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La fille inconnue

A very good character study
The camera choses to always show her, she is in basically every frame, the entire film is about her, this is a different kind of cinema than we usually see, and this is the aspect that i most like in this film.

I just don't buy it the way that the supporting characters are involved in the crime that make her feel guilty, which is the entire plot of the film, so that's a negative point, but like i said, the entire film we are watching her, her life, her job, her pain, in the begging of the film she is very secure of her life, having things under control and making plans for a better future, then after the girl was murdered she changed completely, feeling very guilty, even given up part of her dreams, that's is a very good character study and a very good performance by Adèle Haenel.

The ending scene is also good, shows that's her life and even with things changed, life moves on.


Greyhound review
Actually there is not much good things to say it, the film is kind of immersive, they try to make you feel like you are in the same environment of the characters, but even some good scenes, especially the first chase scene which have some suspense and the score is good in that part but also kinda look like a copy from Dunkirk original score, the whole film don't actually doesn't work very well.

Tom Hanks can't give a bad performance, is nice that his character is a religious person and of course as a capitan noboby is going to make fun of that in front of him, and is good to see him in a war movie, but i also would like to see more the inside of the ship, the oher characters preparing to launch the bombs, kinda like that scene in Titanic that shows the people working in the underground of the ship.

Also the CGI doesn't work very well, the film looks too clean and the editing is not good, for example in the begining of the film they cut to a scene of someone drawing a swastika, and the way they did looks like it was in the american ship, is very strange.

The Revenant

Very good film about one man surviving for one purpose
Like i said this a great film about a man surviving against nature and everything else for one purpose and one purpose only, revenge.

Great acting, especially from Tom Hardy, not saying that Dicaprio was bad. The cinematography of course is amazing, the bear atack scene is extremely weel done, one of those scenes who are going to enter in cinema history, and the fight scene in the end is also amaziling done and violent in the context of the film.

In my opinion Dicaprio character dies in the ending of the film, he only maintain himself alive because he need to get to this point, and after he got his revenge, he just let himself go.

Django Unchained

Great film with the crazy passion of a great director
Great direction, screenplay, performances, soundtrack, cinematography, costume design, production design, all the things you can expect from a Tarantino film.

Also like others Tarantino films, only those who really have a extensive knowledge of films are going to really appreciate some things, like the Franco Nero scene.

You Should Have Left

You shouldn't have watched hehe
So the movie is about a man carrying the weight of a terrible thing he did in his past, he is trying to move on with his life, but he can't, and in the film the house is a metaphor for purgatory or some place he needs to stay to pay for his sins. They try to create a dark atmosphere in the house, but it doesn't work the way it should because the movie fails on keeping you invested, and the thing about how time pass in the house could be good if executed properly, only the scene when Kevin Bacon character is turning the lights off and ends up spending like 4 hours doing it and didn't even noticed, is the the only part that does that well.

Also the real ending, the final scene with the narration is very bad.


The beginning of the film is very immersive, makes you feel like you are in the plane, this is what a movie that's entirely in one place should do. Simple things like visions of the cameras of the airport and plane, the pilot and the co-pilot talking to the people who work in the airport and the flight attendants, some peoples would find that boring, but that's what makes you fell like you are the environment of the movie.

When the kidnapping of the plane begins, the film is still immersive, but when the characters start to became stupid and some characterizations who are supposed to be something, like the wife of the main character, all end on basically nothing, then the movie become boring and empty.

All that said, Joseph Gordon-Levitt gives a good performance.


Judy movie review
The history of actors, especially the young ones, being extremely controlled and abused by the industry is a very strong material for a movie, but not really explored here as it could be, because even with the flashbacks scenes the movie is more focused on a certain period of Judy Garland life, is not really a biopic, like the title suggests. There was so much more they could tell.

Renée Zellweger performance is great, but the rest of the history and characters are kinda weak.

La nuit américaine

La Nuit américaine Review
Good film about the making the of a movie, all the things that can happen during the production, including affairs with actors and crew members, representation of older actors who are depressed because their careers are not the same like when they were younger, and the opposite, the representation of older actors who are doing good with their carrers as they getting older, maybe because of luck or maybe just because they were able to handle this life better than others, and also the death of a actor during the filmmaking and how this affect the film.

Also the film shows a lot of the smallest stories that occurred in a set, like when you watch a interview or a documentary about the making of a film, a lot actors are going to say the type of things that are portrayed here in this film, also a big part of this movie is like a documentary, especially the first two acts.

Even with all that said, the most negative point is that in the first hour of the film the characters are not very interesting, which makes that part of the movie kinda boring, but in the third act the film gets more focused on the characters and makes the ending more exciting to watch.

The Rover

Good film
A very good performance by Guy Pearce, he show's very well a man who is suffering a lot and have nothing else to lose in a world that became a extremely dangerous place when basically anyone can't be trusted anymore, at least the part that was showed to us, but he still trying to survive because for the moment he still have one thing to do, also a very good make up work on him, that show's very well how a person would look living on those conditions.

Robert Pattinson also gives a good performance of a man who is not necessarily a bad person, he has a limited mind and was more influenced to do bad things by the people's he used to live together, but in the end he don't actually wanna hurt anyone and fell guilty when he does, except when the movie need him to eliminates some peoples and save the main character, so that's kind of a negative point, but in the context of the movie this is not going to ruin the experience.

The most negative point of the film are the persons who are the villains, but the real villain of the history is the world they are living, but again about the people's who are also the villains, they are not very strong during the film and until the very ending you don't understand why the main character is keep chasing them.

I'm the end the most positive part of the movie is the "friendship" between Pearce and Pattinson characters, which is a good point, but not strong enough to maintain the film.

L'histoire d'Adèle H.

A very tragic life story
The film show's the life of Adèle, the younger daughter of the famous French writer Victor Hugo. Isabelle Adjani portray's the character of Adèle, giving a great performance of a young woman with a extremely obsessive love for a man, trying in every way to stay with him and lose everything in the process, including him and her sanity.

In the film Truffaut choose to don't keep showing every time that she was the daughter of Victor Hugo, which is good, but if you don't have that knowledge, in the first 30 to 40 minutes of the movie you think that is just about a woman who is obsessive about a man who promise things to her and left her after getting what he wants, which is a good simple material for a movie, but when is revealed that she is the daughter of Victor Hugo, is kinda of the movie is trying to give a plot twist that don't really work in my opinion, that's the most negative point of the film for me, but again, for those who go watch the movie with that knowledge, the experience will be better, is just unfortunately that today a lot people don't know about Victor Hugo, they don't even associate him to his most famous work even if you put a book of the Les Misérable in front of their faces, most of them are only going to remember that there is a movie based on that novel.

The Irishman

Good but also boring
Great acting, very good cinematography and we all know that Scorsese is a amazing director, but the movie is very long, and feels very long, a lot of great movies are very long and they are great, like Lawrence of Arabia and Schindler's List for example, they are classics and in my opinion The Irishman is not going to enter in this category.

Also the de-aging CGI is not convincing, and why putting those contact lens in De Niro eyes, when Scorsese made The Aviator he didn't put contact lens on Dicaprio, in Casino, De Niro didn't look anything like the character he was playing, it was unnecessary, probably Netflix fault.

The most positive point of the film was Joe Pesci performance, he is very contained but can also show that he is a very dangerous person, very different than the roles he played in others Scorsese's films, which are also great, and some other movies he starred during his career.

Looks like we never going to have a great movie with De Niro and Pacino playing two real old guys with a lot of screen time together, and i'm not saying that a lot of screen time together is necessarily better, for example in Righteous Kill they also have a lot screen time, but that movie was bad, in Heat they have only one scene together, two if you counting their confront in the end, but that famous scene in Heat was extremely well written, acted and with perfect timing, but this is for another review.

Scent of a Woman

Good film with a great over the top performance
At this point in his career, Pacino was starting to change a little his acting techniques and still remain great, but it wasn't only a great over the top performance, he also portrayed a blind person like no other actor i ever seen it.

The movie is simple and good, Pacino is the one who elevated the whole material, the tango scene is great and the entire scene when Pacino gives his speech at the school is amazing .

Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

Very good film with amazing writing and acting
Is kinda rare to see a female and male character fit so well on screen, Frances McDormand and Sam Rockweel perfomances are amazing, Woody Harrelson is also great, in fact everyone in this film is great, even the characters with short time on screen, that's great writing, direction and acting.

McDormand show extremely well the terrible weight and pain that her character is suffering, she is also shows a lot attitude in the things she does and says, the way she walks and looks to someone is like she's going to war.

Rockweel also give the best performance of his career so far, he balanced being funny, dumb, racist, violent, weak and strong, he does all that extremely well.

Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri is a very good film and can become a classic on character development.


Dunkirk review
Brilliant cinematography, real planes flying, real destruction of planes, the most real as possible, that's always great for films and it's one of Nolan's best quality as a director, he want real things happening on camera, and of course Hans Zimmer original score is also brilliant.

The non-linear narrative is intelligent, the mole sequences fell longer, in a good way, because the characters spend 1 week there, the sea sequences are a little bit more faster because the characters spend 1 day there and the air sequences are even faster because the characters spend 1hour there, when the 3 got together is the climax, or at least should be, that's is when the non-linear storytelling gets a little messy, some of the sequences in the third act are not puted in the best way, but the whole movie is so extremely well made in his technical stand points, written full of suspense and with an amazing original score by Hans Zimmer, that a lot people's don't realize that or they just don't care.

The most negative point like i said is that some scenes don't fit very well in the non-linear agitation of the film, especially in the last half hour, and for a non-linear movie this is bad, but like i said, with all the qualities that this films has, this is not going to ruin the experience to watch.

This film is also not made to be most remembered about the acting, which is not necessarily a bad thing, some peoples also says that the characters are kinda weak, which is not actually true, sure they are not as strong like the characters in Saving Private Ryan for example, but they are strong, the film just don't focus too much on them, the film is most interested on what happened in Dunkirk during that particular time in World War II. All that said, Mark Rylance is really good in this movie, he has the best lines and Cillian Murphy is also very good.


Watchable film from time to time
Good acting, some character drama, the lowest point is T.J. Miller with his jokes, but in a nutshell the movie is like i said, watchable from time to time.


A lot of nudity
The film is loosely based on the photografies and correspondences of Pierre Louÿs and Marie de Régnier.

The acting is good, especially from Noémie Merlant, but most of the history make the characters fell weak, which in the end makes the movie mostly rememberad by the nudity, which is not bad, but the history could be more developed.


Great performances but too much singing
If you are fan of musicals i can understand you really liking this movie, but in my opinion is Daniel Day-Lewis, Marion Cotillard and Penélope Cruz giving great performances with good coreography and a lot other things you can expect from a musical with this budget, visually is very well done, but the story is weak and some scenes fails on trying to being funny.

The Equalizer 2

Denzel Washington save The Equalizer movie again
Pretty much like the first one Denzel make the film watchable and cool, a over the top history but also with feelings.

The Equalizer

Denzel Washington save the movie
The thing that makes this film watchable and cool are Denzel, sure there is a history, a over the top one, but also with feelings.


Has some good moments
Tom Hardy gives a good performance even with his voice been strange, but putting the fact that the character is suffering from dementia and i don't know Al Capone real voice, i can forgive the voice thing. If you ever saw a person with dementia or a similar disease you known that they don't sound normally.

Linda Cardellini also gives a good performance showing how much she is suffering whatching her husband going through all that and the weight she is carrying to stand there for him.

There are also some good sequences that makes you go deep into the insanity of Capone's mind, which is also congratulation to Hardy, but the rest of the history and characters are very, very empty.

Only good acting is not gonna make a good movie.


Very good film
Amazing cinematography, great sequences that show the deterioration of the mind of the lead character, the directing and the performance of Catherine DeNeuve show very well how fragil and lonely she is, and how her mind is getting worse along the film, affecting her daily routine and her job.

A great scene that in that point of the movie show how sick and alienned she is from the rest of the world. The film just lost me a little in some particular scenes on the last 40 minutes but it does have a great ending.

Trois couleurs: Bleu

A Piece of Art
Brilliant film with a amazing cinematography, a film that talk about one thing and how life move on after such a terrible event.

Very well made scenes that are made in such way that make you getting deeper in the characther and procecing what is passing in her mind, even with small scenes that are just made for you to see how she is felling in the moment and of course the music is also puted in a amazing way with amazing sequences, all that in a film is masterfull visual storytelling.

It's a piece of art.

Once Upon a Time... in Hollywood

Can be a very important film in Cinema history
Good film, but only those who have a lot a knowledge in Hollywood and Cinema history are going to really appreciate some things in the movie and now that we are entering in a new decade in cinema with all those streaming services and comic books movies, Once Upon a Time ... in Hollywood can really be a very important film.


The perfect picture of Las Vegas early days.
Scorsese, De Niro and Pesci team up again for a amazing movie with unforgettable performances.

The film portrays Las Vegas at a time when it was dominated by the mafia, extremely well directed by Scorsese, that film shows Robert De Niro as manager of the Tangiers Casino who have to deal with his unstable wife that used to be a high-class prostitute but who can not forget her pimp Lester and with his childhood friend Nicky that is taking the city with extreme uncontrolled violence bringing a bad image to the plans that the mafia has in Las Vegas.

Sharon Stone definitely give the best performance of her career in this film and the secondary characters convey very well the image of the great leaders of the mafia.

Casino is a classic and a must-see movie.

Dog Day Afternoon

A 70's classic.
In his second and last collaboration with Sidney Lumet, Al Pacino give a amazing performance as a bank robber who don't planned his assault very well, actually do not want to harm anyone and reveal himself as a bisexual.

John Cazale also give a very good performance in one of his last films as a accomplice of Al Pacino character. The film transmits extremely well all the anguish, fear and fatigue of all the characters from the main until the supporting, especially in the parts that are fun. Charles Durning also gives a brilliant performance as the man who tries to bring balance to keep the negotiations between the police and the robbers.

One of the best performances of Al Pacino and one of the best Sidney Lumet films, Dog Day Afternoon is one of the best films from the 70's.

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