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Toy Boy

This could have been 8 episodes. Acting is terrible, and Andrea is so annoying that I really hoped something awful would happen to him again. The gf lawyer is stupid, and how many times can Hugo be so dumb? This Spanish show is so disappointing considering how well Elite and Money Heist/Casa de Papel were so good. I won't be watching a second season if they have one. What a waste.

Legado en los huesos

So stupid
For an inspector, she's so freaking dumb and stupid. She has a knack for dropping her gun and never using it when it needs to be shot. Even to the point of when her son's life is in danger. Dumb.

October Faction

Four episodes in. Some intriguing plot points, but as others have said, the main guy that plays Fred is completely miscast. He's a grandpa compared to the wife. The racist gas attendant wasn't really racist, though it's amusing to see all the fragile white folks all up and arms about the "" stuff.

The Protector

Season 2 Sucks
First season was a solid 8. Second season, the Protector and everyone helping him out, including Zeynep is just as stupid as Trump. At this point, I'm rooting for the immortals to win.

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