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The Killing of a Sacred Deer

One Of The Worst Movies I Have Ever Seen!
This movie is truly awful. The script is deplorable. Short simple sentences delivered in some monotone voice by monotone actors that they sound like they are just going through a read through. I am really shocked that Nicole Kidman would choose to appear in such poorly written and dull farce of a movie as this is. What on earth is this so called writer / director trying to say other than he is incapable of anything other than the ridiculous? Are we really supposed to suspend belief so much and be convinced of the viability of this twisted tale of woe? This ranks for me, as one of the worst and most sexually dysfunctional movies I have ever seen!


Ignore The Fake Reviews!
Firstly, the people that have so far reviewed this movie and have given it a very high rating appear to only have this movie in their portfolio of reviews, so obviously they have some connection with the film production, which by the way, is amateurish to say the least. The acting is abysmal and the whole concept of the movie ill thought out and ridiculous. This farce of a movie appears to have been made by a group of talentless college students who for some mad reason managed to get themselves on a media course! Don't waste your time and find something other than this dull, lifeless effort of a film to watch.

The Neighbor

An Alternative to Sleeping Pills
This movie is so slow that it makes you want to scream at the screen in an vain attempt to animate the protagonist into actually moving, speaking or doing something! This protagonist's acting is so is mind numbingly tediously dull and lifeless, that you begin to believe you are watching an android on the screen. Nothing, and I mean nothing, really happens in this movie, except for the last five minutes when thankfully you are mercifully released from this torture! Put away those sleeping pills and go to bed with this movie instead!

The Disappearance of Alice Creed

Laurel and Hardy Way Out of Their Depth
First of all I would like to know how such a poorly written, cliché ridden dull, lifeless script ever got produced into this farce of a movie? The whole concept of this movie is totally unbelievable lacking in verisimilitude. It would have been better to have turned the whole thing into a comedy and perhaps it would have had some kind of merit. The acting is poor, and even for a low budget movie such as this one, there is absolutely mothing that can excuse this total mess of a movie. What is sad, that it is just another nail in the coffin of the British Film Industry. Let us just hope that the writer / director of this movie will go back to his day job whatever that was. What was of course missing in the script was the final line from our protagonist to his sidekick, "This is another fine mess you have gotten me into!"

Killing Zoe

Utter Trash
Why on earth anyone would rate this as a good movie I have no idea! It is totally a miss-mash of nonsense strung together by a poor script, over acting amateurs and lack of any kind of verisimilitude. French are great film makers, but when it comes to this genre it just doesn't work. Their language is just too flowery and sensitive to inspire any kind of terror or menace. Then it seems that the director of this farce had the brilliant idea of capitalising on this obvious fact by having all the bank robber parade around flicking their hair back and wearing ballerina masks! No doubt he was inspired to uses characters that resemble the cast of a Frankie Goes to Hollywood video. He must have also been inspired by the movie "Trainspotting", since this theme dominates the first half of the film after which the transformation occurs and they all turn into effeminate bank robbers lacking any real plan or direction. Their only motivation in this drivel seems to be to kill as many innocent people as possible. This has got to be one of the worst movies ever made!


Probably the Most Tediously Dull Movie You'll Ever Watch
If this movie went any slower it would be on life support. The actors look bored, tired trying to work with what is a lame script lacking any kind of story or plot. This movie won't send you to sleep, it will send you into a coma! and you needn't worry about missing the end of the movie because there isn't one!

Heavy Duty

Don't Waste Your Time
This so called "movie" looks like something made by a group of college students! The acting is so bad you will laugh! Don't waste your time! unless you are a teaching a group of students how NOT to make a movie!

Tic Tac

Mildly Amusing But That's All
I have no idea if this movie is intended to be a comedy, but that's the way it leads other than a burst of violence in one part of the film. It seems to focus heavily on stereotypes so much so that one feels the movie could have been made in the 70's. It lacks any kind of real focus, and it's too disconnected in time to make any real sense, nor are these characters, "connected" in any true sense. It's disjointed and frankly too unbelievable to have any kind of merit or message in the text of the movie. Sadly not one of Sweden's best efforts.


Dull Slow Burning Melodrama
This film is so utterly boring, soporific and so ponderously slow that you will have the intense desire to speed up the running speed. Nothing, and I mean nothing, happens in this movie, other than at the end and even then it is so totally unjustifiable as to be meaningless! The only redemption at this point is that this farcical drama is finally over! The most interesting feature of the entire movie - and in fact the star of the movie - is the spider that can be seen from time to time in the corner of a room, or crawling up the wall. It makes a welcome break form the boredom and livens up the action!

The Fall Before Paradise

Quirky and Original
For a low budget movie this scores high. It's entertaining, funny, sometimes deeply disturbing, but leaves us to question where the border between what we perceive as "real" and "imaginary" lies and how our perceptions of what constitutes, "sanity", for in "reality", who are we to say? I love what Sabrina Gennarino brings to the character of Maddie, her colourful and warm portrayal brings so much to the feel and pace of the movie and you just want to fall in love with her. This is certainly one of those movies you will want to come back to and enjoy over again.

Poor Cow

A Ken Loach Masterpiece
If, like me, you grew up in London during the 60's then this film will strike a chord with you and what music it makes! Here we are not in the swinging 60's but the struggling 60's despite the promises of social justice. Here the focus on those left out of the prosperity and boom years of post war Britain. Terence Stamp, here at the beginning of his long and brilliant career, brings so much to his character and reminds us of the optimism and drive that was abundant in this decade even while serving out his prison sentence. At the forefront lie the attitudes, and bigotry of this decade and despite so called, "sexual freedom", attitudes to women remained entrenched in the past. Ken Loach manages to balance what essentially is the failings of the system against the never ceasing optimism of Joy (Carol White). It is clear that all she wants, , like everyone at this time, is a piece of the pie, yet somehow she never really seems to get it. Bad choices, bad decisions, and bad men, yet though all this hardship and sorrow, she says strong for her son, because in the end this is all she has. This is perhaps one of just a handful of films that brilliantly documents this decade.

Eat Me

One of a Kind
This is not your usual run of the mill, "house invasion" movie. It is very different to anything you will have ever seen before within that genre. The scene is set with an attempted suicide superimposed by a house invasion. What follows is disturbing, comedic, and bizarre. You feel an uncomfortable witness to brutality and degradation, but the movie and tight acting holds your attention enough to see it though. It's an original and compelling movie, and leads us to question what our lives really account for.

Fine mrtve djevojke

Life in Independent Croatia
What these movie does is to show the intolerance, racism, and abuse in Croatia and it is laid bare for us to witness first hand, in this sometimes comedic, sometimes deeply disturbing snapshot of post war Croatia. One wonders why this country went to war when we witness what is left. It is sad to see such intolerance, homophobia and hatred of minorities, which, according to Amnesty International, still continues today. It is a great tribute to the makes of this film that they have had the courage to lay bare their country's legacy for the world to see.


Cold, Disturbing and Just Plain Boring
The first thing you notice about this movie is the coldness of the characters. They lack any kind of emotional response at all. It seems something endemic in German films. Within this background we then see an estranged mother initiate her newly found teenage daughter into the world of cigarettes, alcohol, drugs and sex. Furthermore, this so called, "mother" works during the day as a nurse and a binge drinking drop out by night. It's as if all the characters in this movie are bound up in some awful past trauma. Are the makers of the film trying to say, "We are Germans and this is what we are" ? This process continues and without any kind of resolution. There is nothing that brings this dire farce to any kind of conclusion. The coldness and lack of warmth in this film makes one want to scream! Ultimately it leads to a flat, boring, robotic film. A very poor example of a functional exercise in low budget film making and nothing else.


If the intention of the makers of this film was to send the viewer into depression then they certainly succeeded. Unfortunately this so called, "movie", does nothing more than to document what can only be termed as a total looser, who abandoning any grip on realty gradually becomes psychotic. However, this process unfortunately lacks any kind of psychological verisimilitude. There is no real history of psychological illness depicted in this character and other than being a total jerk, we can see no reason as to why he progress from this state to so easily to that of a psychopath. Poorly thought out, depressing and just plain boring.

True Love Ways

Beautiful Arthouse Movie
I really love this movie. It has a wonderful timeless, nostalgic feel played out in B&W. The mise en scene is evocative of French cinema, with Roman Polanski and David Lynch notes lifted by the hit recording by Buddy Holly. Everything in the mise en scene of this movie evokes both a feeling of unease and charm. It is beautiful, and yet disturbing, and somehow this delicate combination lifts it into a work of artistic merit in terms of cinema-photography and film-making.

I Know You're in There

Blair Witch Meets The Shining
Watchable low budget movie, as long as you don't expect too much and with an ending is far too predictable!

Monday at 11:01 A.M.

One of the Worst Movies You Are Likely to See
This is a truly terrible movie. Take a really poor script and combine this with very bad acting and poor direction an see what you get. Don't waste your time on this drivel. I don't understand how this movie ever got made, or what people were stupid enough to invest money in it!


Poses the Question
What this movie actually does is to pose the very controversial question as to whether a person's evil nature (in this case a Nazi war criminal) can be transmitted to their offspring. The answer to this question as far as the makers of the film are concerned, is given clear resolution, and of course this makes it far more disturbing than the usual serial killer fare. For some, this movie is probably too evocative of a past era which I am sure they would wish to forget.


Quirky and Original
First off, this is certainly not a "great" movie, however is is endearing. The quirky direction, style and simplicity makes this movie memorable and worth watching. It's just one of those movies that is just enough outside convention, yet manages to still be entertaining and purposeful. In "daring to be different", lies it's appeal, and shows that even with a low budget you can make a good movie, and you can have good actors driving it.


A Complete Disorder
This movie is certainly worthy of its title. Low budget, poor acting, direction, script and camerawork, making it a complete disorder. I have no idea how this farce ever got made. The lead parades around the scenes like "Mr Dead" I guess if you are keen on movies produced by college students on a media course, then this is will be right up your street!

Blood Honey

In One Simple Word...
Boring! This movie drags it feet so much that it becomes unwatchable. It's a great movie to watch if you can't sleep!


Not Convincing and No Resolution
Firstly, I am a fan of French cinema, but this movies is one great exception. The film seriously lacks verisimilitude. The other problem is that I am never convinced by French, "gangster" movies. Their language is far too poetic and flowery, and there manner gentile and restrained and in this film they are just not convincing at all. There is something just not right in the acting that conveys either fear, menace or any kind of terror in these characters. They would be more at home preparing dinner to a restaurant full of connoisseurs. At one point in the movie I expected Inspector Clouseau to turn up on the scene and it might then have made some kind of sense. The last problem with this movie, is that there is no explanation or resolution. Why these evens took place. What was the motivation of the man that ordered this farcical treatment of a man he doesn't even know? All in all it just doesn't work.

Hush Money

Farcical and Pathetic
What on earth gave anyone the idea that this was anything but bumbling amateurish actors struggling with a weak script that alternates between farce and tragedy. But the real tragedy is that this movie ever got made in the first place!. The story is weak the direction aimless and yet again, as in many of these low budget US movies the acting deplorable. Don't waste either your time or money on this garbage.


Terrible Beyond Belief
This movie is so bad I cannot express enough what utter drivel this is! Are we expected to believe that an educated muscular guy over 6 feet tall 200 lbs is unable to deal with what looks like two skinny inbreds that look like they should be waiting tables in MacDonald's? It's absolutely ridiculous and the acting is deplorable. The whole thing looks like it's be filmed on a smartphone. The camerawork is amateurish without any direction. The awful excuse for a movie is pathetic!

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