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The Open House

Good classic thriller
I don't understand the bad reviews here. It's not a gory horror supernaturally themed picture. It's a thriller and a pretty good one. Very well made, good acting, creeps and scary bits at the right place. Found this little gem on Netflix and enjoyed the goose bumps. I give it 8/ 10.

Sarusuberi: Miss Hokusai

Gentle anime
A beautiful biopic of a father and daughter who a free spirits and great artists in the edo era. Complex themes as parental regret, devoted love between siblings, the hardships of creativity as an artist, father and daughter relationship, to name a few are gently depicted. The Animation is nicely done, the Voice acting is very good ( I watched it in japanese with subtitles) For me a 8.6/10


Dark and yet so sweet
I loved the combination of drama/ thriller/heart wrenching love story and socio-critical aspects. Don't be fooled by the cute animals. It is a realistic dark story for adults. The 3D animation is exceptionally good. Voice acting in Japanese is marvelous. Script is smart and gripping. Looking so forward to season 2! I give it a 9/10.


Funny, bloody and gory, dystopian anime for adults. The animation reminds me of Heavy Metal ( movie), Akira, and Moebius. Beautiful! Storyline? Great! Characters? Great! MAPPA nailed it. Looking so forward to season 2. This is my personal opinion and I give 9.5/ 10

Blade Runner

Best movie ever
Just my personal opinion. Everything is perfect about this movie. I saw the movie the first time when I was 12 and it was mind blowing for me. 38 years later I feel the same about this movie. Timeless and beautiful. For me 10/10 with a star and smile


Yes, it is NOT a biopic
Gothic, gory, gripping, alternate, very well acted, suspenseful, bingeworthy mystery/thriller/drama set in 19th century Vienna. A very good tv show. For me a 9/10

Mugen no Junin Immortal

Totally thrilled
A fabulous Jidai-Geki ( Chanbara) anime set in the Edo period. Dramatic, deep, frightening, gory, bloody as hell, gripping story line, wonderful modern animation, fantastic fight scenes, wonderful music score.. One of my favorites of 2019/2020 next to "Dororo". Nothing for the faint hearted.... a classy high quality anime for adults. For me a 9.5/10

The Outsider

Finally a GOOD Steven King adaptation... great acting and gripping script Totally worth binge watching For me 8/10

After Life

Such a Lovely, relatable and clever show. Ricky Gervais is brilliant. The characters are lovable, edgy, bonkers... just human. Binged through both seasons. Yes, I laughed so many times and yes, I cried too. Looking so forward to season 3. For me a 9/10 .


Angst in broad daylight
In my opinion a masterpiece of the demanding film. Located somewhere in between drama, arthouse and horror. A radical movie with powerful scenes, leaving the viewer very pensive and with a feeling of unease and distraught. 8.8/10.


Sophisticated and binge worthy sci-fi/ crime anime
Freudian depth psychology meets gruesome serial killings. What a challenging storyline. Wonderful aesthetic, great voice acting, very clever dialogue script. Watched all 13 parts on one day! 9.5/10!


Best period drama/ action/ zombie tv show
Im totally overwhelmed by this exceptionally good korean tv show. Looking so forward for season 3. Script, acting, fight scenes, special effects/ make up, music score, cinematography, set design, editing... etc.. there is nothing to be faulted! I give it a 9.5/10 simply top tv show


So well done!
After watching with great interest and and joy seasons 1 and 2, I really looked forward to season 3. And I was not disappointed! Great gripping storyline, well written dialogues, characters are so likable and have depth, great voice acting. You'll love even the antagonists.Incredibly thrilling arc. Even the erotic content fits absolutely in the dramatic story and is totally appropriate .Wonderful OST. One of the best anime of the last 2 years. One tiny little negative thing to criticize is the animation art. For my taste a bit wooden. 9,5 /10 Totally bingeworthy!!

October Faction

Well done!
Very enjoyable Netflix show.. give it a try! Characters are well scripted and likable. I'm very pleasantly surprised. For the fantasy genre really really well done. And good music score. I binged the first season. Looking forward for season 2. I rate it a 8.6/10


An alternate approach to Bram Stoker's Dracula classic with a touch of campy Hammer Studios. Dolly Wells and Claes Bangs are delightful and I loved their dialogues. Very diverting tv show.. nice!

Boogiepop wa Warawanai

Sweet animation, great music, clever and philosophical, well thought dialogues. Definitely worthwhile and worth seeing. For me a 9/10! The non-linear story line may be a bit confusing at first. But all character's actions and events that happen are linked together and at the end everything falls into place.


Dark and sweet
A dark horror/phantasy anime with a touch of romance. Lots of twists and turns in the gripping plot. Sweet animation and characters. Very enjoyable. No ecchi. 8/10 with a smile.

Zhi wo men zhong jiang shi qu de qing chun

Sweet and entertaining
A very good coming of age movie. Definitely worth watching! Great acting ,good script. Enjoyable

Hou lai de wo men

Very moving!
What a beautiful movie. Heart warming and real. Very good acting. Nice music. I loved 5he movie


Hooked on K- dramas !
I binged through this K-drama/Fantasy Crime and I enjoyed it so much! I love the combination of drama, crime, fantasy and a bit of comedy. Fine acting and clever script. The characters are extremely lovable. The plot is gripping. All in all a very good tv show. If you like BLACK you'll love also TUNNEL and SIGNAL .


Very good!
Gripping story, good animation. Spoiler ! The plot takes an unexpected turn.. you want to binge this anime.


Really really good
My first K crime/drama show I ever watched.. and I'm thrilled.. now definetly hooked.

1,000,000 yen no Onnatachi

Deviant emotions
Wonderful adaptation of a manga. Gripping and dramatic story line. One empathizes for the characters. All in all binge worthy! I give it an 8.9

Yakusoku no Neverland

In every way perfect
Characters, story, music, animation are so goooood....fear, grief, horror, love, deceit there is everything in this wonderful anime I give it a 9.8 Happy to hear that the second season is coming 2020


Thrilling story, very good music, great animation, gripping characters Next to, Demon Slayer Kimetsu no Yaiba, one of the best anime 2019

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