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  • 11 February 2019
    Good reviews are probably by the cast and their families, fake score. Nothing actually good about this movie. Maybe in '80s it would be considered decent, now its very mediocre even among low budget sci-fi.
  • Initial thought: not another cop drama.. But I gave it a shot, and was pleasantly surprised - it was actually good! Granted we are just 1st season half-through, I just hope they can keep this up or even improve.

    Nathan Fillion is great as usual, but I especially like Melissa O'Neil (fan since "Dark Matter" days, 99% of male viewers will agree :)
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This show has everything in order to succeed.. except good writers. Good premise, great CGI, even actors are decent (ok, some of them), but script makes "the most intelligent people humanity has to offer" as imbeciles most of the time, its very annoying.

    That said, there were decent moments, for example the scene of drowning in tar and barely escaping, with Maureen saying: I love you too! (in a helium voice) was priceless :)
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Although it was a predictable revenge flick, but it's a very well done movie and I was thinking to give it 9/10. But the very end turned me off, bad AI won. While everyone here seem to rejoice it, I dont.
  • .. but far less interesting, funny and endearing. AXL has more plot holes than a Swiss cheese, provided we assume it has a plot to begin with, which is debatable. Other than few decent special effects, dirt bike scenes and hot Becky G, this movie has nothing to offer.

    Honestly, rewatch the Short circuit, it was a far better movie than this knock off.
  • 19 August 2018
    Warning: Spoilers
    Previously we had a propaganda push that every suspicious person should be arrested, and for a good measure waterboarded. In this show they stooped even below that - every suspicious person should be shot on sight. Nazis would be proud!

    Oh, and main character should hook up with every girl, because thats what "the real men should do", right?

    First episode was enough and I'm out.
  • Low-life protagonist, creepy society, nothing likeable about this show. I can bet writer is an atheist and thats how he imagines religious society, it means he just projects his own creepiness about the subject he has no clue about.
  • Initially Suits were one of the best shows on TV. Right now (S8) its going so bad, its 4/10 at the most. Everyone (Specter, Louis, etc) are behaving as irrational as it gets, like complete morons. Show to replace Mike got Samantha Wheeler - instead of the most likeable character on the show we got easily the most DISLIKEABLE character among the "good guys."
  • Warning: Spoilers
    First half of the movie was disappointing, with dumb characters all around (adults more annoyingly so, children are expected to be less rational, just not to such extent). Even wanted to turn it off and give it 1*, but halfway through movie suddenly got interesting due to unexpected twist. In the end movie was still filled with dumb characters but due to twist I gave it 3*.
  • The original Bourne trilogy was the best spy series, ever. Legacy was decent too, just not THAT good. I thought if only Matt Damon was involved... and now we get this... Average as an action movie, pretty bad as an addition to fantastic franchise.

    Alicia Vikander was a complete miscast and non-believable in her role. Respected Tommy Lee Jones looked tired and disinterested.

    When I heard Damon and Greengrass are reviving partnership on Bourne series, I thought they would make sure scrip and production value is great. All we got was a poor effort and a cash grab, milking fantastic franchise and bringing it down.
  • I expected better movie, and pretty much the only thing I loved was signs interaction with the gorilla.

    Bad guys and military were not even cliches, but 100% caricatures. One thing I really dont understand how can they find hundreds of millions for a movie, and refuse to spend even 0.001% on a half decent script?
  • First movie wasnt exactly great but had its moments. Sequels are expected to be worse, but Hades wasnt just bad, its like someone threw it off the cliff, to the Black Hole :)

    The only good things - lots of known names and faces, some decent martial skills, bad - everything else. Bad Sci-Fi, bad script, bad music. Oh, and we should be expecting another sequel :) It probably will take place in Black Hole itself, and if anyone can escape it, its Stalone :))
  • If you are into subj., this show is for you. If not - you will be annoyed and disappointed, just as I was. Not surprisingly, this coke-head addict blames everyone but himself, and if his father doesnt approve, then lets sleep with his wife, why not? Creepy low-life. At that point I stopped watching altogether.

    How does he even still have licence? Made some dirty favors for the rich so police and feds would look the other way? Any civilized country would not only strip his licence, but also accommodate small room, with bars on it. There he could continue blaming everyone else but himself.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This movie has only one positive thing to talk about - gorgeous fantasy-like shimmer scenery. Thats what I gave 3 stars for, for the rest of the movie - zero stars.

    Nothing makes any rational sense whatsoever:

    * US government sees how alien shimmer is ever expanding and eventually might take over entire US territory, and yet they showed very little interest in it - tiny TINY team of scientists, small military presence, not even trying to firebomb the place - nothing!

    * Selected small team of scientists with deep personal issues, some even suicidal. Term 'scientists' also used very loosely, since that team showed no logic and intelligence whatsoever. And those are the best minds US has to offer in such event? Really?

    I could go on and no, but this movie could be summarized in one sentence: beautiful scenery, but nothing Sci about this Fiction.
  • Whats with the Hollywood lately? They take decent adult movies and make sequals for kids. They ruined Iron Man, now they ruined Pacific Rim, etc.

    Unless you are kid, avoid the sequel and rewatch the original, you will enjoy much more.
  • One of the best new shows this year. Some sci-fi, some romance and a lot of humour. My favorite episode so far is s01e08.
  • Bad story and absolutely awful, creepy drawing style. No idea who would watch this garbage.
  • This show tries to tackle many issues, fails at all of them. Mindless dumb propaganda, not even trying to be original or insightful on geopolitical issues. They should have hired at least one guy with military experience to advise, right now its total failure from the military perspective as well. Characters are one dimensional and non believable. Even sound work is awful, sometimes its hard to understand what actors are saying.
  • I tuned in because of Kristin Kreuk, and I hoped she would choose a winner project... Not in this case. Good reviews and rating probably by the cast and their families.

    Plot was mediocre at start, turned to worse fast, turned to crap by Ep5-6. If you want a good legal series, its not it. If you want a good drama, its not it. Soap? Not even that.

    I'm mostly disappointed for K. Kreuk, she deserves better than this. Sometimes even good actors choose bad projects for one reason or another.
  • Surprisingly good and enjoyable. Great acting by the leads, great orcs makeup and impressive CGI. Ok, they could have refined and polished story a bit more, now it seemed they took the material of 3 movies and put it in the blender. What we got was mish-mash and chaotic, uneven but... pretty awesome!

    Had quite a few flashbacks of Alien Nation (which was good for its day), but Bright took it to a whole new level. If you havent seen it yet - watch it!
  • I can say only two positive things about Orville - some special effects are good, and gorgeous Halston Sage.

    Otherwise it has a terrible script, forced and non-believable fake drama. Show is more light than heavier (and better) Discovery, but humour falls flat also.
  • When Brendon Fraiser is by far the better lead than Tom Cruise, it spells a huge problem from the get go. Cruise played himself, as he always does, but with ever increasing ego and decreasing capability to pull off "superhero" role.

    Then we have (surprisingly) bad CGI, special effects from nearly two decades ago looked better (and with a 45 mln. smaller budget). Cruise's CGI looked cheap, worse than seen on numerous TV shows nowadays, and if you noticed - almost always in the dark, to further decrease expenses. Then what Universal and Cruise have done with 125 mln.? Certainly not salaries or CGI or script. Whats left, money laundering?

    No humour whatsoever (unless we consider Cruise getting ass kicked as funny, which sometimes was), and if extremely annoying Chris Vail character was suppose to be a comic relief... A massive fail on both writing and casting.

    Rachel Weisz had a character with some substance, she pulled off her role. Mrs. Wallis was just eye candy, nothing more, nothing less. At least Sofia Boutella was casted well.

    Bottom line, if you haven't seen this movie yet - don't waste your time and money. Rewatch previous Mummies, and you will enjoy much more.
  • Good actors, big budget, my beloved sci-fi genre.. and I didn't like this movie.

    Lack of intelligence was staggering. Couldn't they spend 1/100th of the budget on a decent script? I wont spoil, but if you want at least some resemblance to logic, avoid this movie like plague. Otherwise, if you will watch it anyway (at your own peril), turn off your brain, grab popcorn, and you just might enjoy it (popcorn, not movie :)
  • Characters are caricatures, which is probably suppose to be funny, but it isn't. Newton's Law fails as both comedy and a drama (non-existent anyway). Script is two-bit clichés thrown together. There are so many law shows, to stand out you have to come up with something innovative (or excel on old and improved), this show has none of it.

    Save your valuable time for something worthwhile, this isn't it.

    4/10, and I'm being generous.