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Dances with Wolves

Boring last hour
It was very nice before white man came in, steps of entering, learning and negotiating with a truly new culture. Yet it there were no negotitiation moves after other white man comes into. I barely endure the unstopable coming of other whites. And boring scenes with them.

Gekijô-ban Naruto: Daikatsugeki! Yukihime ninpôchô dattebayo!!

Confused at powers
Watching a Naruto production without any flashback was worthwhile yet, Naruto was over powered, he was too center in things unlike him in series. Sasuke has chidori and Naruto has rashengan, this was confusing because timelining according to series it should happen after chunnin exam and right before the hospital fight and left of Sasuke. This was very brief moment at the series. Another bad dimension of the movie was the end. Cliches and Naruto centric end.

Still it is fun for fans.

Another Day of Life

Lack of preliminary information
The film appaers as documantary, inspirations are good but when I watch this I google a lot of things and most annoying one is where is Angola... Why US is bad and why soviets do not support mpla... I am not getting just why anouncing Cuban support bad thing and after all is it change anything? Movie says yes it changed things but what and why?

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