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Out-Of-Your-Seat Laughter!!
I wanted to see this movie just because of the trailers, but when I went to see it, I never thought that it would be as funny as it was. I couldn't believe all the trouble they went to just to do absolutely nothing, and after seeing this, I definitely want to go to South Harmon. This movie has a great blend of comedy, romance, and people just wanting to have fun. If there is one comedy that you would go to see this year, let it be this one, cause it doesn't get any funnier than this. Justin Long and Blake Lively have a believable relationship in this movie that makes you think that relationships like that could happen, and Jonah Hill's role is probably one of the best and believable ever.

The Lizzie McGuire Movie

One of the top from Disney.
First of all, wow. From Disney, this is excellent. I am a teenage, straight boy, and I find this an excellent movie. It has a great plot, awesome comedy, spankin' music, the twist is a bit late, but still enough to make you doubt the entire movie. It has romance, exotic locations, and twins! I am a small fan of the Lizzie McGuire series, and I think this was a great way to top it off. This is a movie that people of all ages with a sense of humor can enjoy. It is both a movie you want to watch alone, and a movie you could watch with the entire family. I think Rome was a great place to film this movie and all of the history of it blends in with the rest of the movie, so kids can enjoy one of the top Disney movies and get a minor history lesson at the same time. Overall, I give this movie a perfect score of 10.


Very very nice
This is definitely one of the to-watch movies on Disney Channel. I just finished watching it and am now watching the encore presentation. It has a very good plot, a lot of exciting twists, some hidden links, plenty of comedy, and characters you just can't miss. Upon just starting to watch the movie it won't make too much sense, but if you keep watching it makes more and more sense. There is some sobriety in the movie, so watch out, but it is mostly just good comedy. If you have seen the premiere of Sister, Sister, the show on Disney Channel, you can relate this to that, and I think that is what the writers were going for. I have a good feeling that this is one of the DCOMs(Disney Channel Original Movie) that will make it to DVD. Only select DCOMs have ever made it to DVD.Some of the people in this movie you might recognize from other movies, but you can figure that part out by yourself. Toward the end of the movie and during it, a little, it gets a bit lame, but who am I to judge. I give this movie a 10.


Very good...excellent
This show is one of the rare ones that every member of the family can enjoy, no matter how old they are. This used to be one of the hit shows on the Saturday morning cartoon block, "One Saturday Morning", until they cancelled the show and brought in shows from Disney Channel. Then the show was on Disney Channel for a time, until new shows premiered. Recess was then moved to Toon Disney channel, the immortal land for all of the discarded cartoons. Even if Disney Channel is no longer showing the series, they, from time to time, show the movie "Recess: School's Out", during the summer. I like this show because it puts a creative edge on six kids trying to survive the fourth grade. It uses imaginative characters like King Bob, the Ashleys, and the Diggers. Every episode deals with something that all of us have had to deal with at sometime in our lives, whether its trying to fit in or being unable to stand out. This show is especially good for kids to watch, for it shows them that they are not the only kids going through these things.

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