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Lab Rats: Elite Force

Comedy relief
The new Lab Rats Elite Force chose 3 main characters from each show, but the comedy relief was kind of missing. From Lab Rats: Adam, Leo, Bob and Douglas provided lots of laughs and from Mighty Meds: Horace, Alan, Gus, and Philip as well provided lots of laughs from that series. Are we going to see these characters in future episodes or are new comedic characters going to be revealed? I really like the new show, however, you made Kaz a little too serious and Chase a little dumber. Also Skylar Storm's hair I thought should not have been high-lighted as she looks cuter with her black hair and how did Skylar become a superhero as she had no super powers, but fire or light came out from her hands? Did Davenport give Skylar a bionic power like he did to Leo? These questions need to be answered in future episodes as well. Maybe a flashback episode before the last "regular" Lab Rats show could be created to show Skylar working with Donald to create her new super powers.

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