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Brother Enemy

Cheap but cute...
Obviously there was a very small budget for this movie. It appears that the actors were all first timers, except for one and my guess is that he is the main character of the movie. The storyline is rare these days. It is also obvious that this movie was filmed in the 80's. But the message within the movie is worth enduring the lack of glitz and glam. This is a really family friendly movie, especially if teenagers or pre-teens are watching. I could not give it more than a 6 based on the quality of the acting. However, I would watch it again.

Smart Guy

One of my favorite shows ever...
Though TJ is the brainiac and the star of the show, Marcus and Mo make this show funny. I love the comradarie between those two and they are super funny when they are scheming. Yvette adds the feminine touch and Floyd is the straight guy. I also enjoy the school scenes. They are really funny, especially with the recurring characters like Mackey, Deion and Brandi. Show is super cute and family friendly.

Dear Santa

Cute Christmas Movie
This is a family friendly movie all the way around. The socialite daughter, Crystal, is about to be cut off from her parents because she has not found a job or a husband. She meets Derek, and his daughter, Olivia, and feelings begin to develop. This is the quintessential boy meets girl kind of movie, void the sex, profanity, nudity and violence. I recommend this movie to anyone who enjoys sitting with the family watching movies during the Christmas season with a cup of hot chocolate or some eggnog. Sure, the actors are not Bobby DeNiro, Denzel or Sam Jackson, but the movie is cute, the plot is believable,the story is heart warming, and the fact that they took the time to focus on doing good to the homeless in the world makes this movie 9 out of 10 stars for me! Merry Christmas!

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