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Bad Santa 2

2 live crew
Since BAD SANTA 2 was brave enough to use a "2 live crew" in the film, i want to see a "2 live crew" film. Yes, the film is incredibally nasty, but you are hollywood and can perfect this without a ton of problems. Dont skimp on the ratings system. i know it costs alot of money to make an NC-17 film but the band was very free in their speech, so what! "Banned in the USA"


i know the show is finished... but i know how you can truely finish the show and end on a positive note.
Marc becomes a rehab counciler. Hes been there, done that... how else would someone teach someone else to stay off drugs? they are fun, but if Marc notices, he was alone when things got really bad.

Between Two Houses

All your albums are great!
When you are done whatever it is you currently have planned, i think you should do something seperate from Slipknot with the same group in a more mellow setting of music, unmasked. The band name would also change. since slipknot is basically directed to a hangmans noose, choose something that is directed towards living.


John Waters knew Divine in the 80s... what would a film based on him be like?

WWE Monday Night RAW

Lexi Kaufman
She should get into kids film. i see her twitter page, she really likes those! maybe other stuff too, whatever shes into.

Book Club

Diane Keaton!
Tv show idea.

"Girl Power"

It focus's on how women have been and will be running the world. special guests should only involve women who have been running the world. those famous for certain things. What was Michelle Obama doing besides being the presidents wife? dont tell me, tell your tv show watchers!

It dont necessarily have to be comedy, it can be whatever you would want it to be.

The Adventures of Pete & Pete

The Adventures of Pete & Pete Continue!
What if Pete & Pete had their own families? This is nostalgia factor so dont screw it up! You do and there will be consequences young man. No fireworks for you, yes siree bob!

Fandom Fights

Nature Trail to Hell II
When will this happen, Al? ----------------------------------------

The Conners

The show is called "The Conners" part of Conners is "Con". How about in 2nd season you Con the audience.

a lady shows up and is really infatuated with Dan. She looks a ton like Roseanne (because she really is), But her name isnt Roseanne, its Roseanna

Ed, Edd n Eddy

Whats that Plank?
You want Ed, Edd n Eddy to make a theatrical film, Plank?

Shin kidô senki Gundam W

People remember this. not all people, but some people. put it to film and see what happens. it dont have to be a cartoon, you could do what lego movie did.

Whose Line Is It Anyway?

i feel ripped off!
I want all 8 seasons playing in my dvd player. there is certain episodes i want, because they were much funnier than what was available!


what if this became a movie
If you say it backwards, he brings back the alligator pit.

Bozo's Circus

This was great when i was a kid!
So where the hell are the DVD's so we can relive this? *honk*

Bohemian Rhapsody

I know how Mike Myers can reclaim himself.
Yes, we know Austin Powers is rumored to have a sequal in the works...

But apparently The Love Guru was a stinker and people rated it a crappy film...

But he should do a film where he is a film reviewer. "Siskel and Ebert"

The Wedding Singer

that was awesome!
I watched the television show, The Goldberg's and you reprise your roles perfectly!

What about a sequal? The Wedding Ringer. i dont care what happens in the film, as long as your characters grow old together in the film.

Paddington 2

This is an idea, not a review of the kids film.

A film thats kind of like March of The Penguins, but its ducks and kind hearted and funny.

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

Great Show! but i have an idea.
Jimmy is a great entertainer, he has proved this time and time again... but times are changing and Ellen is thinking about leaving her show... so i think its time to do this.

Before he leaves, set up an all female interview and see who should host the Tonite Show.

Faces of Death VI

Yeah, im a little nuts. but i have ideas!
When will we see more of these? people must have died since 1996


Just ideas
"How about a film" on how scary business can get. on how scary the internet COULD get. We wouldnt expect from Stephen King. that combines many stephen king films. based around illuminati where a concert is taking place and certain music kills fans. based around a dream/nightmare on stephen kings head.

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

What if a female did become president? what would be the outcome?

Eek! the Cat

there are people saying this show needs a comeback...
But i think it just needs to be released to blu-ray.

Saturday Night Live

Great show (still!) i have another idea.
Adam Sandler... says "why should i" when he was asked about hosting SNL.

Well, the answer is "its one of the shows that help to boost your career"

Heres what should happen if he does host. At least one part of the show, he should do what Jim Carrey did and go through all of his old characters from when Adam was in all of his films.

Why? Jim and Andy have never done a film together, nobody knows why...they just havent. They both have a storied history from the 90s! It just sounds like a good idea to have all of his characters in the same place.

Electric Six: Danger! High Voltage

i was watching the music video and thought
HEY thats one of the moms on The Big Bang Theory!

Nope. i was wrong!

The Jeffersons: A XXX Parody

69 stars! with an idea.
Frozen XXX

Nina Elle as Elsa

and its porn, thats it!

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