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Da 5 Bloods

What is this hot garbage?
Terrible script, cringey dialogues, weak acting, clunky battle scenes, unecessary long and tried too damn hard. Thet also slap BLM there just to be relevant. The movie has its moments but most of the time it just felt stupid.


This is an underrated movie
I'm a type of guy who thought "The Exorcist", "Paranomal Activities", "Nightare on Elm's street" or any zombie movies rather mediocre or amusing. So I watched "The Anguish" pretty randomly, just out of boredom with zero expectation at the beginning. But then I found myself quite fond of this movie. I like the SFX, the OST, I like how you have to rethink and put together all events during the movie to understand it completely, I like how accurate it is to real life (with a little bit of exaggeration for horror atmosphere). And a good horror movie is the one that allow people who watching it able to relate to. Now I understand that most people will find this movie boring, lack of meaning or maybe even stupid. But the reason why it interested me is because there are certain events that happened in the movie I have seen it with my own eyes, and I understand the whole process of it. Let just put it like this, my own mother had the same ability as Tess in the movie. (But of course it is not like in the movie where light bulbs would flipping or you would hear weird noises no.) I'm totally recommend this movie to people who have certain knowledge or experiences with the spiritual world. (and no I'm an atheist, I don't believe in god or demon or church, but I do know that spirit world exist)

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