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Brilliant new comedy
Not sure why the other reviewer is being so negative here, but he (it's clearly a he) evidently has no sense of humour! To be honest he doesn't sound like the sort of person who finds many things funny.

My friends and I think this is one of the best new shows to have been on years. It's hilarious throughout and you care so much about the characters. It's rude and funny and moving and inappropriate. Like Friends or Girls or This Life if you can remember that one.

There are so many highlights, from an entire episode based around a curry (which does not end well) to the paint party in Episode 4. It pretty much sums up what it's like being a 20/30 year old in London, wondering what the hell to do with your life, and the situations the characters get into manage to be realistic, silly and hilarious all at the same time.

Anyway Crashing is brilliant so I highly recommend it!

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