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The Trouble with Maggie Cole

Childrens TV?
Poor directing, cheap story lines and child like dialogue. ITV are doing this on a regular basis

Doctor Sleep

If your a true Shining fan. Please dont waste your time
The film never got going. There was no depth to the story, darkness, forbidden or tension. A complete opposite to the Shinning.

Pet Sematary

If you love the original DO NOT WATCH THIS
2 great actors. 1 appalling director. Poor dialogue, awful script and an assassination of a classic movie!!!!!! Why?????

Years and Years

Absolute Genius
The whole world should see this. The writing is brilliant. The filming is perfect. The acting is second to non. What an insight into our current failings as the human race.

The Great Wall

I wouldn't bother
For a 2016 movie the graphics are poor. Looks more like a game than a film.

Line of Duty

I just don't understand the hype
I have tried several time to watch this series, my friends, colleagues and TV review shows all rave about it! I just see wooden, poor acting and unbelievable sorry line, that if it wasn't for the violence and content could be a children's TV production.

The Bay

Don't waste your time
Half the actors seem to be to glad of a chance, and the other half just don't care enough. It's just a shoddy, poor attempt at Broad Church. Poor to say the least

Cleaning Up

Don't insult your intelligence
Shoddy, totally ridiculous writing. 6 hours of my life I'll never get back.

Velvet Buzzsaw

The trailer was the better if the film
Jake Gyllenhaal was the only good thing about the movie, Zawe Ashton was the worst thing. As a horror movie loving family we couldn't wait to see this movie, after seeing the trailer. Unfortunately the trailer was far better and nothing like the actual film. Poor acting, drawn out story and no horror or suspens. The premise of the basic story should have made a great movie, but sadly a big NO.

I should have realised from the B movie name! Velvet BuzzSaw

Crazy Rich Asians

What the f@#k
How did this film score 7.1 it's just not funny or entertaining.????????

The Festival

Don't waste your time
A bad imitation of the Inbetweeners dialogue/banter. Nothing more to say other than I turned it off after 45 minutes

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