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very nicely done
Do you remember the days of the original Jungle book, you know when your a young nipper and animation is so cool and fantasies are set before you? well we have this new era of real action people mixed with the animated characters brought to life.

nicely directed by Andy Serkis who i love as an actor in his many guesses but directing seems to be following hes great acting.

The film is the story of Mowgli a young boy orphaned by the horrid Shere Khan and left to die he is taken in by the Wolves and raised by them with the help of Bagheera The Panther, Baloo the Bear and Kaa the Snake.

All is good except Shere Khan wants to rule the Jungle and a battle begins to win the rule of the Jungle, while all this is going on Mowgli is being trained to run and defend himself and its hard work all round. Things begin to get a little tense and before long Mowgli is in Trouble as is Bagheera and Baloo and Human interaction is needed, But is it the right interaction?

The final scenes of the film are the most action packed, will Shere Khan win and take the jungle under his rule?

a great little fantasy, adventure film, harmless and kept me entertained throughout and yes it brought back my childhood a little with all the characters albeit in live animation. well worth the 8/10 i gave it... i cant wait for Dumbo next


A Very Moral Dilemma
A nice little Film Noir and a very early one at that and its all about A Very Moral Dilemma, a story of whats good for the goose is good for the gander, or is it.

The film begins with the trial of a woman who kills her husband and then confesses, the jury are sent out and its a mixed bag or did she do it on the spur of the moment, in the heat of passion and therefore manslaughter or was it calculated and plain and simple Murder? Well the very respected Foreman of the Jury persuades the the rest of the jury that its the latter and the woman is sentenced to death by the electric chair.

the film then switches to the Jury foreman's house on the night of the execution and there are several friends and family all around talking or trying to talk about the event to take place and mr Weldon (foreman) tells them all to not talk about it, after all he is feeling pretty rotten right now. several things are going on around him, his younger daughter wants to see a guy he is not liking Gar Boni (Humphrey Bogart) a small time crook and another guy invited into the house by the other daughter is turning out to be a very dodgy character, is he Legit?

Things turn sour for the younger daughter played by Sidney Fox with her boyfriend and she shoots him and kills for the moral dilemma, should she be tried for his murder? will she confess? what will happen in this very early Noir... another very early film for Mr Bogart and a great performance by Sidney Fox....well worth a watch for this short but great film.


what a series
I have never reviewed a series yet and this series changes that, i also never got to see this until 2018 and binge watched it from start to finish and i am so glad i discovered and watched this and just hugely gutted its ended.

SO many on the cast list to mention but obviously the main character Dexter played by Micheal C Hall is just super and exceptional in his role as a friendly serial killer we all hate to love.

Dexter is a Blood Splatter Analyst for Miami police and as a young child witnessed the murder of his mother and this has turned his mind, made him what he is, made him hate the bad and punish using the code he's father taught him. Well its almost a perfect follow of that code as the odd mistake can and does happen. Dexter has a close relationship with his sister Debra played by Jennifer Carpenter. Both play their roles out and with other Miami Metro police officers as their friends the stories are great.

Dexter has a main killing code, to rid the world of murderers that have slipped the net of the justice system. sometimes Dexter has to change course, change his mind, abort and admit that he has got it wrong either with who he has just killed or who he should have killed, either way its a bloody end for most.

We move from season to season with a different subject but all around the introduction and goodbyes from each seedy character and its never boring. I found some of it so frustrating as i was half on the edge of my seat egging Dexter on to just finish the bad character off, and finally getting my just desserts as another one bit the dust.

i really wish it didn't have to end as it really was the best TV series i have watched, it has excitement, suspense, grit, anger, love, joy, mystery and fulfilment in the entire 8 seasons. i was never bored and loved each of the 96 episodes individually for different reasons. well acted, well worth the watch.

Three on a Match

great cast of many
Another great Pre-code film and a great cast of many here some went on to become huge stars of their time but they all played well in this film about loss and failure. Joan Blondell, Ann Dvorak and Bette Davis play the 'three on a match' we also have Warren William, Humphrey Bogart and Allen Jenkins and some lesser known but still good actors.

The story is about three Women who upon leaving High School embark on very different paths in life Vivian (Dvorak) is the main lead in this film after falling in love and marrying her love and having a baby boy she then becomes trapped in a boring marriage, her life rolling from one day to the next with nothing exciting, she descends into a drunken filthy nobody, neglecting her husband and her now small boy. Her friend Mary (Blondell) tries to pull her up and fails even with the help of the Husbands Secretary Ruth played by Bette Davis all fails.

The story doesn't allow for a lengthy play out of this as its just 63 minutes long but you get the jist, Bogart plays a Hoodlum, a role that suits him. Mary ends up with the husband and Vivian descends still further and does an unspeakable act towards the end but i leave that for you to see as it is a key point in the film.

Blondell is as usual the life of this film, Bette Davis is very quite in this but its nice to see actors and actresses in young roles as we see them grow and the same can be said of the very young Bogart. Warren William is a steadfast actor but never really become one of the greats likewise Allen Jenkins although i love this guy, he is a great supporting actor.

At 63 minutes it not much longer than a series episode so drag yourself of the Serial bandwagon and give this one a watch.

Big City Blues

Not so cool in the Big Apple
A very early Talkie film and one that at 63 minutes long gets the point across its not always so cool in the Big Apple. its the story of Bud Reeves a naive Young farm hand seeking a lavish and exciting new life in New York. He travels there with enough money to last as long as needed before a suitable job is found and when he arrives he seeks the advice and companionship of his Cousin who ends up fleecing him for every dollar he possesses, pretending to have no money on him as he proves by continually opening his empty wallet.

The loss of all his money is bad enough but at a party on his first night in his apartment the jolly festivities end bad when a drunk picks a fight with the legend himself Mr Humphrey Bogart who plays Shep Adkins a wise cracking young man who is actually Unaccredited in this his first Warner film. A young woman is killed accidentally in the fight as something cracks her on the head and everyone leaves her to be found by the House detective Hummell played by that great actor Mr Guy Kibbee.

well they know who the apartment is occupied by and a hunt is on, meanwhile the young Bud is beside himself and seeks the help of Vida Fleet played by the lovely Joan Blondell. it really is a short film but enough to entertain and a very young sharp dressed Mr Bogart is born to Warner brothers and deserved a credit in the line up.

Hell or High Water

Great modern western
This film gives you a western kind off feel but it's very modern...a pair of brothers who's mother just died get together to save the ranch she had owned. She had remortgaged and had fat cat bankers foreclosing on it, money is needed fast as they are close to losing it. The older brother Toby is played by Chris Pine, he is divorced but the ranch has been left to his two sons. The younger brother just released from jail for robbery is Tenner played by Ben foster and he and Toby have to raise the money owed and fast.

They decide to rob banks to get the money and not just any bank but the bank chain that are going to take the ranch. So it's kind off ironic that the money stolen from them is going to pay the debt off.

Bring in a fab actor Jeff Bridges and throw him into the mix as an old law enforcer and a good story and you can't go much wrong.

The film is action packed, a bit of dark humour, a surprise end and it really is a good entertaining film. You certainly won't be bored with this one. I gave it a 9/10

Assassination Nation

There's some mean gals coming for ya
What a great little film this is, when I first started watching it I was thinking that it wasn't gonna be very good but after just 15 minutes I was hooked.

It's basically about a town that has an incredibly talented hacker who hacks into some high profile residents computers and phones and exposes all their personal pictures, files and texts, affairs and just about everything.

First up was the mayor and it doesn't end well for him then the high school principle and then many gets messy, very gory and violent. Amidst all of this we the viewer are following 4 edgy teenagers, girls and there affairs. It's all building up for the big reveal and one of the 4 girls is hacked and exposed leading to a catastrophic and explosive finale.

What we have here is a real eye opener, fear that this can happen in real life. It's scary, just think have you ever done anything wrong? Like had an illicit affair, broke the law, watched porn, lied to your parents? Well it's out there to be hacked, it could happen.

Pretty much loved this film and those starring in it..the genre says comedy in part but I can't see that, I would put this as a thriller/horror.

Great film

Love Affair

A complex affair
This is another very early print and i am really lucky to have the entire collection of the late Great Humphrey Bogart. This is an early Pre-code film and from 1932 one of Bogarts first films.

He plays an Aircraft pilot named Jim Leonard he is also a Designer and is called upon by his boss to take the lovely Carol Owen played by Dorothy Mackaill on her maiden flight. She is an Heiress to a fortune left by her father but un-be known to her that money has run out and her handouts are being made by a very rich executor to her fathers will Mr. Bruce Hardy played by Hale Hamilton. He has his eye on the lovely lady and sees that Jim likes her too and a relationship is growing.

She is told she has run out of money and the old man Bruce offers to support her and a rich lifestyle if she marries him but she loves Jim...She considers a show business career as a way out and her not having to marry Bruce, does she succeed?

Bogart plays a rare clean-cut good guy in this early film, a few years earlier it was silent movie era. it is a film with complex affairs going on and i am guessing without Bogart this would have not made it at all to the big screen. Its a short film just 67 minutes long.

watch this, its an early film and its from these early ones that todays films have grown from, actors and actresses that have inspired generation after generation...

Frisco Kid

Cagney and Lindsay again paired
The classics from the 30's, 40's and 50's are just so good, everyone has a story and they survive without the need for CGI or fast cars. This print is a neat little one with the pairing once again of James Cagney and Margaret Lindsay, a cute couple and they interact well, not as well as Cagney and Joan Blondell but well enough.

In the opening scenes we see Bat Morgan (Cagney) taking a nice break from a ship as a sailor in a bar, the bar is a seedy, dingy, smoggy place and hanging around in there is a group of undesirables who Shanghai unsuspecting men, this is a well known way of gaining ship hands back in that time. A man would be knocked unconscious and placed on a ship and when he awoke was forced to work till the ship docked again. They manage to get Bat Morgan onto a small boat but he awakes and escapes and turns tables on them and sells two of them to a ship.

He gains work in a large bar/casino on the Barbary Coast and sees how its run and decides to raise some revenue and invests with the help of the community into several places and runs them above the law and not in the gutter.

During this time many are jealous and things take a turn for the worse, many in the posh side away from the Barbary coast are dead set against them all as they are the 'lower class' in their eyes. and so trouble comes and when a judge is shot dead the town rises in a vigilante group and are out to catch those responsible and punish will it all end?

of course Cagney nets the Gal, The lovely Margaret Lindsey and although she plays a smaller part she is there through the film.

its a great film and entertaining enough for me. learning about the Shanghai business for me, when i watch a film i research what i see and its usually informative of the times.

In a Lonely Place

Did he? Didn't he?
This film is such a good film Noir and has a great story and questions many things but the main question is did he or didn't he?

The film begins with Mr Dixon Steele (Bogart) a screenwriter having a few drinks with friends at a bar and friendly chat ends with a quarrel and a bit of a fight. It moves forward to him chatting to a pretty waitress and he asks her to go back to his apartment to read him a story. She does this and I think Dixon regrets it as she really is very loud. After a while he excuses himself and suggests she nips round the corner for a taxi. The scene cuts and we then see Dixo answering the front door at 5am to the police...apparently the waitress has been killed and slung from a moving car.

He is taken in and questioned and he denies any part in it and further to this a beautiful neighbour Laural Gray played by Gloria Graham saw him from her apartment saying goodbye to the waitress and she left he in the clear?

Mr Dixon is swishy, calm and clever, we the viewers are kept on our toes throughout the film wondering if he was the killer. He and the neighbour become lovers and all settles. Mr Dixon has a very short temper and shows his teeth a few times and Laurel has doubts, only her friend Martha says she knows someone that was beaten by him.

The film is really clever, showing us these little outbursts, also great kindness and swanky mannerisms of mr Dixon. He eventually proposes to his gal...does he marry? Is he the murderer? All will be revealed in the end as it keeps you wondering right up to the last minute of the film.

This really was a great film, played so well by all and really worth a watch. 10/10 for me

Kingsman: The Golden Circle

Very good all round film
The film centres around the destruction of the kingsman when poppy Adams hits all of them, their headquarters and just about everything to do with them. Her main aim is to hold the world to ransom by sending out drugs that are laced with a destructive chemical. She hold the only antidote and it's down to the remaining 2 Kingsmen Harry Hart played by Colin Firth and Eggsy played by Taron Egerton to sort this huge problem out and tgey do this by teaming up with their American counterparts whom they seek in Kentucky.

It's a race against time with plenty of action, some mechanical dogs, ruthless enemies and Elton John who is just hilarious in his cameo role. Elton says very little but when he says his mainly 2 word lines it's just so funny.

A lot of negative criticism on here but it's not meant to be James Bond it's more like Johnny English but a little more serious. It's got a good storyline, an all star cast, humour and it keeps you entertained.


Explosive, funny and thrilling
Great movie with an all star cast headed by the king of over the top action films Mr die hard himself Bruce Willis.

It's a simple story of a nuclear device that the Russians have and some nasty people after getting it and setting it of on USA soil. Meanwhile a group of veterans are after stopping it from happening.

What we get is a Willis Die hard film with a few more oldies thrown in and it's pretty explosive, car chases, kung fu, kidnappings, explosions and a fair amount of humour in a race against time to prevent the inevitable.

You have to love Willis, it's that smile and his way with being hit so hard and still smiling.

Great little film and a good sequal to the first.

Free Fire

rip roaring laughter start to finish
Stumbled upon this 90 minute comedy and oh my it was so funny. The story is not even a story, a group of guys enter a warehouse to do a deal, they want a bundle of guns and they have cash, lots of cash. the other guys with the guns enters and there is a bit of banter and it it gets out of hand when the van driver (with the guns) joins the party as he has already had a run in with the other side and suddenly all hell breaks loose.

Two others enter the warehouse and everyone is shooting everyone, probably the longest shootout in the history of movie making and maybe real life. so we have 15 minutes to build the story then the remaining time is the shooting. i just laughed all the way through. not only bullets flying but bricks, rocks, shovels petrol, cupboards and well anything that can be a weapon is used and when you think someone has died they suddenly stir and another round is en route lol. a great comedy with literally no story... well worth a watch


all will be revealed at the very end
I liked this film for the way it was set out but in the first 30 minutes i had to really concentrate on the film to figure out the content but was pleased i did. That's not to say it was way to difficult but i do find some films difficult to fathom out.

Basically the film is centred around an area of land where a meteor has crash landed and something very strange has occurred where a group of Soldiers have been killed and the story opens with Lena (Natalie Portman) at home and her husband returning from that mission and all seems fine, then he's health deteriorates and he is rush to this facility for observation and immediately put into isolation. while they investigate what is wrong Lena volunteers to go in with 4 others to see what is happening around this piece of land and ultimately the lighthouse at the centre of it all. so we have these two events in the film flashbacking to the first and then it splits again into the after she gets finished with her investigation and finally we have flashbacks of her husbands time in there and what actually went on.

it is hard to follow but its a great sci-fi film and in the last 30 minutes the parts all stitch together and we are presented with the reasons and all is clear. it really is one them films (for me at least) where i will need to see it again knowing what i know to enjoy it more. i did like this and gave it a 9 because it was a great watch... i am holding back a little on what goes on because it will give things away but it does have a great story and content to enjoy


Going down the street like a turd in the wind
Top dollar film this...I love super heroes and even better funny ones, i also love Tom Hardy so this was a must see film for me...twice at the cinema and now at home. It's just so good.

It's basically about a guy called Eddie Brock (hardy) a reporter of the kind that outs wrong doing and he stumbles into a company run by a Carlton Drake played by Roz Ahmed and he has managed to acquire an alien being of sorts in the shape of a black gooey entity from outer space.

Eddie somehow gets access to the laboratory and somehow this is where he consumes but not through choice Venom. The fun begins and by fun I mean it's hilarious. Venom and Eddie have this funny dialogue between them and it's just so funny.

It's action packed, adventurous, funny, filled with effects and gripping as Eddie with the help of Venom sets about stopping Carlton Brock from creating the ultimate weapon.

With a budget of $100,000,000 You kinda see why when you watch this hilarious and at the same time action packed sci-fi for yourself...well worth the 10/10 I gave it


It's all a bit strange
Ok I love horrors and this did hit the spot, it's kinda like supernatural and it's all a bit strange but I liked it.

It's basically about a drifter who seeks his sister who has gone missing and has ended up on a very remote island where you have to follow the leader and rules beyond the normal. He manages to get to this island and through a good deed he ends up being a trusted one.

If you can imagine Amish people but with a pretty horrid leader and your kinda part way there. The leader has a silent opponent who wants the lead and the whole community live under the rules set. It's harsh and punishments are delivered brutally.

The sister is there but in grave danger and it's up to the brother to seek her, take her and get of the island. Throw in a kind of sea witch and a few other strange people and you have it.

The brutal scenes are graphic, the story is good and it's entertaining. Like others have said it could have it cut down a little in length but still worth a look to see whether he succeeds in rescuing his sister

Devil Dogs of the Air

A chuckle a minute
Another great from the Lovable Cagney, a chuckle a minute from him in this and three other fabulous actors in this Early Print, Pat O'Brian, Frank McHugh and Margaret Lindsay.

The film is essentially the story of Stunt Pilot Tommy O'Toole (Cagney) who enters the realm of the Marine Corps under the wing of Lieut. Brannigan (O'Brian) but he is not Tamed easily, constantly going against the rules and 2nd to that he has O'Brian's Gal in his sights and its never good for the opponent with regards Cagney as he really does normally get his wishes met.

Cagney pursues the girl and wins her over, O'Brian is unlucky in love and you cannot help feeling sorry for him and his soft hearted approach. We have a lot of chuckles in this film from Cagney and McHugh doesn't fail in giving us some laughs too. I know others have reviewed this as negative for McHugh saying he was wasted in this print but i say not, he does have a small part and its repetitive but it hits the spot and made me laugh a lot.

There is some great stunts filmed in this film and some great laughs to boot, well worth a look especially if you love Cagney.... 10/10

Chain Lightning

And it was all For the Girl
This is a super film about Action, Adventure, Drama, what the Genre tells us but also one of love.

Bogart takes the lead here as a Pilot who served in world war two, being a good pilot and one that took risks. During the war he met and fell in Love with 'Jo' played by the lovely Eleanor Parker. That love was short lived as Matt (Bogart) is sent back to the USA after the war and things all move along nicely until he is offered a job on the recommendation of a pal named Carl (Richard Whorf). The job is one of a test pilot testing the new Generation plane, a Jet and the risks are high.

Well his old love Jo is back on the scene and very much in the sights of Carl's Gun and this becomes a love battle for him and Matt. A battle of who can impress this beauty. Carl is part way into designing a new escape capsule for the jets and wants Matt to stall a long distant trip in the mark 3.....everything goes wrong but for who? i will leave you to see for yourself but i will say that it really was all for the girl.

as usual a fabulous Performance from Bogart and the others on the cast list were pretty good, i find the classics from that era are always pretty sound as that really was their bread and butter, a shoddy performance meant no more work.

The Predator

A good reboot
Went to see this at the cinema and seen it again just now and it was pretty good. It kept me interested and had mostly good points, the only downside was it was not deep enough with the story, it was simple but that's not all bad.

A platoon is wiped out after an alien ship crash lands nearby and one sniper then wounds the Predator and as proof of aliens landing he takes an arm cuff and a face mask from the Predator and sends it home. His son opens the package and inadvertently sends a signal to the alien ship and a race to save all commences.

The soldier meantime is arrested and placed on a bus with other convicts and well they all end up as a motley crew trying to get to his son and save him along with a biochemist who was inspecting the stunned alien in the government lab.

It's a great film, lots of action and even some humour. I really can't remember the original predator film which I would think doesn't need to be referred to as this is a stand alone remake.

The Mercy

All aboard
So here we have an adventure story but based on truth and so we add biography to the genre and I must say it was a good watch.

It's based on the true story of Donald Crowhurst an amateur sailer who decides that he wants to attempt to circumnavigate the globe on his own. To do this he needs money so as to build a boat worthy of this venture and seeks investment from a friend and business associate.

We are then taken on this lonely journey with him and as the days turn into weeks and months we see things failing. Some of his equipment, his supplies, the weather and finally his health both physical and mental begin to fall and take it's toll.

His wife and children wait patiently along with his investors and press and their waiting becomes very long. A darkness has hit Donald and it's a battle for him to carry on.....

This really surprised me as it was very well played out by Colin firth and the ending was not expected. Well worth a watch.

A Simple Favor

Keep on vlogging
Ok so i watched two films last night and both had a twist at the end this being the 2nd film out of the two, that kinda renders any review partly unfinished and partially useless but i will try and put in my review why you should give this a look.

firstly others have said of this film that the Genre is a rare one and i have to agree, to have a thriller/drama and add comedy to it really is a rare one but its so true of what we see in this film. we have a vlogger called Stephanie played very well by Anna Kendrick and she is befriended by a posh upmarket Mum Emily played by Blake Lively. all is well until Blake goes missing leaving Stephanie literally holding the baby, well small child called Nicky, who by the way is absolutely hilarious even upto the point he tells her to go away but not so nicely lol.

Stephanie now blogs the disappearance of her new best friend and in the meantime strikes up an illicit affair with said friends hubby and shortly after her friend is found drowned in a lake....the story continues with the Vlogging and she ends up moving in to the house with hubby and looking after both her child and that of Nicky.

i cant say too much more as it will spoil it for you but all i will say is there is a very big twist and several smaller twists in the last third and its all for the good.

Its funny, creepy and kept me thinking... great film and with a different look at murder mystery.

Women of All Nations

buy all copies and burn them
I like another reviewer i watched this for Bogart, sadly he was not even in it, why? well because he thought the film that bad it could ruin his film career and so threatened to buy all copies and have them burnt so they could not be seen. The scene with Bogart was pulled and the film released and it really is a very slow, plain print.

It is a very early film and only just on the cusp of talking movies from the silent era, you will see this as during the film we still get the writing boards explaining parts of the script and you get the feeling it is in fact a silent. I will say that if this were stripped of sound and a few more directive posters during the film it could work. Maybe watch it first with sound then without to see how it is then.

The film itself is short and about two chaps surviving the war and after some time in New York they travel to Sweden and other countries and seek affection of Elsa. its not so much slapstick but its comedic of sorts.

If your here to see Bogart hes not in it, if you want a busy film its not, if you want a film to while away the afternoon after a nice roast dinner and nap then stick this one on.

A Holy Terror

Yee Haa
I must say my reason for watching this very early film is the man himself Mr Humphrey Bogart, i have been a lifelong fan of his, growing up watching his prints from his early days until his premature death early on in his life. Having said that i normally give a 10/10 but this gets a 7/10, my down scoring is not through his acting as it was great but the film is around just 50 minutes long and so when it just gets interesting it ends leaving the viewer frustrated.

The story itself is a simple one of a guy that gets murdered and his son flies out to check on a local rancher to see if he can shed light on it. en route he crashes his plane into a lady's (Jerry) bathroom and survives. she falls in love with him and thats the problem, Steve (Bogart) also likes her and this proves difficult as they both fight for her affections.

The film itself is a little slow and you can tell its so very early a talkie film as the quality is very low and crackly throughout. if your a Bogart fan its worth the watch to see him in an early print.

Ghost Stories

all is not what it seems
Seen this twice now and i understood it much more the second time seeing the end the first time. i cannot say too much on the review as it will spoil it for others but its basically about a chap who comes across a file containing 3 cases of apparitions and goes about sourcing those that have experienced them. The film is kind of split into 5 parts all entwined and concluded on the 5th part with its ending. we have 3 separate stories that are like mini horror stories each with some jump scares and enough darkness to make you look nervously around at the slightest noise. the fourth part is how they are all put together and you then begin to ask what they all mean and then the final part is the huge twist which i must admit i never saw coming.

i kinda feel that it would be great to know the end first so i could enjoy the film more knowing where it was all leading but i know it would then spoil it. its a great British film with some great acting from all including our little Hobbit freshly placed in a new role. All i can say is that watch the film and then give it a short while and watch again and you will enjoy it both times with separate outlooks.

Hunter Killer

A deadly game
Just saw this tonight and thought it was a pretty good all action thriller but also thinking along the lines of if this came true how the human race would end it's excistance in a deadly game of my weapons bigger than yours.

It's the story of a USS submarine that goes missing and they send another submarine with Mr Gerard Butler firmly at the helm to find it and rescue those on board should the need be. They find their missing sub on the sea bed in Russian waters and it's not good's got several holes in it and all crew are dead.

Meanwhile a military despot has kidnapped the Russian president and this could lead to war...the US send a team out to rescue him and at the same time the rescue sub is briefed to go get them. It should be simple but another Russian submarine and a warship all get entangled along with the land team and the kidnappers and all hell breaks loose....

Overall a great thriller that's busy start to finish and well worth a watch

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