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Character driven
A welcome relief from predictable procedural dramas. The first two episodes establish interesting characters who begin to draw the audience in. The theme of corruption versus the desire to do the right thing is set against the backdrop of mystery involving some of the characters. Early days but this series has potential.


Superb .. not a moment of boredom
Production values, acting, dialogue fabulous. This level of excellence is something I would love to see more often!

Wild Bill

Great potential after one episode
Great potential after one episode. Rob Lowe brings a certain charisma to the role.

Designated Survivor

Season 3 .. the best yet!
Season 3... love it ... interesting plot arcs with potential for the future.

Proven Innocent

Layered storyline and positive messages
My favourite legal drama. Main characters have story arcs with interesting possibilities and each case so far has been entertaining.

Northern Rescue

Crime and medical dramas have saturated the market .. we all know the repeated plots . Northern Rescue offers something different and engaging....after the first episode, the characters begin to evolve.

A Million Little Things

Interesting writing which invites us into the lives of the characters and encourages us to care ... something different from the formulaic dramas that are flooding the screen


Weak weak weak
I wanted to enjoy this new series but the acting and plot line in the pilot was very amateurish. These fbi/detective shows are all following a tired formula that lacks spark.

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