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Mafia Ties

Not the worst thing I have ever watched but definitely not good.
Perhaps the best thing I can say about this attempt at filmmaking is that is it not the worst thing I have ever watched. There are a few decent songs in the series, which saved it from being a 1/10 in my mind. Overall, the acting, editing, lighting, sound, direction, and series is bad. Don't waste your time watching this failed attempt at filmmaking. 2/10

The Song of Sway Lake

Decent, but not great, movie
This is the type of movie in which you won't regret watching it after the film is over, but you might think what else you could have done with your time and money if you spent any to see it.

A Wish for Giants

Bigfoot fans will enjoy this indie film
I recently watched this Bigfoot indie film and came away impressed with the production. It is a pretty impressive film considering the movie was so low-budget. The positives of the film include the acting from most of the main cast, the outstanding music that really enhanced many of the scenes, and the cinematography. There are two parts of the film that are simply amazing, those being a sequence in the middle where each of the three main characters are confronted by someone close to them and the ending which is more than satisfying. No matter what someone thinks of the rest of the movie, the ending is worth the watch. Bigfoot fans will enjoy the way the creature is portrayed throughout the film but the viewer does not know if a real Sasquatch is in it until the very end. The negatives of the film include inconsistent performances from the supporting actors though none could be described as being bad, a character that takes up too much screen time but is well-played by the actor, some stiff and cliched dialogue, and redundancy in a few of the scenes in about the first thirty minutes. A Wish for Giants is definitely worth viewing, especially for Bigfoot fans.


An honest review
After reading the other user reviews, I really question how anyone can give this film a 9 or 10/10 unless they are part of the cast or crew or have some type of close relationship with the production. The production went so far as to brag about its "reviews" on its Facebook page. This isn't a bad film by any stretch of the imagination, but it is not worth wasting about two hours of your life unless you are really into indie films and can watch it for free. Don't be fooled by the obvious attempts to inflate the ratings of the movie by those who are most likely associated with the production.

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