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Once Upon a Time in... Hollywood

Once Upon a Time...
This film is very different from all previous Tarantino's works. He is deprived of his usual plot dynamics and cunning games with dialogs, although dialog are good, as usual. This is the deepest work of maestro, which gets stuck in the soul and rolls lumpy to the throat.

The movie itself literally asks the question "what if?". Unfortunately, understanding the picture won't work without the context.

The story tells us about disappointment, sadness, and the broken hopes that filled the era. We see how it all began and we know what it all led to. A lot of things did not justify themselves, but then people believed that the world has a chance to become better. And Tarantino showed this faith, this piece of innocence and hope that is in every person, through the character of Sharon. Margot Robbie played her very good, and she imprinted in my memory like a bright sun.

This movie has everything: humor, and lengthy shoots of Booth rolling around the city, and even a flamethrower. This is an integral work, each detail of which is in its place.

The film may seem a little prolonged at first, but the desire to rewatch arose immediately after the end of the session.

Toy Story 4

The hero is back in town.
I was skeptical about the release of the new part, because the third part was advertised and presented as the final of the series .

But it seemed that the fourth part became the best one. At first the thought occurred to me that I was simply unaccustomed to full-length cartoons and it seemed to me that it was so magnificent against the background of everything that's comes out this days. But, recalling the review of the last part of "How to Train Your Dragon", I can say with confidence that the high rating of the fourth part is fully deserved.

First, I did not expect to see such an abundance of new characters. There is a huge number of stories that are perfectly served, and the characters are perfectly disclosed. Each part of the franchise taught us something, projecting toys into the real world and real situations. Here we have no repetitions and parallels in comparison with the previous parts, although many people could thought this way according to the trailer.

Second. Humor in this part is overwhelming. I was, y'know, literally "LOL". At the same time there was no vulgarity or adult jokes - everything is extremely simple and beautifully presented.

Avengers: Endgame

Infinity War was better.
I will not tell you anything about the plot, simply because almost everything in it can be considered as a spoiler, but I can convey my attitude. It was neither good nor bad.

The plot is linear, simple and predictable. Classic Marvel.

There was a lot of humor in the movie. Too much, especially considering the atmosphere of loss and hopelessness, which was at the end of the "Infinity War" and which one is trying to get to believe here.

And I liked the final action scene.

So in fact, I have nothing more to say about this movie. An entire era has passed. This is just the end.

This is endgame.

How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World

Decent ending.
The third part is beautiful! First of all, the central characters - both people and dragons. Definitely visible growth of heroes. They vary according to age, with the situation. It is visible and it is great. Love and friendship, the ability to accept and release, understand yourself and others, gain confidence and lead. I am immensely impressed by how the creators of history have managed to show all this. It is believed in.

Well done!

2001: A Space Odyssey

«If you understand a movie, it means we have failed».
For the first time we see a mysterious monolith still for long before appearance of the first human. Stanley Kubrick in the company of the screenwriter Arthur Clark shows to the viewer of monkeys. These are the beings, rather primitive from the point of view of social lines, who don't have accurate public organization. But here on the horizon the mysterious Black Obelisk appears. Creators only begin to provide the thinnest surgical hints to the viewer as a food for thought. Opinions of most of both film critics, and mere mortals dispersed about it from the moment of the movie premiere.

The further travel to Jupiter looks awesome, with fascinating sounds and the color images rushing before the astronaut's eyes. The long episode of an unreal travel sharply breaks with a scene in usual, quite realistic situation in the living room where the traveler endures the accelerated aging and regeneration, having come to be an image of the star child. The star child who comes up from a monolith in space is result of this coition. This creation which received absolute knowledge, having experienced physical death and having revived, smoothly moves towards Earth. There, having found a physical body, the star child will differ from other people as well as modern people from the space station differ from the monkeys.

The musical motifs (Richard Strauss' Also Sprach Zarathustra, Johann Strauss' Blue Danube Waltz) will forever bring the film to mind, and snippets of its minimalist dialogue ("Open the pod bay doors, Hal", "Good morning, Dave") pop up in homages and cultural references.

In the end just wanna tell, that this is one of the best movies ever. With fantastic atmosphere, deep philosophical implication and a nonlinear plot. All of this forces your gray substance moves and to look for a way to a necessary enlightenment. And here, when you would seem it is already close to it, "the space Odyssey" quickly slips out your "hands", leaving you alone with own thoughts.

Deadpool 2

Better than the original.
"Deadpool 2" is a fine example of how the sequel can improve the original. Continuation hasn't lost a peculiar hooligan charm of the original, but at the same time has allowed the character to become someone big, not simply the carrier of infinite and often unfunny jokes.

Perhaps, it is all about change of the director, but the sequel really looks as full-fledged movie.

Avengers: Infinity War

Expectations were met.
Infinity War is a astonishing film which serves as the culmination of everything that occurred in MCU since the first pictures. Would seem, the movie had to turn out obscure and overloaded, but screenwriters so skillfully bring one moment to another that the movie bewitches with the first until the last minute. "War" connects those who didn't know about existence of each other, divides the teams which developed in the past, transfers characters from one region of the Galaxy in another, accompanying everything with grandiose battles. At the same time the narration remains clear and fascinating. Of course, if you've watched the previous movies. It's not a movie for those who want to get acquainted with Captain America, Thor, Hulk and other famous characters. The film is shot for fans, and the better you know the MCU story, the you derive bigger pleasure from viewing.

Justice League

A lot of people think that DC creates grim and serious stories, and Marvel creates bright and ridiculous. Of course it's not true, because for decades of existence of both publishing houses they have created many stories in different genres and stylistics. So it happened that in recent years we saw cheerful movies from Marvel and serious from DC. Partly for this reason many people have so negatively perceived lighter tone of Justice League.

But a problem of the movie is not that the tone was replaced, but that it constantly changes throughout the all picture. Zack Snyder and Joss Whedon shoot absolutely differently and these distinctions are very noticeable.


There are no more guns in the valley...
Everything has the beginning and the end.

X-Men's movies allocated much screen time to the Wolverine earlier, but they really could not reveal the character. The late solo movies about this hero only aggravated a situation, because they not only contradicted the main franchise, but even each other.

This movie tries to tell a story not of the hero who is masked, but the person behind this mask. And it is done.

Assassin's Creed

It isn't so bad as it could be.
The movie has turned out average what here to hide. The atmosphere of original games is almost not transferred. The plot develops promptly, but his giving is quite crumpled and some twists are simply far- fetched. Characters are registered poorly, though cast is excellent. Scenes of fights and actions are very good. Suits are picked perfectly up. Also I really like some Easter Eggs in this movie.

I can't deny that this film can not be pleasant, especially to a casual film-goer, but if you're a fan of the game I don't think you'll walk away disappointed overall.

Rogue One

Worthy part of great Saga.
When I have seen a trailer of this movie the first time, I have thought that it will be quite the watchable project. Oh, how I was mistaken at that moment...

The movie is pretty good. You know, I from those people who hadn't liked the seventh episode. Therefore, going on the new movie, I didn't wait something special from it. But this film had some moments which made me fell in love with it. For example, scenes, which shot from a back of X-Wing and which created an awesome atmosphere of the presence. Or really cool moment with Darth Vader, who is attacking rebels squad. All of this just couldn't leave me indifferent.

As a result we have received really interesting movie, which I boldly recommend to both fans and non-fans alike. And I really hope the other Star Wars movies will learn from this masterpiece.


You know, there are films in which the first frame is clear that they will be so-so. Here the situation is reversed. After seeing the first frame, I immediately realized that it will be very cool.

Seriously, I'm all covered with goose bumps when I saw how much it is great. I was just literally shaking when I saw the gorgeous magic. However, better than in this movie magic effects have not been implemented in any fantasy films, it seems to me. I love Warcraft story so much and I think even if you don't know anything about the original story after that film you'll love it.

Would certainly recommend to both fans and non-fans alike.

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