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    Umbrella Academy season 2. Another fantastic season of this show and I honestly enjoyed this one more than season 1. The twists and turns in this one are amazing and it's just another thrill ride from start to finish.

    The story in this one is amazing and I really like how they tied historical events into the season like the assassination of President Kennedy it was a really interesting idea to go down that route and I think it works really well for this show.

    Each character has there own moments and honestly even to towards the end of this season I really started to like Diego who I thought in season 1 was the weakest character he really shines towards the end of this season.

    Five still remains my favourite character of the show hes just so fun. There some new characters introduced and I like them Lila is very cool and there's an interesting twist with her towards the end. There also Carmicheal who's the new head of the commission who's an interesting idea.

    There's some great twists and turns in the season and once again Umbrella Academy continues to show me that it does the best season finales. I do have some issues with the season for one Carmicheal is pretty wasted in the season for such an amazing idea he dosent really do anything.

    Also at first I wasn't a fan of how it was the Apocalypse again that was the big threat. However they do a really cool twist with the idea towards the end that it really works for the season and you end up liking the story.

    The season finale cliffhanger will also leave you wanting more which is amazing and I'm still scratching my head with what the Sparrow Academy could be. Such a great way to end to a season. And the twist with the father absolutely shocked me was not expecting that at all.

    Verdict 9.7/10 another fantastic season of this show and its now become a highlight of tv for me the season finale again was amazing and the character twists were awesome and the new characters introduced like Lila were very interesting. And the cliffhanger was a perfect way to leave you wanting more. A couple of minor issues but another fantastic season of Umbrella Academy. This was a massive step up from an already awesome series.
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    Doom Patrol season 2. A brilliant season of this show and a fantastic continuation from the first season with some amazing new characters introduced and some brilliant adaptations from the comics this season is a thrill ride from start to finish.

    The adaptation of Dorothy Spinner in this season is awesome and the actress dose a fantastic job at bringing the character to the screen. I also really like the idea with her that's it's more about her needing to grow up its a great way of doing a coming of age story with an unusual character.

    The Candlemaker in this season is awesome and the his presence is really scary and really well done for the show the design and effects are amazing. I also like the Idea of Candlemaker being more connected to Dorothy and where she comes from rather than being an Egregore from the comics it's a great new direction that I really like.

    They do some great other adaptations from the comics Red Jack and Mister Shadow Evans being highlights of the season they have the weird elements and tones from the comics but with there own unique twists on the characters for the show.

    I also really enjoy what they do with Jane in this season and seeing Miranda come back was an interesting idea and does have a great twist towards the end. I also really like seeing Mirandas backstory and how she became Jane the idea of her having a normal relationship and finally being happy was great and watching it all fall part was heartbreaking its a great different direction from the comics which I really enjoyed and was my favourite part of the season.

    My issue with the season is really the finale it just was rushed and it ends on such a massive cliffhanger and you can tell there was supposed to be another episode to finish the season and its a shame I understand due to what's been happening they couldn't finish but it really does let that last episode down for me personally.

    Verdict 9.5/10 a fantastic second season of Doom Patrol with some fantastic adaptations from the comics and some wonderful new directions they take the characters and great take on Dorothy Spinner that really suited the style of the show. Such a fantastic season from start to finish.
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    Stargirl season 1. A fantastic first season and incredible start to this series great characters and even better villains make this a great season from start to finish and has an incredible season finale that leaves you wanting more.

    The effects in this show are amazing and the action scenes are done really well they have comic look to them but also look realistic and believable which is awesome to watch.

    The story is brillaint and I really like the idea of these legacy characters carrying on what the original JSA started. I also like the idea of the villains plan with the New America Project and how it's taking peoples free will and will kill 25% of the people it effects its really well handled and keeps the story moving forward in an interesting way.

    The villains are fantastic and I especially like Icicle and Sportsmaster they are the highlights for me and Sportsmaster has the best fight scenes in my opinion. They also do a really great adaptation of Solomon Grundy and it was an amazing effect.

    My Favourite Character is Wildcat she had the best character ark in my opinion I really like how she was popular and how they handled the story of her sending a picture really well and she's using the Wildcat persona to prove herself again and show she is a good person I also like her relationship with Henry Jr.

    My only issue with the show was sometimes Hourman Rick Tyler was annoying in my opinion I liked is revenge story and we was good character but sometimes he didn't play as part of team and all he cares about was revenge. However he did shine in the finale for me especially letting Grundy go.

    The finale was fantastic and the build up for season 2 was amazing and I can't wait for more really looking forward to seeing Eclipso. And with the cliffhanger it's leaves me wanting more now and I can't wait.

    Verdict 9.4/ 10 a fantastic first season and honestly one of the best DC shows I've seen. Fantastic characters and great villains with fantastic action and amazing effects make this a blast from start to finish. The story was incredible and has one of the best season finales I've seen in a DC show and can't wait for season 2.
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    Prom Night 2008 remake. This movie is awful so boring the premise is boring and the fact we already know who the killer is really ruins the who done it mystery of the original.

    The characters are completely annoying and the worst characters in horror movies I didn't care about a single one when the were killed. And the kills are also rubbish they are just knife stabs not creative at all and you barely even see any.

    Now i do like the killer in the movie I like how he is just a normal person hiding in plain sight that is an interesting premise and a great idea but its waisted because we know who the killer is from the beginning of the movie so there no elements of Suspence or surprise in the movie.

    Also I was expecting a twist in the movie which normally comes with slashers like this for example Scream and Urban Legends and there wasn't one that's so annoying a good twist would of saved the movie for me but know this remains the worst horror movie I've seen.

    Even Idris Elber can't safe the movie he is boring in this and looks like he dosent want to be there. This movie made Idris Elber boring that it's biggest crime.

    Also everyone acts like there's no threat and its really annoying and the main characters family dosent even care about her or anything that happening they even say in the movie they won't go to the prom and help because it would embarrasse her. No wait a minute there's a person trying kill her get down there and help you idiots. That's the kind of dumb thinking that's in the movie my god this movie is awful.

    Verdict 3/10 just an awful boring movie rubbish characters and Garbage kills makes for one the most boring movie experiences I've seen and by far the worst horror film I've watched it could of been saved with twist but we don't even get one and that makes it worse. Stupid plot and some of the most dumb characters I've seen also feels like there is no threat through the movie. This is going to stick with me as one the worst movies in existence.
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    The Babysitter. A fun horror comedy with an Interesting premise and a tone that dosent take itself seriously with great main characters and a fun story this movie is just a blast from start to finish.

    The story is really well done and the kills are brilliant in this film the main characters Bee and Cole are awesome and the actors do an amazing job especially Samara Weaving who is brilliant in this.

    I also really like some of the Stylistic choices in the movie for example when they are choosing there SciFi dream team you can see the graphics on the screen it adds to the tone of the movie and really works in my opinion.

    My only issue with the movie is some of the other characters are kinda out shined by the main characters which is ashame because most of them seemed like interesting characters and I would of liked seen more of them. Also some of the meta jokes don't lend sometimes and feels out of place.

    I also really like that even though it's a comedy and dosent take itself seriously it's also a story and good message about growing up and taking action for yourself and you can see the confidence that Cole is getting through the movie as everything is happening.

    The ending is also really well done and it's a nice moment between Bee and Cole which ends the movie on a bittersweet ending. I have heard they are making a sequel and I can't wait to check out more of this franchise.

    Verdict 8/10 a great horror comedy that I had a blast watching two fantastic main characters in Bee and Cole and the kills are absolutely fantastic. Really enjoyed this one and I can't for a sequel just hope the franchise keeps the same tone and stylistic choices.
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    Black Sails. This series is absolutely fantastic and is now my new Favourite show and the best show I've seen in a long time the story is fantastic and acting is incredible and it's some of the best characters I've followed in a show especially Flint and Silver.

    The acting in this show is incredible and there isn't one bad performance in the show every character has there moments and learning the backstory of certain characters is one the best aspects of the show.

    Flints backstory is the most interesting in my opinion learning that he was once James Mcgraw. The reveals in that backstory are shocking and make you see the character in a different light and it makes him one of the best written characters on television.

    The other Characters are amazing like Charles Vane, Ann Bonny, John Silver and many more and honestly I can't choose a favourite they all have there moments and I'm fascinated by them all.

    This show also sets up for Treasure Island perfectly and does a fantastic origin story for Long John Silver and he has some of the best moments in the show. The ending is also perfect and it ends on the perfect note to lead into Treasure Island and doesn't out stay its welcome it's the perfect amount of seasons for the story they are telling.

    Honestly I can't find a flaw with this show and I can't praise it enough it's got great stories fantastic characters and is a perfect prequel to Teasure Island and the twists in the show are shocking reveals that you don't see coming and add alot to the characters.

    Verdict 10/10 this show is fantasic and honestly for me it has no flaws it's the perfect prequel to Treasure Island and is the perfect amount of seasons to tell that story. Great characters and great twists make this a Pirate Journey I can't wait to explore again. By far the best show I've seen in a long time.
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    Picard season 1. A decent first season of Picard and an OK follow up to Star Trek Universe especially Next Generation and Voyager. A decent mystery and a well handled makes for a decent show but does fall a little flat towards the end.

    I really liked the idea this show has and the mystery of the show is really well handled involving the Synthetics and the Romulans. The build up to the mystery is much better than the reveal and it does fall a little flat towards the end of the show.

    I really like the way old characters are handled here. Seven of Nine and Riker were amazing and it was amazing to see there life's after Next Generation and Voyager there's some great moments with them especially Seven of Nine who's always a personal favourite of mine.

    The ending was OK but does fall a little short. I really like the goodbye between Data and Piccard it was a great moment that I felt worked as closure for that character and was something we didn't Nemesis.

    Not a fan of how they braught back Piccard it seemed a little rushed and an easy way out to bring him back also kinda made a little pointless in my opinion and does kinda fall flat.

    Also the Borg cube in the show dosent really serve any purpose in the end and this was annoying it build up and was so interesting but in the end didn't serve any purpose. That was a little disappointing in my opinion I did like Seven of Nine becoming part of the hive again but even that was wasted because they kill the Borg of really dissapointing. A decent show in my opinion and a good follow on for the Star Trek universe there was stuff i really liked and stuff I didn't and the show did fall a little flat in my opinion but a decent show than can be grown on.

    Verdict 8/10 a decent return to Star Trek with an Interesting mystery and some great character moments but the show does fall flat in the end. The show can improve though and does show potential.
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    Watchmen The Ultimate Cut. I love this movie and it's by far one of the best comic book adaptations I've seen the characters are amazing and the story is fantastic and keeps you on the edge of your seat from start to finish.

    The characters are amazing Rorschach and NiteOwl being my personal favourites the design of them are amazing and I really like NiteOwls suit. The mystery thats in the movie keeps you guessing from start to finish and is really well handled and has some amazing twists along the way.

    The action is incredible I really like the Prison Scene the brutality of the action is incredible and I really how Zach Snyders visuals looks during the action the slow down and speed up direction really works for this movie.

    The story structure really works for me aswell how it shows the history of the Watchmen through flashbacks is fantastic and I love Dr Manhattens backstory and the effects on him are incredible. I also like the seeing how the team used to be compared to now its an interesting and great to tell a story.

    The Ultimate Cut also has story of The Black Freighter in animation form worked into the movie which kinda works and adds more to the movie and world of Watchmen. Sometimes it can be a little weird going from live action to animation but I like the story.

    I love this movie and this proves to me that Zack Snyder is a genius and his vision works for these type of movies this is one of the best comic Adaptations I've seen and I think this proves that we need a Snyder Cut of Justice League and he is a fantastic director.

    9.8/10 a fantastic movie and wonderful adaptation I love this movie and the ultimate cut is awesome and adds more to this fantastic film. Zack Snyder is an absolute genius.
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    The Umbrella Academy season 1. A fantastic first season and one the best comic adaptations I've seen in a long time with great characters and a fantastic story this is a fantastic season from start to finish.

    This show is fantastic and the story is is so creative the idea of 7 kids all born on the same day and adopted by an old man to save to the world is an interesting idea and that is just the start of this amazing wacky story that keeps you on the edge of your seat all the way to the finale and the twists along the way are shocking.

    The characters are fantastic my favourites being Number 5 and Vanya. I really like Number 5 story with him coming back to stop the apocalypse. It's also very interesting seeing this old man in his younger body it makes for an interesting story. I think Vanya has the best story arc and her power Is very creative there's alot of twists involving this character and I like it.

    The effects are a great and the action scenes are awesome and this show is also very funny the humour is very subtle but works and adds an excellent tone to the show that just elovates the story.

    The season finale was awesome and by far one the best seasons finale I've seen in a long time it was just non-stop and ended on an amazing cliffhanger that makes me want to see more of this story and the universe that has been created.

    Verdict 9.5/10 a fantastic show and one I can't wait to see more off. very interesting story and amazing characters and a fantastic season finale makes this one the best shows I've seen in ages.
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    Harley Quinn the Animated Series season 1. A really fun and great adaptation of Harley Quinn the Animation is awesome and the story is hilarious this one of the funniest shows DC has ever done.

    The adaptation of the story of Harley breaking up with Joker is really well handled here and I love the story it tells its a great way to take the character of Harley and make her her own character.

    The humour is amazing and just keeps you laughing from scene to scene. The other characters are great as well I love adaptation of ClayFace In this he's really great and just hilarious. I also really like Kite Man who knew one the most uninteresting dc characters could be one of the best adapted in animation.

    The action is amazing and Kaley Couco does an amazing job voicing Harley Quinn she really suits the character and it works for this adaptation and I also really like her relationship with Poison Ivy which is also adapted from the comics.

    There are some episodes that are just filler episodes but for the most part there is an overall story that really works and keeps you interested all the way to the finale. My Favourite episode is definitely the one we're they go into Harleys mind it's such an interesting idea for a story and works really well for Harley seeing her inner thoughts and we also get a glimpse into her origin which is awesome.

    Verdict 9/10 a great show that has a great adaptation of Harley Quinn and an awesome story adapted from the comics it's definitely one of the funniest shows from DC in a long time.
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    Doctor Who Ascension of the Cybermen. Another fantastic episode of Doctor Who this season finale is becoming my favourite of the Jodie Era and this is definitely Chibnalls best work In Doctor Who.

    The Cybermen are fantastic they feel like an absolute threat and that's how they should feel they haven't felt in a long time and seeing my favourite Doctor Who villain like this is amazing.

    Love the new ideas it brings to the Cybermen the CyberDrones are really cool and love the design of the Warrior Class of Cybermen.

    The story is simple but keeps on the edge of your seat through out the runtime. And the companions have more to do in this one and I love Graham trying to keep the hope.

    I only really had one issue what was the story with Brendon about it seemed a little out of place for me but hopefully it gets picked up in the next episode.

    9/10 another fantastic episode of Doctor who great potrale of the Cybermen and a solid cliffhanger can't wait for next week loving this finale so far.
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    Jay and Silent Bob Reboot. A great return to the ViewAskew universe by Kevin Smith and a great comedy that mocks the Reboot craze in Hollywood at the moment. A simple but fun story makes this one of Kevin Smiths best and is up there with Chasing Amy and Dogma for me as the highlights of the ViewAskew.

    Seeing Jay and Silent Bob together again is amazing and so nostalgic for me and this movie ties in everything really well and Kevin has wrote a brilliant script that is smart and a great homage to work that Kevin has done before.

    This movie follows on really well from Jay and Silent Bob but also manages to follow on from all the ViewAskew universe movies and the fans will love it for that.

    My only issue is that it is basically the same story as Strikes Back and that really stands out it dosent ruin the movie but it definitely stands out to me. It does do stuff different but just wish it was more.

    Like the idea of Jay of having kid and there some really emotional moments with that between him and his daughter. And it's a great way to move the story forward and add something different. It also makes for a great third act with Jay realising that he needs to grow up.

    My Favourite moment is definitely the call back to Chasing Amy seeing Ben Affleck in these movies again was awesome and it added closure to my favourite movie in this universe Chasing Amy it was such a fantastic moment and happy Kevin Smith added this moment in because it added alot of heart to Chasing Amy.

    Verdict 8.9/10 a fantastic and my second favourite movie in the ViewAskew still enjoy Chasing Amy more but this is a great homage and fantastic closure to ViewAskew.
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    The Witcher Season 1. A fantastic first season of this show and great adaptation of this story. Great characters and a brilliant story makes this show a great watch from start to finish.

    The story is amazing and it's told in such a smart and interesting way. Seeing all the little details come together in the story is brilliant and it's such a great way to tell the story.

    The characters are fantastic Geralt is great and Henry Cavill plays him to perfection. My favourite character is definitely Yennefer she has the best story and the character is fascinating to watch.

    The effects are great and the little twists in the story are amazing and always keep you wanting more and are great to move the story along. The designs of the creatures are really well done and are very creepy.

    The show has everything it's creepy it's funny great action and an interesting storyline that always keeps you interested it also has a very good love story init between Yennefer and Geralt.

    My Favourite episode of the show is the season finale it was just brilliant especially the scene with Yennefer. I also really liked the episode with the Dragon that was such an interesting story and had a fantastic twist.

    Verdict 9.5/10 a fantastic show loved everything about it great story, great characters and a fantastic cast just makes a great watch can't wait for season 2.
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    Doctor Who The Haunting of Villa Diodati. A fantastic episode of Doctor Who and definitely the highlight of this season a fantasic story great pacing and has some great scary suspenseful moments. And the use of the Cyberman was brilliant.

    Jodie was amazing in this one and to be honest it's her best performance this season she just fell into the role and had some brilliant Doctor moments in this one.

    The use of the Cyberman was fantastic and the design I really liked this part of story was really interesting and liked the idea of the Guardian and the Cyberium a great way to add new lore to the Cybermen.

    The horror element was amazing had some very creepy and suspenseful moments and I loved seeing a perception filter again and it was used really well here and the twist how all the Hauntings were happening was brilliant and I didn't see it coming.

    The other characters were fantastic as well the whole cast just blended together and all worked really well. I loved the moment with Graham realising he may have actually seen a ghost.

    This story sets up the season finale really well and is one of my favourites in the Jodie era not as good as Kerblam but a fantastic episode and definitely the highlight so far of this season just hope the season finale two parter will be epic.

    Verdict 9/10 fantastic episode and one of Jodies best and definitely the highlight of the season this episode may have saved Doctor Who for me just hope the Finale will be epic and bring this season to a great end.
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    Sonic The Hedgehog. A surprisingly great video game based movie with a simple story and a great adaptation of Sonic thats great for the whole family and great Sonic fans like myself.

    Now this movie isn't perfect and it's not a movie that's going to win loads awards but for what it is its great. a fun film that dosent take its self seriously but also manages to have a lot of heart to it aswell.

    Sonic is brillant the personally is done to perfection and the design of Sonic is amazing alot better than what it could been. Jim Carrey is great and suits the role of Robotnik in this movie its old school Jim Carrey and its awesome.

    The story is very simple as it is a kids movie but there alot of moments that adults and old fans of Sonic can enjoy. Really hope this gets a sequel.

    I do have a couple of issues I would of liked to of seen more backstory for Sonic we get a little at the beginning and it's so interesting the world building really works just wish we could see more maybe we will in a sequel. Also sometimes the effects a noticiable but nothing that ruins the movie.

    Favourite moment is definitely the bar scene its hilarious and really works in this movie. Also the post credit scene is amazing and one of my moments watching a scene in the cinema seeing that character was awesome.

    Verdict 8/10 a great family film that also works for adults fun simple story and great characters make this alot of fun for everyone especially old fans of Sonic like myself.
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    Doctor Who Can You Hear Me. A good and interesting episode of Doctor Who had some interesting ideas and definitely one of the better stories this season even though the execution was a little slow.

    I like the villains in this one the idea of Immortals who control and grow stronger on people's nightmares was an interesting idea and the execution was really good in my opinion.

    The episode was a little slow and sometimes I was a little bored but the story picks back up and keeps me interested.

    I really liked the backstory of the immortals them making a bet on who could destroy a planet first just for entertainment was an interesting idea and the animated backstory was a great style for Doctor Who.

    I do also think this episode would of benefited from it being a solo Doctor adventure the companions weren't really needed in my opinion. However I really did like the Yaz storyline.

    Verdict 7.9/10 an episode with some interesting ideas and a story that managed to keep me interested. like the villains and the execution was good. A bit slow and boring in places but a solid story for this season.
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    Birds of Prey and The Fantabulous Emancipation of one Harley Quinn. A great film in the DCEU not one of the best but one I enjoyed more than Suicide Squad with a simple story and some fantastic action this film is a fun ride from start to finish.

    The story is very simple but works for the movie the idea of Harley now going on her own is an amazing idea and this is great adaptation of that story arc from the comics. Margot Robbie does an amazing job once again in the main role.

    The Birds of Prey are introduced and there story ties in with Harleys in a very good way and these characters are handled really well my favourite being The Huntress she was great the only downfall is we don't see enough of them as the Birds Of Prey and its treated more of like a backdoor pilot so they can do a spinoff movie.

    Ewan McGregor is fantastic in this as Black Mask it's not an adaptation I would of done with the character but it works for the movie and he does a brillant job in the role. There are some unnecessary moments with him though like when hes making the woman strip in the club.

    The action is fantasic in this movie and a lot of fun to watch and I will say its the best action in a DC movie to date in my opinion it has a very John Wick style to it and is very stylish. The humour in the movie is handled really well as well.

    The only real issues I have with the movie are We don't see the Birds Of Prey team that much and it seems more of a set up for another movie. There's also some unnecessary scenes the club scene with Black Mask and there's a scene with Harley doing a Marilyn Monroe scene that just seems out of place.

    The final action scene is my favourite moment the Black Canary moment was awesome for a comic fan such a fun action scene and has some great comedy moments in it as well it also shows how great they work as a team.

    Verdict 8.5/10 a great movie that is alot of fun and has some great action in it Harley is fantastic and the Birds Of Prey characters are great just wish we saw more of them. All in all a great film from start to finish.
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    Doctor Who Praxeus. A good episode in season 12 with a decent message that was handled very well and was very subtle unlike Orphan 55.

    Really liked the idea in this one an alien virus that attracts itself to Plastic is really interesting and a great idea for Doctor Who. The story was well handled and the message was very subtle.

    The side characters were pretty good in this one and I liked the idea of it being on a global scale. The first act does get a little choppy jumping from place to place but the episode soon finds its groove.

    Jodie did a good job in this one and I still like her as the Doctor. The twist was handled really well as well and I didn't see it coming.

    The issue I have with this one is the first act being a little choppy and I don't think the side story of the two male side characters being Gay was needed it added nothing to the story and they could of easily just been brothers and it would of been just as impactfull to the story in my opinion.

    This was a really episode though and my second favourite in season 12 I did enjoy the Tesla episode more but this was an interesting episode I enjoyed despite my issues with.

    Verdict 7.8/10 really good episode with an Interesting idea and a story that's handled really well bit of a choppy first act and a side story that adds nothing but a very enjoyable episode.
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    A Nightmare on Elm Street 2010 Remake. A decent remake to the original with a decent stroy and decent characters a good adaptation of Freddy that is dark and sinister but one I do feel goes a little to dark.

    The characters are decent in this one again a little generic but good for this film Katie Cassidy is a highlight in this one as Kris and I feel like she should of been the main character because the Nancy we get in this one is horrible and has no personality.

    Freddy is great in this one the design is a little weird but it works and I like it alot the dark take is also really great and he's really sinister in this one. Jackie Earle Haley does an amazing job with the character but he's not as good as Englund.

    This movie has some interesting ides that is new to the franchise like the idea of Micro Naps during Sleep Deprivation it's an interesting idea for the movie and another for Freddy to get his victims.

    Freddy's back story is handled really well but I do the prefer the original but the back story we got works really well for the movie. However the movie does the one I hate in horror movies and goes down the maybe he was innocent angle I don't like it when horror movies try and make us sympathy the villain of the film it just don't work in my opinion.

    All in all a decent remake that I do enjoy just falls short with some of its ideas and I really don't like Nancy in this one. There is definitely enough to keep any fan of the franchise entertained though in my opinion.

    Verdict 7.5/10 very decent remake with a good adaptation of Freddy and some interesting ideas for the franchise just falls a little short for me but enough to keep me entertained.
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    Freddy vs Jason. A great film bringing these two horror icons together in one film for the first with a simple story thats great and decent characters this is a thrill from start to finish.

    Freddy is brilliant in this one hes back to the way he was in Dream Warriors sinister and scary but has the funny one liners. The mix of horror and Comedy is back which is Freddy at his best. Its also my favourite design for Freddy it's modern but classic and i love it.

    Jason is also great in this one and it's a great simple design for him he also has the most kills in the movie which is annoying for a Freddy fan but works well for the story.

    The other characters are great abit generic but they work well for the story Laurie is definitely the highlight of this group and her backstory involving Freddy is pretty interesting.

    Now sometimes the film can be a little cheesy and I don't like the fact that Freddy doesn't get more kills in the movie but the kills he does get are pretty great and like i said it does work for the movie. Also it kinda dosent make sense that Jason is scared of water i get what they was going for but he goes in water in most of his own movies.

    Love the idea of Freddy using Jason to bring the fear back into Elm Street so he can grow stronger such an interesting idea and i also love the Idea of everyone covering up Freddy hiding all records of him and whoever dreams about him is taken to Westen Hill and forgotten about it's a great way to forget Freddy and beat him.

    The fights are definitely the best moments it's great seeing these two horror icons just slash each other and its fun to watch for any horror fan.

    Verdict 8.4/10 a great film with a great story and its just fantastic to see these two horror icons on the screen. Just a fun film from start to finish.
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    The final season of Smallville this is it this is the end the final step Clark must take to become the world's greatest hero Superman. This season is brilliant with a great stroy arc and fantastic final villain for Clark to face.

    I love the adaptation of Darksied that we get in the final season and the story that he feeds on people's doubts and Dark sides and Clark has to become pure of heart to defeat him and prove himself to become Superman.

    We also get a great story involving the Suicide Squad and Clark dealing with the Vigilantie Regestrition Act which is handled very well and does lead to a death in the team that of Hawkman and the emotional moments when that happens are brilliantly handled.

    Tess has a great story arc in this one raising one of the Lex clones just to give him a second chance I love that story for Tess and her trying to prove that she is good person and like the rest of the Luthors and getting the trust from the team was a good final arc for the character.

    We also get some great adaptations of characters from the comics like Superboy, BoosterGold and Blue Beetle and they are all awesome. and seeing Michael Rosenbaum come back has Lex for the finale was a highlight of the season.

    my favourite episode of the season would be Homecoming seeing Brianiac come back now has a good guy called Brianiac 5 and showing Clark is past present and future was a brillaint idea for an episode and great walk down memory lane for Smallville.

    Verdict 9.7/10 fantastic season and my third favourite overall finally seeing become Superman makes this 10 year journey the best one I have been on and I'm alway satisfied when I watch the end to Smallville. And just like Jonathan says I will Always hold on to Smallville. Great villain and great story arcs for an awsome final season.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Smallville season 9. A fantastic season of the this brilliant TV show with a brilliant main villain In Zod and some fantastic stories a long the way and Clark finally doing the training he is meant to do for is journey to becoming Superman.

    The main villain in Zod is handled brilliantly in this season starting with him and his army having no powers and doing experiments to figure out why then to him getting his powers and trying to take over earth and make a new a Krypton he is brilliant and really well acted by Calum Blue. His acting when he kills Faora and realises he's killed his child was fantastic and really emotional. We also find out about his history with Joe-El which for a fan was cool.

    We also learn more about Krypton with the Book Rao and I alway love learning more about Krypton. Green Arrow has his best story arc in this season going down a bad spiral and then realising he still has the hero inside of him it was a brilliant arc and Justin Hartley was the highlight for me in this season.

    We get some brilliant adaptations from Metallo to Silver Banshee. However the best adaptations we get in my favourite episode of the season in Absolute Justice seeing Hawkman Stargirl and Dr Fate and the histroy of the JSA was fantastic and a real highlight for a comic fan love that episode and its total fan service. We also get Checkmate and the Amanda Waller which was an interesting storyline to bring in.

    A fantastic season and one of my personal favourites I love it. Also my favourite look for Clark as the Blur and I love seeing Lois and Clarks relationship develop.

    Verdict 9.5/10 fantastic season with a brilliant main villain In Zod. The best Green Arrow stroy arc and my favourite look for Clark as the Blur and seeing Lois And Clark together was brillaint. Absolute Justice best episode of the season I loved seeing the JSA.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Smallville season 8. Another great season of Smallville however like season 4 it's on the weaker side in my opinion and I only enjoy it slightly more than season 4.

    We do have a lot of stories and moments i like in this season Clark finally accepting that he has to save people and make a difference is brilliant I love the fact he finally takes up the courage and becomes a superhero Called The Red Blue Blur. Also seeing him work at the Daily Planet is very cool for a fan of Superman.

    I also really like finding out more of Olivers origins and how becomes the Green Arrow seeing him on the island was awesome and finding out more about this character was very well done.

    Doomsday was a very good villain for the season and I really like the fact he has Human side known as Davis Bloom that was a brilliant adaptation and very interesting. However I think the finale was one of the more weaker ones in the series and the final fight with Doomsday felt a little rushed in my opinion.

    I also wasn't a massive fan of the storyline with Lana and the Prometheus suit it was a good story and does lead to one of my favourite moments in Smallville when Clark goes for one final kiss after she absorbes alot of Kryptonite this was such an emotional scene and was really well handled. However I feel like this story wasn't needed and Lana sending the video at the end of season 7 was enough to end there story in my opinion. However I do still really enjoy this season and this story.

    We see Brianiac again which is brillaint for me and he also appears in my favourite episode of the season titled Legion where we see the Legion of Superheroes and they help Clark take down Brainiac who has infected Chloe.

    Verdict 9.1/10 a season I enjoy slightly more than season 4. With some strong stories and great character moments. However it has a weak finale and the final confrontation with Doomsday feels a little rushed. But still a great season overall.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Smallville season 7. My second favourite season in this brilliant series. I love this season it has alot of great stuff that I really like in this one. We get the introduction of Kara aka Supergirl and she fantastically played by Laura Vandervoort and we have one of the best story arcs with the Veritas organisation.

    Starting with a great opening with Clark facing of against Bizarro which is personally my favourite opening of the show its so bad ass seeing Clark face of against him and figure out that his weakness is the reverse of his. And Bizarro also turns up later on in a brillaint storyline were he lives Clarks life.

    We also get a great villain with a connection to Krypton in the form of ZorEl in a great story with him trying to use Clark and his mother to control earth and make a new Krypton on earth because he believes he is filling out the Prophecy of Rao such an interesting character with a connection to both Clark and Kara.

    Brainiac also makes a return and he's fantastic as always and he is actually in my favourite episode of this season called Apocalypse where he goes back in time to kill Clark as a child and stop him reaching earth so he is never there to stop him realising Zod. Seeing Clark go back and put himself in the ship was a brilliant twist and a great moment for a Superman fan.

    Vertias is a really interesting story arc and the fact that this organisation has been there since the beginning was really interesting to find out they handle the mystery of it really well and it's just superb writing in my opinion.

    Verdict 9.8/10 a fantastic season of Smallville and my second favourite after season 5 I just love this season with a great introduction to Kara and a fantastic arc with Veritas.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Smallville season 6. Another fantastic season of Smallville and another one of my favourites Definitely in my top 5 seasons of Smallville. With a strong opening that follows on really well from season 5 and some fantastic stories along the way.

    Opening with Clark in Phantom Zone season 6 has a simple over all story arc with Clark hunting Phantoms that escaped from the Zone when he was freed seeing Clark hunt down different powered criminals was very fun and the action scenes where always very well handled and made for some interesting villains each time.

    There has a very strong finale in this season and one of Smallvilles best in my opinion it ends on a very good cliffhanger and leads very well into season 7 (My second favourite season).

    Green Arrow is introduced in this season and Justin Hartley plays him really well he is a more light hearted version than the one on Arrow but he's a great character and this version fits in really well in the Smallville universe. I also like the gadgets he uses in this one and his costume is really slick.

    Another comic book favourite of mine Martian Manhunter is also introduced who helps Clark on his mission sometimes but only when necessary and has a little bit of mystery behind when he is introduced such a brillaint character and is my favourite adaptation of the character.

    Lex becomes more evil in this and has an interesting story arc with Lana. This is the season where Lex fakes her pregnancy and makes her thing she lost the baby showing that the Dark Side of Lex is still coming through and just has no mercy it's a great performance from them both and just an interesting story to watch and you Feel sorry for Lana when you realise she is trapped in this marriage.

    Favourite episode of the season is Justice this is a fantastic episode with the first team up on the show and our first introduction to a possible Justice League. It's just a fun episode showing of multiple heroes Green Arrow, Clark, Impulse, Aquaman and Cyborg. Just a blast from start to finish with the team blowing up a 33.1 lab owned by Luthorcorp.

    Verdict 9.6/10 a fantastic season of Smallville with a simple story arc to follow and some great stories.
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