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Borrowed my Stolen
This survival movie consisted of many many elements of other survival movies we've seen such as Cast Away and 127 hours but it felt new. I couldn't pin point why the movie didn't feel boring or overdone even though I'd seen some of the plot point before. It all lies in Mads Mikkleson's character. In every other movie we watch and cringe at the survivalist doing everything wrong but pushing on in spite of it. In Arctic, Mads does everything right. He clearly has survival training and is putting his knowledge to good use. He should be able to get help no problem, but despite all his efforts, it's the world that keeps tearing him down, not his ignorance as we see in so many other survival movies. We route for him and grieve when it doesn't go his way because we know he's doing absolutely everything by the book but it's just not going his way.

It's also incredible how Mads says the same few sentences over and over and it means something different every time he says it. There's so much emotion and meaning behind his few words.

The Last Song

Everyone's just hating on Miley
In reality I would probably give this movie a 7, but I'm giving it a 10 to attempt and bring up its score because everyone giving it a 1-3 rating has only cited how Miley is a bad actress who need to give up. Just stop. This movie had some good performances, great character chemistry and a tear jerking story. If you CAN'T feel something during the scene where she finally finishes her Dad's song and it's the last thing he gets to hear before he dies, you have no heart. The songs are great. The messages were great. Yes it's a sappy-chick-flick-romance-tragedy-drama and I know you have to be in the mood for those things. But it's got a great 3 act structure, stayed turned in for it and you won't be dissatisfied.


Hot Garbage
The filmmakers had absolutely no idea what they wanted out of this movie. You can tell it took 44 producers and 8 years to make. Who was the protagonist? What style did they want to adopt? Is it a documentary? A character piece? A chronology of John Gotti's life? I couldn't tell. There was 4 time lines happening at once. Way to many names and places. It was simply boring and had no suspense. However, Travolta's performance wasn't bad, the script was. He definitly did the best he could with what he was given. Long story short, I have no more affection or knowledge of the Gotti family now than I did before the movie. Go watch the Sopranos instead.

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