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Line of Duty

I turned off halfway through. An hour of my life I'll never get back

Black Mirror

How has this been cancelled by Netflix?
I simply love this show. It's a thinking mans Twilight Zone and I look forward the new season every year. I have just found out Netflix have cancelled the show and I'm devastated

The Last Dance

If there's a better sports documentary than I'm yet to see it. Great insight into the greatest sports team of all time.

The Boys

Simply Perfect
Without doubt the best Superhero series ever produced. Great acting by the entire ensemble, perfect production and writing. Thank you, I'm loving it!!!

Big Fish

Magical Story
Beautifully written, impeccable directing and quite simply perfect casting!

I have watched this many times and is in my top 5 movies ever watched.


Wow wow wow
This would have to be the best comic book television show produced hands down.


Such a shame
This had so much potential, big name actors (for Australia), clearly a significant budget but wow what a disaster it was. Bad direction, bad acting, poor continuity. Was really hoping this would be quality as a proud Australian but this movie has set the local industry back years. Such a shame

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