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Well written slow burner chamber play that envelops the viewer
This is a very well written and artfully directed movie by Steven Knight. He has masterfully directed a single actor in the lonesome and many a times confiinig space of a car. The audience only sees Tom Hardy in the entire duration of the film and observes his descent from a well composed gentlemen to someone on the verge of having his entire life changed in the course of a single evening.

I dont believe this movie will sit well with the usual popcorn audience as it requires someone who can appreciate how the confines of the car begins to close in on Hardy and how he unravels with each Bluetooth call. The movie although not loud or flashy is entirely captivating as you sit and await the next disaster in this man's life. This movie reminds us once again that Tom Hardy is a very talented actor. We are so accustomed to seeing him as manic and hulking overbearing characters, it is entirely refreshing to see him in this role where most of his emotions are inwardly directed and display steely calm but with a broken vulnerability as the movie goes on. The ending does leave the viewer wondering about the ultimate and final fate of the protagonist which makes me think I will be thinking about this movie for days to come.


Surreal, hilarious and unlike any comedy out there
I have just sat through the entire series..all six seasons of it. So try and hear me out.

What Dan Harmon has done, is unprecedented. He has taken the concept of a sitcom and thrown it entirely out of the window. Case in point, his characters. His characters have so often juxtaposed their own existence on the show, its not even funny. Its brave. I can see why he was fired and the show got cancelled, it simply wasnt a conventional sitcom. But what he has created is something rather profound. The friendships created on this show, are so real so unique, either the actors and writers did a phenomenal job (they did) or the show transcends the screen (which it does).

Please ignore the haters and those who say this show drops in ratings after the 4th season. But what it gives in return more than compensates for the few mediocre episodes.

Mr. Harmon, we are avidly waiting #andamovie


Stands its own if you can forget about the original
When I recall the 1977 original, what stands out most in my memory are the vivid and beautiful colours depicted with the backdrop of one of the most eerie haunting soundtracks to grace a film.

In stark contrast, almost rebelling from the original, this movie has taken great pains to be almost entirely devoid of colours. However when they do use any colour, you guessed it, its red and oh my gosh, does it get everywhere.

This recycled movie might not stand the test of time as it is heavily based on the original and depicts in a not so subtle manner the witches and the coven's going ons, whereas the original was subtlety and left it up to the viewer to imagine the worst. It does however explore the folklore around the Three Mothers and creates an eerie atmosphere that leaves the viewer distinctly uncomfortable.

If this was to be considered a standalone film, it would be mediocre. Give me honest new witch movies like the VVitch (2015) over remakes of old movies any day

The Haunting of Hill House

Horror has a new friend
The writers, directors, producers, editors and actors of this show deserve every accolade for a mini TV series possible. I havent seen a show directed with such finesse, edited with so much thought, written with depth enough to fill volumes ever. With character depth to rival that of series than run for years, in a mere 10 episodes, this show has given us a rare but thorough insight into every member of the damned Craine family. I reckon even on second viewing this show will be as shocking and intruiging as on the first view.

Since I began this show a week ago, I have recommended to everyone who will listen. I now give it the next highest rating possible in the hopes of spreading the word out that this show has to the best series of 2018 and certainly one of the best horror series ever. It has been a journey, one despite the uncomfortable factor that I have thoroughly enjoyed.

How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World

Made me tear up.. I was simply not prepared
I knew going in for this movie that it was not going to be a bad film but I was simply not prepared for the whirlwind of emotions the next 1 hour and 45 minutes of my life were going to be.

The comedy was on point, the animation STUNNING, far better than any of the previous two films, the music stirring. The movie also nods previous films' fan favourite moments as well incorporates certain music from the old films which I found to be a fitting end.

I loved the conclusion the story took more than anything else. It seemed fitting and deserving of the characters, but to be done so beautifully, I was left bawling.

9/10 stars.. Its been an amazing journey with Hiccup and Toothless. This is where we leave them.


Loses steam midway through but picks it up right back up again
I came here to see what the hype was all about. I started the series at 10am, less than 12 hours later and I am done and I report: worth the watch.

We have all seen or can accurately guess from Kevin Costner and Whitney Houston the typical formulae of the Bodyguard. But I mistakenly assumed this series would be the usual romantic trash Hollywood churns out. Its not.

The series picks up well and builds on it but midway I have to admit I was bored and only ploughed on as it was a mere 6 episodes. Im glad I did as it picks a faster and more interesting pace in Episode 5. All the attention to detail and minutiae pays off soo well in this series. Acting by supporting leads is superb as you can never accurately guess who to pin the blame on. Use of music is done well here too.

I do recommend this series, regardless if the hype train brought you here, stay for the ride. Im keen to see how this develops for a season 2.

Black Sails: XXXIII.
Episode 5, Season 4

What a twist!
Love this episode and the completely unexpected twist that came out of nowhere!

This entire season has been based so far it seems on the friendship and alliance between Flint and Silver. Billy, bless his heart has been testing this friendship for the better part of the season as well. Just when you think Silver gives in and Billy has finally gotten what he wanted for so long... PLOT TWIST.

Cant wait to see how the series ends..!

Black Sails: XXVIII.
Episode 10, Season 3

One of the best episodes of the series so far
This has to be one of my favourite episodes of the series so far, and definitely my favourite of the season.

We end the season with seeing just how far Flint and Silver's friendship has come from its initial days of a mere necessity to both parties to survive mutiny from a crew. The running narrative from Flint and Silver that dictates the episode is done with insight into each other and themselves as well as the predicament the men find themselves in.

The use of music in this episode, especially during the climax is done well, especially with the title music thrown in.

Cant wait to see what happens in the Battle for Nassau in the final season!!

Breaking Bad: Full Measure
Episode 13, Season 3

Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul's acting deserves every accolade possible
Goddammit. I have strict rules about giving out 10s. One of the rules is if I cant bear to look away but I cant bear to look and I am screaming at the screen and on the edge of my seat. This episode had me doing all the above and it was all in the last 5 minutes of this episode.

I recently mentioned to someone that I have finally started watching Breaking Bad and they described it as Shakespearean. I didnt entirely follow what they meant. I know I am far from the end with two whole seasons to go but damn.. I am stunned. I knew after the last episode Half Measure that I could expect something never seen before in the final of season 3 but nothing could prepare me for this. Bryan Cranston's acting. Aaron Paul's acting. The plot. The plot twists leading to this. The character development. The direction. The lighting. The music. The execution.

Shakespeare would be proud.

Breaking Bad: Fly
Episode 10, Season 3

oh...I'm gonna make it count alright..!
I am surprised to say the least that this episode so far in the series is the lowest rated..! a 7.6 for this? from over 16000 contributors? Cmon!

Directed by Rian Johnson, this episode is one of the BEST bottleneck episodes ever made, certainly the best centered around a fly. I understand viewers consider this episode a hit or a miss as it doesnt take the story forward, instead it is an introspective episode centering only around Walt and Jesse. It is one of those rare episodes where both drop their facades and reveal their emotions around themselves and about each other, something that is rarely seen in the usual episodes. This particular episode took a break and painstakingly played with the analogy that was a fly that was bugging the central characters. It is artistic, innovative and at times touching and at other times hilarious.

Another reason why I realised I liked this episode so much is because it gave me what I love best about the show: the interaction between Jesse and Walt, which at times in this episode is the usual moronic, sometimes pensive, sometimes funny and sometimes just reflection.

I havent been able to get this episode out of my head. This ought to one of the top rated episodes of the series in my opinion. Happy watching folks!


Not an easy film to watch but worth it nonetheless
Well, Angelina Jolie has established she can direct and she can direct well.

The movie isnt easy to watch but dont get me wrong, it is because of the content. Jolie has been able to convey a tough subject artfully, depicting violence and pain in equal measure with human redemption. The scenes towards the end of the movie are quite powerful.

Jack O'Connell has outdone himself from the last time I saw him in Eden Lake. To give such a powerful and emotional performance at the age pf 24 is remarkable.. This one deserves every accolade that comes his way for his portrayal of Louie Zamparini in this movie.

The Water Diviner

Beautiful and painful, but you cant look away
Russel Crowe's directorial debut and what a movie. After years of playing the lead actor, he takes on the director's role as well as producer's while still playing the lead actor in the role of a father who loses his three sons in the battle of Gallipoli and against all odds and hardships, he vows to travel to Turkey to find them. At times beautiful, at times extremely painful to watch, you cant stop watching. Its amazing how Crowe was able to capture so many emotions on screen.. This was a movie that I had lying around and for no better use of my evening, I decided to watch it. I was shocked by the pain in it and the emotions it brings forward in pivotal scenes.

4 on 5 stars, but 5 to Crowe personally. Do watch but keep a tissue handy.

Kingdom of Heaven

A true historical drama, well worth the watch - BUT ONLY the Director's cut!!
I should start by saying this movie is a rather long one, but not one scene is wasted. Its almost nearly historically accurate. Ridley Scott has tackled a rather controversial biopic, albeit taking a few liberties with the storyline for dramatic purposes.

Among the movie, what I found that stands out most is the depiction of battle. After watching movies your whole life you are nearly numb to it but this movie has done it refreshingly well. Some battle scenes of the movie left my mouth hanging open, a feat only achieved by LOTR previously.

So many of the cast are names and faces you will recognise, it is a shame they did not have more screen time! Liam Neeson, Jeremy Irons, David Thewlis, Brendon Gleeson and Michael Sheen, all were such a pleasure to watch, I wish they had more screen time.

Another thing that stood out, was the acting of some of the lesser characters! Negative characters played so dastardly well, it was a pleasure watching them on the screen.

You tend to forget what an amazing visionary Ridley Scott is, but this film has firmly reminded me he is one of the greatest directors of our time. A good film, a serious topic, a fantastic director and a stellar cast.

World War Z

One of the best Zombie movies out there
And trust me, I have watched them all. From the classics in the 80s to all the rubbish new ones. This one had me pausing to catch my breathe at soo many different parts in the movie, I honestly dont recommend it lightly. I can understand why Brad Pitt attached himself to the project and produced it, its well written, well paced and ticks all the right boxes. Its a bit far fetched I will admit but the movie pulls it off with aplomb! You heart will race, you will be whispering 'kill it, kill it' or 'run, run, faster' under your breathe through out the movie.

I went in to the movie watching it with apprehension because if you have seen one zombie flick you have seen them all. But honestly, from the first scene it was handled really well. Its cheesy, campy but oh its soo good!


Amazing Western
Deadwood. The writers of this show really know how to write a character. The show paints authentic people and has casted them even better. I have always known Ian McShane as an evil rotten actor and hence was fully prepared to hate him in this show. On completing the first season of this series, I am left thoroughly confused, as with the course of the season, my hatred towards him has surprisingly changed into slight admiration tinged with disgust. Not one character on this show is wholly good or bad, but instead are different shades between black and white. I find myself rooting for the baddies but still hoping justice is doled out. Timothy Olyphant is a delight to watch and so are the supporting cast. Brad Dourif especially stands out as Doc. The show is paced a bit slow but it doesnt disappoint, as every actor shines in their respective role.

I cant wait to watch the second season to see the relationship between characters develop or rot. Anything can happen in Deadwood.

The Exorcist: Chapter Three: Let 'Em In
Episode 3, Season 1

Horror in today's day and age
This episodes perfectly exemplifies what counts as horror in 2016. Its no longer jumpscares or blood gore. This episodes used lights and sounds to depict what was often happening off screen or sometimes editing to show particularly gruesome scenes but edited the worst of it out, which increases the sense of foreboding as the viewer is left to fill in the blanks using their own imagination. What cant be denied is that there is a certain sense of erotica thrown into the mix but is handled very well and sets on edge the viewer's sense of decorum, which adds to the scene and increases the sense of discomfort and horror felt.

The Greatest Showman

This is where I want to be..!
I usually detest musicals (Sound of Music being the greatest exception to this statement) as I dont find the music enthralling and captivating. More often than not, I find myself drifting off during the musical bit, waiting for it to come to an end and wait for the story to progress. The Greatest Showman on the other hand was a real show. The music builds and flows and has its own life in the movie. Catchy, beautifully lyrical, intense and delivered superbly by each and every actor in the movie. I can still hear the music and beats in my ears while I type this. I go a step further and say I might get the soundtrack, this movie was that fantastic!


One of the best shows out there
I hate to and very rarely and stingily dole out 10s on IMDB.

Mostly because I believe too much of anything is a bad thing. All you have to do is look at Big Bang Theory. They end up disappointing more often than not. They cease to surprise and amaze you. They become that old friend you are still in touch with just because you've known them forever. Which is why I can safely give Firefly a 10. Its been 14 very short but wholesome episodes. In a way I am happy this show is no more because it can never disappoint me, ever. Nothing about this show is bad. Save that each episode is 40 mins short and that they ceased making such good television.

Dastardly villians, well sketched out characters, insanely good capers, dialogues that will be forever fresh in my mind, acting that catches you by surprise, editing that stands the test of time, unrequited love, betrayal, did I mention really great comic albeit understated comic timing? Everything about this show is great. You cant ever peg a character in this as good or bad, as they all seem to be various shades of grey.

This show I can safely place on a mantel for life (unlike some of the greats out there that left you disappointed forever .. looking at you Dexter) It is NOT one of those regular caper shows. Take your usual everyday caper for telly and have it done wholesomely solemnly well with comedy and dark bits thrown in for equal measure and you think you can predict the ending. You know exactly how the episode is going to end and can call the shots. Then, BANG, the plot goes in the exact opposite direction of what you have predicted. Which keeps you on your toes, with laugh out loud laughter and interested to see how this pans out for all the favourite characters involved. I honestly can not rate this show any higher or urge you more strongly to watch it. 10/10 ( and like I said, its only because I cant go any higher)


Christian Bale shines
What a great start to 2018! Christian Bale delivers a quiet yet an impressive performance in this movie as a soldier who against his wishes has been ordered to safely aid in the passage of a Cheyanne Chief and his family back to their home.

Alternating between slow moving scenes and sudden harsh violence across the screen, the movie is paced beautifully. The cinematography is captivating with the overall score not taking away from the scene at at hand.

The movie captures the power of human emotions and interactions in a very profound and beautiful way and the last scene bumped up my rating from an 8 to a 9.

Prison Break

I feel like apologising to the world in general for not watching this earlier. This TV Series is epic and one of a kind. The first season is some of the greatest TV I have seen. The plot keeps you hooked and engrossed episode after episode. Shout out to to some of best supporting cast I have ever seen: Robert Knepper and William Fichtner. With actors whose characters written out so deeply and so negatively and just so positively dastardly, it takes great skill to make the audience like the baddies.

This is a great TV series, four seasons of some of the best television ever.

Black Sails: I.
Episode 1, Season 1

Pirate's Life for me
I have no idea what I've just seen. The story opens immediately to scenes of battle and slowly introduces the viewers to a whole myriad of characters. I can not make up my mind who is bad, who should I back and who should I despise. What a packed first episode. I am really excited to see what Starz has created here.. I can already tell I am in for some really exciting television. The back story, a messy plot, secret agendas, and this was just the first episode!! Cant wait to see whats in store for us as this progresses!

The Philadelphia Story

The course of true love... Gathers no moss
You really cant beat the classics. Its lines such as these and the manner of delivery that crack me up.

This is comedy at its finest. James Stewart's delivery and expressions are laugh out loud. Katherine Hepburn is a beauty and the only thing that outshines her is her acting.

The is a well made movie and great fun to watch. And most surprisingly, its not dated at all.

Thor: Ragnarok

Fun, entertaining shallow Marvel movie
Don't get me wrong, it's far better than Suicide Squad, (oh sweet Lord, nearly any popcorn film these days is). Its very entertaining. But it's a fluff popcorn film. Honestly, good for a one time watch but you won't regret paying for the popcorn. Hence the 8 on 10.

Some scenes could have been done with a touch of class. Some scenes were executed beautifully and I couldn't ask for more.

The comedy in the movie wasn't overkill, rather it was very tastefully done. But overall, an entirely shallow movie and it didn't have to be, it had immense potential to milk tears, ( the producers decided otherwise I suppose).Huge potential to be deep and dark and overly frightening. I'm not complaining. How can I? They used Led Zeppelin in the soundtrack. I just wish it wasn't treated as popcorn flick which it sadly is. Hemsworth on the other hand. Who knew he could do comedy? Apparently, Director Taika Waititi did! Hela was a nice surprise too. Oh. And Mark Ruffalo was on screen having loads of fun.

Do watch. No regrets here

King Arthur: Legend of the Sword

Another score for Guy Ritchie
Don't know why everyone is whinging about this movie. I loved it! I went in with zero expectations and was pleasantly surprised.

Main highlight: the use of music and sound. That alone earns this movie 5 on 5. But then again, Ritchie always knew what he was doing in the sound department (Rocknrolla ring a bell anyone?). All the scenes are artfully done and wonderful pacing of music only makes it better, if not steals the damn show. Another plus point would be the quickly paced scenes of dialogues over pivotal plot bits that we've all come to anticipate and love from Guy Ritchie. Action sequences were well done too.

Ignore the bad reviews. Trust me. Watch.


A bloody masterpiece
I can not give enough praise to this TV series. It is beautifully plotted, and executed even better.

Never have I seen a series whose music has been used so well. To depict lightness even while something horrific is happening on screen, to want to look away from the screen but being captivated by the horror and the music is sheer talent.

Highlights of the show would be the superb acting by the leads. At times, it is easy to forget Michael C. Hall is even acting. His presence on screen is so powerful, so commanding, it is hard to look away. Indeed, at times I even wondered at just how many roles Mr. Hall has to portray on screen. From playing the part of a bumbling redneck to a ruthless sharp witted killer, few actors have displayed such a finesse for the arts on screen. Jennifer Carpenter as the sister is one of the most foul mouthed loved characters to ever grace the screen. Many a time, the bad guys from this show are the crowd pleasers, right from Season 1.

This series gets a 9 on 10, the one point it missed is due to the last season. I still seem to be a bit undecided on how this series ended but nonetheless, as the series and its ending still continues to haunt me and the fact that it probably will for a long time, warrants the 9 on 10.

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