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Good on Paper

Could have been much better
It was set up as a fun rom-com but it ended as a sad, bitter story. Sure. The main character got her justice. It just wasn't the fun movie it could've been. Guy is unappealing, unattractive, lying POS. Poor girl is duped. He's put into his place. Movie done. And not really a lot of humor.


iPlease, You've Lost You're Way
The first few seasons were good. For some reason the producers felt the need to change things up. Overacting personalities of the consumed brains. That was unnecessary and felt a lot desperate. Then there's the whole switch from 'murder investigation' to a contrived social justice theme. No thanks. Six stars for an unique take on the zombie genre and being fun at first. Lack of four stars for losing their way. I couldn't finish season five.

The Shannara Chronicles

The 9 and 10 star ratings are out there to counter the real reviews
A very good storyline that falls flat and becomes tedious. If you like series that you feel obliged to finish then you'll love this. I'm guessing that JR High girls will think this is best thing since sliced bread. I can't tell if it's bad writing or bad acting. But it's bad. I'm guessing Terry Brooks say an opportunity for a payday and took it. Sad.

Outside the Wire

Started interesting but had no staying power
The plot got stupider as the movie went on. All the while trying to lofty, intellectual concepts. The movie couldn't pull it off.

Hap and Leonard

Generally Entertaining
A little heavy on the environment of racism in the late 1980s. Even in East Texas. Take it from someone who was there. Racism in the 80s was real just like it always is. Just really not that overt. That aside, really fun show to watch and two main characters really complemented each other.


A little cheesy but watchable
Slow to begin but picks up at the end of the third episode. If you can set aside the whole line about animals mutating to stop humans from destroying the world, it's not bad. Not sure if it's the writing or a couple bad actors. But something seems off and makes it kind of fall flat.

The Wrong Missy

Could've been better
A bit over the top. Kind of desperate. Like Coffee and Kareem. C'mon Netflix. Tell the teenager writers that less is more

Vantage Point

Vantage Point, I get it
The constant rewinding of the events to show the event through someone else's view is frankly annoying. Here's to hoping future directors realize it's been done and it doesn't need to be done again.


Not horrible but not great
I can't tell if it's bad acting, bad directing or writing. But, something seems low budget. Though it's a good concept which is why I've stuck with it. But these dumb subplots and poor acting is making it a chore.

John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum

But fun. If you're into crazy amounts of killing by a plethora of methods, this your movie. It gets a little stupid with plot turns. But, hey, you know what you're getting into when you watch it.

Point Blank

Interesting story but something just not right
5 out of 10 stars for the concept. But, something just made it hard to continue watching. I kept finding excuses to pause it and do something else. Plus, the cheesy music played during the action scenes was super annoying. There is a fight at a car wash that had some crazy stupid song being played. I felt like they were trying to recreate a bad 80's detective movie. The music really killed this one for me.


Better than some gave given credit
Lots of negative comments on the ending. So, maybe my expectations were low. But, it wasn't that bad. You know with this kinda film it was going to be dark. Anything else would've been corny. Overall, a pretty decent flick. The actress playing Anna did a great job. Wild that she's actually 26.

Ride the Thunder

Litlle corny but good
Acting wasn't the best. But a great story. Sad what we left behind when we pulled out. What you learn in school isn't what really happened.

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