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Lip Sync Battle

who you should bring up next season
Dave Vescio. either he lip syncs to "Monster Magnet - Spacelord" or "Slipknot-wait and breathe" or "Marilyn Manson-The Nobodies" or "NIN - Perfect Drug" or "Drowning Pool- Bodies"

Weird Al Yankovic. Any metal song, since he never parodied one.

Mortal Kombat

Zebron, Game show host?
Zebron was a character that didnt make the cut in an MK game. what if he was a game show host that only dealt with video game trivia? past present and future.

Pink Floyd: The Wall

Definately the best album to be made into a film.

but, i think "The Piper at the Gates of Dawn" needs a film based around putting that album out. what was the story behind that?

The Last Kill

Any chance of a comedy/action film?
"you can't handle the fudge"

Marshal (from tv show "How I Met Your Mother") is an older man now, but he recently finds out that he would need to learn some martial arts, so he can be put into a video game that later fails because the finishing move was too graphic.

Fbi gets wind of this and teaches him more to what he already knows. (your writers can add on to this)

How I Met Your Mother

Greatest show of our era
Jason segel once said he wanted to do a reunion!

I think they should. maybe a legendary robin sparkles slapsgiving episode, where the characters are all pretty much elderly at that point. Barney is still a horn dog, in a wheel chair.... the accident was not legendary, but he has a story.

Ted and Robin's children are off to college Marshall and lilly's kids are in high school.

Ghost Busters

Parody idea
This was a great name no matter what problems there was along the way...

So, how about a parody on the film? get the best comedians to spoof the first 2 and the video game. spoof the female if you want, but not a ton of people cared about that one.

Back to the Future

At this point, a remake is just stupid. nobody has been able to make a film better than this and it may be decades before they ever do, but i doubt it!

But, how about bring Doc and Marty back plus whoever is still alive within the creator aspect.

The films were about the Deloreon time traveling the two to certain parts of time.. but what was Doc working on before he finally made the Deloreon?

why was the deloreon able to be built in 1955?

Heat Vision and Jack

i saw the original online and got an idea
Bring it back after finding out why it wasnt able to come to tv. tv has its own rules!

Better idea, Netflix. even better idea, keep the vhs effect!

St. Vincent

Bill did it again! (but do you ever expect him not to?)
This was a great film! i like how the chatacter "forgot what it was like to be young" until he saw some stuff go down.

Yellow Submarine

What would a sequal to this look like?


Jerry Before Seinfeld

great comedian, but is he living up to his potential?
Seinfeld has always brung up superman at one point or another, he even knew a lois on his tv show. why has he not wroye a superman film? lets hear it from his point of view!

ANI: A Parody

Firebringer should come to theaters. you can have it real or computerised as long as they are still people and not animals.

Beat Shazam

idea for Alice Cooper
What was happening around the time you created Welcome to My Nightmare? put that in theater.

I'm a Celebrity... Extra Camp

Idea for Axl Rose
"Appetite for destruction" what was going on around that album?

The Hitchhiker

Do this show, with a female with a cute butt and new stories.

Lady Gaga: Poker Face

Yes, we know you arent done with your music yet. But you seem to come out when politics get deep! I remember you when i was doing some stuff on youtube.

"Poker Face" should be a lady gaga film in theaters. why are you doing what you do? the film should talk about your beginnings in fame to now.

Straight Outta Compton

I know, NWA split up and went their own ways after the main guy passed on!

But, Snoop and Dre started dipping. whats that story?

'Weird Al' Yankovic: Tacky

Ok, we already know about his uprooting and whatever. but what stories does Al and the band have about all of their albums? theres got to be some tom foolery going on that we were not aware of back in the day. tours! what was the media not caring about or telling the people? Al has some photos from back in the day, we want details man!

The Babadook

No sequal? ok, then dont use this
...or youll have to pay me.

what if, in the "next film" The babadook kills off the mom, making her be with her husband. since the child is the one who couldnt let the babadook not bother him, the mother and the father haunt him until hes old and grey and in an asylum?

Two and a Half Men

Yeah, yeah i know! not everyone cared for seasons 9-12.

Well, what if charlie shows us how season 9 would have went, done in a National Lampoon way?

NCIS: Naval Criminal Investigative Service

"Gibbs and Family"

Before Gibbs lost his family, he was living the good life. what was it?

Texas Chainsaw 3D

idea for a sequal
At the end of this film, Leatherface found he was very close to his relative.

"Texas Chainsaw Buffet Chain"

Maybe as they got closer, they decide to open up a buffet chain that sells to cannibles? This could be a horror/comedy.


This guy should have a show on tv.
Craig "wheezy waiter" is kind of a comedian, but more of an enviromentalist. when politics count, he talks about that too. how would a show be done that would suit him, on tv?

About a Boy

great shoiw!
Yeah, im a few years late but i finally watched. Odd part about it, Mr. Chris was my favorite character. i decided to look him up and i guess hes doing more stuff? Three Stooges Sequal?! nice. i watched the first one and liked that alot!

The Peanuts Movie

Great film!
This was a very cool film. I like how they stuck to what Chuck was! Anyone remember Rose is Rose? Calvin and Hobbes?

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