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Love it! Watch it!
Modern western that has it all- drama, beautiful scenery, fantastic acting. I'm from Melbourne, Australia and didn't think I'd enjoy it. Boy was I wrong! I love it! Completed season 1 and 2 in a few days.

David Foster: Off the Record

Loved it! Watched it twice in 2 days!
Ok David Foster is arrogant. Yep he's not a great father and he's been a TERRIBLE husband. BUT he is a musical genius! You cannot deny that. How strange that viewers stopped watching because they thought he was too arrogant?! I did not watch the doco to see a humble man...I watched it to see the life story of a musical genius, and I loved it! His life is absolutely fascinating. I took a walk through my childhood as I listened to the songs he has produced. I forgot just how amazing Whitney Houston's I Will Always Love You is... And to hear how it was created is phenomenal. The doco was made extremely well, interwining the music David created with the story of his life. Interviews by the people he "found" and worked with was also fascinating.

I loved this documentary and highly recommend. Don't go in there expecting to see a humble man. Go in there with the expectation only of looking at one man's life and the music he made. You will not be disappointed!

Defending Jacob

Too slow, bad ending
The show was directed well and great camera able views... However it's just too slow!! I found myself each episode yelling Hurry up! and just wanting to fast forward. I watch a lot of tv shows and I never feel the need to fast forward! Now that I think about it, I think I wanted to hurry it along so that I could find out in the end who killed Ben? Which you never even find out! Very unfulfilling ending. I found myself cringing every time Laurie's character was on screen. She was dry, emotionless and expressionless. This show came highly recommended by friends and in all honesty I cannot understand why. I think if it was more fast paced and had a better ending it would have been great.

Night School

Great comedy, good storyline
I have to say I'm surprised at some of the reviews! I had low expectations of this film because let's be real- comedies are really hard to make. Everyone has a different sense of humour. However to my delight and surprise, I laughed the whole way through! The jokes were funny, Kevin Hart and Tiffany Haddish were great, the storyline was good.

I highly recommend watching!

Crip Camp

Beautiful, insightful documentary about Camp Jened and the disability movement
Oh how I loved this film! It starts about a group of disabled people who attend Camp Jened, a camp for people with disabilities and the freedom they felt at the camp where they could be themselves and feel equal, unlike in society and back at home. The story evolves into the story of the disability movement in America, which was led by one of the campers. I knew nothing of this movement until now and it's an important story to be told. It brought me to tears and is a must-watch if you enjoy documentaries!

Bad Boys for Life

Started cheesy, finished up great!
Started out dripping with cheesiness... Wasn't sure I'd enjoy it, however some of the one liners were hilarious, loved the reference to their age (particularly as I was the young generation watching the first released movies!), A nice twist I didn't see coming. The family and I loved it!

Spies in Disguise

Loved it!
I'm not into animated kids movies..AT ALL! But I truly enjoyed this film. It was very funny, lots of humour that only adults would understand. A truly great movie for both kids and adults!


Must watch for women and men
I needed to write a review because the rating does not justify just how great this movie is! It was well directed, the acting was fabulous and the makeup out of this world! Charlize Theron was outstanding. I'm not a Nicole Kidman fan but she was great in this role. Other reviews are comparing it to the tv show The Loudest Voice. So I started watching it. They are completely different and the two cannot be compared. The tv series has more of a political angle. The movie is a little politically themed but primarily focuses on the sexual harrassment of women at Fox News. If you thought it didn't happen in this day and age, you are very mistaken! I am shocked and outraged! Ladies make your husbands and sons watch this movie so they get a little understanding of the issues women still face in this world... Even all these years after burning of the bras!


This became my favourite show within 3 episodes!
I'm fussy when it comes to TV. I always say most TV shows take 4 seasons to become amazing. This show took 3 episodes! I am hooked. The music, the costumes, the acting, the humour... but most of all the storyline! You connect with the characters almost immediately. And I feel like I'm learning about a community I knew nothing about. These Queen's are truly mesmerising!

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