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The Stranger

Gentle But Effective
I was channel surfing late one night and ran across "The Perfect Stranger" on a Christian station. I stayed with it and was very impressed by the message and the depth of character on display. The dialogue and emotion was more effective then a "big reveal" as in most Hollywood angel shows.

Jefferson Moore seems to have his finger on what Christianity is supposed to be,not a flashy life but a steady,unsung one. The series is well meant but suffers from a 30 minute format when a 60 minute slot is what is needed. I do recommend looking up the 3 movies and short-lived 7 episode series.


Badly flawed script ruins Lullaby
Watched this movie about a family dealing with a loved one's final days after having fought cancer for years. The cast was solid all around but the script is where this movie fails its audience. Jennifer Hudson,who plays a nurse on the cancer floor,is portrayed as a crass,crude and heartless person who insists that visiting hours are over and complains that too many people are crowding her hallway.

Its extremely disrespectful to all the hard working nurses who are on the front line of advanced cancer patients,doing their best to provide comfort and compassion to the dying. No nurse would EVER tell a family member that a patient would have to wait to be cleaned up if they soiled their bed as Hudson's character does in this movie. They would move as quickly as possible to help. It is because of scenes like this that really brings this film way down....

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