostly by shooting holes in the air, Rogue takes the wrong turn - we get some man-killing lions, who are of course a danger to our soldiers, because they wasted their ammo... This move to add some The Ghost and the Darkness (Val Kilmer, Michael Douglas) flavor, destroyed the movie for me. Verdict: more or less totally ruined by an unnecessary "creative idea".
  • 4 September 2020
    I know that movies like Steel Dawn of the 80s cannot compete with modern movie productions special effects wise, but, and that's in my opinion a great plus, those movies got mostly a simple and straight action plot like all those good old western movies without too much personal drama, which is a trademark these days.

    In the 80s many actors of some rank (doing action movies) did participate in some post-apocalyptic movie project (e.g. Van Damme in Cyborg, Rutger Hauer in Blood of Heroes, Arnold in Terminator, and Kurt Russell in Escape From New York to name a few) - I guess, the immense success of the first Mad Max movie was responsible for taht wave or at least strongly supported it. In the 90s followed such movies like Waterworld and Postman with Kevin Costner and Beowulf with Christopher Lambert and 12 Monkeys, Matrix and many more.

    Most of those movies, like Steel Dawn, provide solid story-telling and some good old action. What you get are some well choreographed combat scenes, and like in Road House and Red Dawn, Mr. Swayze proved that he can do action well. Anyway, if you like the genre, you should give this one a try.
  • The Illusionist got everything you want - a clever and suspenseful plot, a great romance, excellent actors, all sweet embedded in a rich setting that resurrects the times of the Habsburg monarchy. Edward Norton is Eisenheim, an illusionist and magician that tries to save his childhood love (Jessica Biel as Duchess Sophie von Teschen) from the plotting and scheming Crown Prince Leopold, who wants to marry the Duchess for political reasons.

    Anyway, The Illusionist is proof, that you can still tell an old story in a new gestalt and entertain your audience superbly.

    Strongly recommended, if you like movies like The Prestige (2006) or Hugo (2011).
  • Based on the play by Maxwell Anderson, Anne of the Thousand Days is one of those great historical dramas they do not make anymore. Rich in color, costumes and settings, and supported by the superb performances of the whole cast (outstanding Richard Burton as King Henry VIII and Genevieve Bujold as Anna Boleyn) make this a still fine and shining piece of a historical drama. Like The Lion in Winter published one year earlier, Anne of the Thousand Days is another great game of love, drama and intrigues at the Court of a English king.
  • A few days ago I watched this little flick (a friend talked about the movie) - how I missed Fallen all those years, I don't know. Fallen is a thriller with an evil demon, who possesses and kills people and hunts and frames our hero, a detective. There is besides this theme about an evil spirit no real horror moments (regarding gore etc.) around, but a stronger and stronger growing feel of paranoia and of course some dead people. A very good production and a strong cast (Denzel Washington, John Goodman, Donald Sutherland) make Fallen a nice mix of psychological thriller, cop-movie and last but not least, evil spirit possession. Good.
  • We get some nice shots of pretty hot girls, a crazy one too and some blood and even a little sip of gore here and there - and a very bloody finale. Yes, this little flick does not invent new the genres of thriller and horror, but it is well done. I know a lot of movies and shows here who got highest rates and are less entertaining than this one. Solid fun for the connoisseur of crazy serial killers.
  • Well, be warned - the show has nothing to do with Lovecraft's cosmos. Lovecraft Country belongs rather to the line of those new shows a la Carnival Row with the rather blunt "technique" of black and white painting of the characters. On top, at time writing this few lines, 50% of around 4k of ratings are a straight 10 - I guess, this is a heavy indicator for a boost by producers, production company etc. Anyway, if you like to watch another show around the theme racism and race embedded in horror/fantasy show you may like it. Acting and production are okay. But I don't see myself investing more time into Lovecraft Country - but I expected something different, because I had no clue what the show was about and the name Lovecraft lured me into it. My real rate would be a 4, but i subtracted one point for this "click baiting" with using the name of the great maestro of cosmic angst and terror.
  • Published in 2004 Shaun of the Dead was rightfully a sensational hit. Among many of those bad, uninspired and boring zombie comedy movies, Shaun of the Dead belongs to the A league of that genre - like the first Zombieland, Dead Snow, Fido, Juan of the Dead, or Return of the Living Dead.
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