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Hilarious Show with heart
What a gem of a show. I watched the whole series in one go and just can't believe it was over so quickly. Very impressive how much they packed into a 25 minute sit com. So much so I wondered if it would sit better in a longer format. Each character had a compelling arc and while keeping the laughs at a spectacular high (particularly episode 3) the characters are simultaneously deepened with each episode.

The show seemed to fixate on people not being able to tell the truth of themselves. Brilliant place to start for comedic characters. Everyone is in love with the wrong person while pining after the right person but we are left constantly wondering if the right person is in fact right after all. Even though I was rooting for certain couples to get together - Lulu/ Anthony, Sam/Fred I wasn't sure if it would be actually the best thing for them.

I laughed, I cringed, I wretched and I have told everyone to watch it so I can talk about it in depth. The characters have remained in my mind long after I finished watching.

A show with it's own identity is truly rare and this one came Crashing in with exactly that.

A personal highlight is the introduction to the phrase "fanny gallop".

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