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Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

MCU Meets the Ring Meets the Walking Dead
This movie sucks. From the opening scene right to the weak ending this is a bad movie. The only reason I have rated it it 4 stars instead of zero is because Benedict Cumberbatch is about the only one who manages to salvage anything from this poor script.

Where has Chavez suddenly come from?

She has zero acting ability and no chemistry what so ever.

She was injected in to the movie to tick boxes, nothing else.

The plot is a mess, the lines are absolutely cheesy and cringe.

This isn't a MCU movie. This is the ending of Wanda Vision turned into a movie with a bad script and some Sam Raimi horror thrown in as a gap filler.

MCU ended with End Game.

These movies are only made to tick boxes and for liberal pressure groups thats why they have zero plot.

The Blacklist

The show is done.
This show has become a parody of itself.

Red has become an idiot, Liz has become some mastermind The FBI are so stupid they leave prisoners uncuffed in interrogation rooms, they have access panels inside the interrogation rooms that let you switch off the cameras, they have no guards anywhere so the prisoners can just walk out of the door, which is always unlocked.

Reddington who was always 10 steps ahead is now 20 steps behind Liz who seems to know his whole organization which he spent 30 years building up better than he does.

It's become stupid beyond belief.

Reddington should have put a bullet in Keene along with her mother and saved us the bore fest this show has become.

Im done with this.

The Blacklist: The Cyranoid (No. 35)
Episode 9, Season 8

I'm done with this.
This show has got beyond stupid. They must have fired all the writers or they must have got covid or something, because there's no way this is the same show as season one.

Im done with this.

La casa de papel

Am I missing something?
This would have been 8 stars if it had ended at season 2. Season one was good. A very good idea, well written, very clever. By season 2 we wanted to see how they'd get away.. Season 3. Well what's the point? All the references to gay sex, the men have all turned into wimps, the women are all strong alpha types and then we get the psychotic pregnant one who's cold as ice and more like a cartoon character. Stopped watching half way through season 3, it's predictable, boring and just turned into a liberal love fest. Typical Netflix, they can't help ruining everything they get hold of with the liberal stereo typing. They did the same thing with Ozark.

Cobra Kai

Wow, this is a real credit to the originals
I didn't think I was going to like this. I ended up binge watching this. I loved it. It's well written, well acted and the original cast still click, which is what really makes the whole thing work. It's Karate Kid rebooted and brought up into the modern era and if you're a fan of the original 2 movies, I don't think you're going to be disappointed in the slightest. This really is one of the best shows I've watched for a long time. Watch it, you won't be disappointed. Atari meets the Iphone generation.

The Mandalorian

This is what the reboot should have been
The story is set in the time after the fall of the Empire, It captures the feel and the nostalgia of the original 3 and it completely dwarfs the last 3 so called "blockbusters" when it comes to story line. It's well written, the casting is brilliant and the actors and the characters are intriguing. My only gripe is why only 8 episodes? Could have been 18 and that wouldn't have been enough. Can't wait for season 2. This is a must watch.

Fear City: New York vs the Mafia

Would have liked to hear more of the wire taps
If you're going to do a documentary about the mob from the prosecutions perspective, then at least give us a show that builds on the wire taps and how they pieced the wiretaps together and made the case against the mobsters.

They showed us how they installed the bugs, they even showed us the guy who installed the bugs, but then they just teased us with a few sound bites from the bugs that we've heard a hundred times before in other documentaries.

Play the tapes, let's hear John Gotti giving out about Castellano being made boss Lets here Angelo Ruggiero discussing his drug deals.

If you're going to do a documentary from the perspective of the police and prosecution, that's the documentary we want to watch. One where the mob talked themselves into a RICO case in their own words.

Avengers: Endgame

All good things come to an end.
A brilliant ending to the Avengers series. It doesn't top Infinity War which is simply in a league of it's own, but it does do it justice. It's a slower pace than Infinity War, but the build up is worth it.

I knocked off a few stars for what they did with Hulk and Thor, who were two of my favourite characters from the franchise, especially after Ragnarock.

It's a shame that there won't be another Avengers movie after this one, but I guess all good things come to an end.

The Walking Dead: How It's Gotta Be
Episode 8, Season 8

Why has Rick become such a loser???
Since the beginning of TWD Rick was a strong can do, get over anything kinda guy. Since last season and carried on into this one Rick has become a loser. So has Daryl, If Rick and Daryl continue to be a pussies and a losers, then this is the last season for me. We want the can do take on anything and win Daryl and Rick, these losers make the whole thing boring.


Very funny.
This show is awesome. Very original. To take a small town in Norway and put a New York mobster from the witness protection program there. Then watch the way he starts to bring his back ground into this sleepy little town is just brilliant. It really does make for a very original show. There are some awesomely funny moments, throw in some mob violence, Islamic terror, Brit football hooligans and you have a show like no other. A must watch.

Gomorra: La serie

Wow, amazing.
I was blown away by this show. I have never watched a subtitled show before (apart from Lillyhammer, but it was part subs) but this one really grips you. A very violent, gritty drama series that delves right into the murky world of the Italian Mafia. The loyalty, the double crossing, the murder, the violence, this has just about everything in a plot that flows seamlessly from scene to scene. If you can get this on box set, watch it you won't be disappointed.

Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad, Breaking Awesome.
I don't think I have ever watched a better more gripping show then Breaking bad. I have to admit I didn't watch this the first time round when it hit the screens. I watched about 3-4 episodes and thought this wasn't going anywhere, the whole basement thing was getting boring for me and I couldn't be bothered with it and didn't bother with it. After being pestered by friends and it being on Netflix, I thought why not give it another go. Once again, I started watching and 3-4 episodes in I was about to give up on it again thinking I was right the first time, but I kept watching, then kept watching, then kept watching and like a blue sky crystal meth addict I was hooked and couldn't get enough.

The character build up, the story lines, the twists, the plot, the writing, the acting, the casting bring about one of the best television shows I have ever seen.

If you are one of the few who haven't seen it. Do yourself a favour and watch it. The first season lays the foundation for what is without doubt one of, if not the best show to ever hit the small screen.

Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens

Help us Obi Wan Kenobi, You're our politically correct hope.
I went to this movie with such optimism and was left completely disappointed.

The plot, for lack of a better word had more holes in it then a sieve. No matter what people think of the 3 prequels, they had a story line, they had a plot, it made sense, the movies were just ruined by silly characters that were inserted to sell figures.

Spoilers from here on wards.

We have no idea why Kylo Ren turned to the dark side. We have no idea where the CGI Sith Lord has come from. We have no idea how Rey suddenly discovers she has the ability to use the force. Who are the First Order? How they got all of these Storm Troopers?

The light sabre showdown at the end was diabolical to say the least. We have an untrained nobody who is suddenly able to beat a Jedi trained Sith apprentice with a light sabre. The whole fight scene was slow, cumbersome and amateurish, she looked terrible holding and wielding the light sabre and it was a complete let down.

They could have developed the story so much more powerfully, built the characters up, built the story up and made it into a classic to rival the original 3. They had a completely open script, they could have gone down so many more roads then the one they chose, they could have shown us the rise of the Sith, Kylos training. They didn't have to make him "turn to the dark side", that's been done already, they could have built up new enemies, a new Jedi council, they could have done so much with the script, instead they remade A New Hope. BADLY!!!

A New Hope was a classic, it can't be beaten. We had character build up, people we cared about. With this we got the complete opposite, a rushed plot a rushed movie that was trying to remake the originals. Why try and remake it and hype it up and market it as a new part to the Star Wars saga when its really a reboot?

All we got was a politically correct repeat of the first movies hashed hurriedly into one 2 hour slot that left the whole movie with more holes in it then a sieve, characters no one cares about and now I couldn't care less if Rey is Luke's daughter, Leia's daughter, she could be Darth Vader's illegitimate child for all I care. This reboot has done as much damage to the Star Wars saga as the Godfather 3 did to the Godfather.

The best thing Disney could do is trash this movie and pretend it didn't happen. Make a new movie with completely different characters and story line, because this one sucked big time.

What next? The First Order Strikes back? I wont be going to see that one, especially after this over hyped let down. How this is being rated 8.6 out of 10 is a joke. This movie is a 3 or 4 at the best and that's only for the stunning sets and visual effects. Other then that it doesn't deliver anything.

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