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Very funny!
I think perhaps this show is marmite. I am in the 'love it' camp, although I have to admit it's like slowing down to watch an accident and feeling relieved that's not you! SJP is predictable in her delivery of the stylish, smart yet ditsy cheating mother; she won't shake off her role in SATT that easily. Her on screen husband, (Thomas Haden Church) absolutely steals the screen with his honest, believable delivery as the deeply hurt and very bitter Robert. He is very entertaining and amusing. This show gets better as it goes on, and I couldn't wait for the next episode! I think anybody who has been through a separation or divorce will find something in this show to relate to. For me, it's the reminder that you can indeed fall in love with someone only to realise some years later that you can't stand to be near them! Maybe we can make ourselves feel a little better by gawping at their car crash lives; their pain, disappointment, failures, and their subsequent reckless stupid behaviour!


An excellent movie, not to be missed. Will Smith tells the truth with conviction.
I wasn't sure about going to see this one. I hadn't heard much about it and although I thought the trailer was good, I knew Will Smith had been overlooked by the BAFTA's and the Oscars. So with the rumours about the reasons for the snub fresh in my mind, I went to see Concussion, and what a good choice! It was great!

Never mind the negative reviews about this movie. The harsh criticism of the accents by both Will Smith and Alec Baldwin. The weight of these opinions sadly could be the reason for the films demise. I fear, if the cinemas don't support it, it will disappear and be forgotten. This will be a terrible mistake!!! I thoroughly enjoyed it. I thought Will Smith did a fine job of depicting the lovely doctor, and Alec Baldwin was excellent, even if his accent did slip a bit. The accents aren't important here anyway. It's the story itself that deserves our attention. Namely, Dr Bennett Omalu. What a wonderful man. In the movie, the focus is on him; his love of America and his desperate desire to belong and be accepted in a country that is free and where a man can do and be whatever he wants to be.... but be warned. Don't get into an argument with the NFL.

I went to see Concussion yesterday. It hasn't been out long here, it was released on 12th February. (it was released in December in USA). Yet, it was being screened in the smallest theatre. After you watch the movie you may, like me, start to wonder why it hasn't been given the same kind of attention as Spotlight. They are, after all, quite similar movies in many ways. Stories based on true events, stories that uncover great misdeeds and people who have been treated badly, ignored. These movies will make the viewer emotional. Angry. Sad. Upset. But mostly angry. More people need to see this film. I completely missed CAROL (funnily enough, another film that was snubbed) because it was only at my cinema very briefly, and it was up against some stiff competition from the likes of Star Wars and Spectre. I was gutted to miss it, but it felt like it was only there for a few days!! It seems, there are more fans of other genres of movies, and the cinemas have to give the public what they think we want. Or what we are told we want, if you wanna look at it another way.

There is a reference in the film to the tobacco companies and their determination to deny the dangers of smoking in the 90's. Everybody knows now, of course, and it seems crazy that people walked around everywhere smoking before the dangers were exposed. But those companies were, and still are, big and powerful, generating income through tax and keeping people addicted. So..... with the NFL. Powerful and wealthy. Offering people something different to do on a Sunday than church (not my words but stated in the movie and I think a very accurate statement). Giving people something else to believe in, something to feel a part of... but staying purposefully ignorant to the personal damage and death the much loved game has caused it's stars. It makes me think about my son's friends who play Rugby and suffer similar injuries. I worry for them.

This movie is more than just a film, it is a voice for all those people who have suffered, and all those who may suffer in the future. It is beautifully made, respectful and honest, with a fine cast, who all work together really well to tell a story with an ending that is kind of predictable. I only say that because the story is based on truth and past events.

Go and see it if you value freedom of speech. Go and see it if you like a movie that moves you to tears. (incidentally, I cry pretty easily but the only movies that have triggered my tears recently were this one and Room.) Especially go and see it if you are a fan of Will Smith, and take some tissues!

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