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Jersey Shore

Two words "character development"
I just wanna start this by stating that I hate reality shows: that out of the way: I honestly doubt this is what MTV was going for, but as a whole, jersey shore is about character development. In season one, we meet characters who are truly obnoxious and annoying and by the end, everyone has experienced an extreme character arc. It's the kind of stuff you could only right but for a show that's unscripted, it's amazing to witness.

Sure somethings were scripted, but for the most part, everything you witness is legit, they have the cameras rolling and you just see these people go from being little worms, to cocoons, to beautiful butterflies. You will laugh until you cannot laugh anymore. You will cry until your eyes are dry. Jersey shore is the show. The one. The master. My savior. No satire.


Avatar: The Way of Water

An okay, fun rehash of the first film.
I loved Avatar. And I liked this one. Which sucks because I wanted to love this one too!

I mean it's all there: everything we loved about the first, except that's just the problem.

It's EVERYTHING we loved. The conflict the character arch for the younger cast members. It's plays very close to the first.

And what it does change is great and fun and new, but sadly when the credits roll I was left feeling like I just watched a 3 hour preview for Avatar three, four and five.

The movie doesn't take itself too seriously which is nice, even mocking itself once which made things better in my opinion (you'll know what part when you see it)

In total, decent film, but probably won't be seeing it as many times as I did the first one.

Hocus Pocus 2

Disney is back at ruining beloved childhood classics.
As if Star Wars wasn't enough to ruin, they did Marvel dirty. And then that wasn't enough so they have gone and attacked one of their own films and just ruined it. Hocus Pocus (1993) is an all around cult classic! That movie never misses a beat - each plot point progressed magnificently to the next and the plot has meaning - this is where Hocus Pocus 2 (2022) fails /among other areas\

The plot is horrible first off. The story is lazy and completely lifeless. The witches have no drive like in the original and feel like 60 year old ladies who were asked to do a reenactment of an old play they had done back in high school for the rest of the retirement home. But no one wants to watch it or has any clue what is happening.

The sisters don't even act like themselves. It's watching a bad fan film you found on YouTube.

Do not watch. Down with Disney.


What a ride!!!
When we had seen the trailer for this back in June, my girlfriend and I knew we had to see it. It looked like it would be something worth the watch. So we waited for August 19th and the date was pushed back so we waited again for September 9th and finally got to see it.

What we thought was going to just be a jump scare filled horror flick, turned out to be an insanely horrific rollercoaster we couldn't look away from. And I loved every minute of it.

Barbarian is a terrifying adventure you have to go into not knowing a thing about. It was the fear of the unknown that really had me going! That said, I know I'll arch it again and still get a kick out of it.

Go watch. You won't be disappointed.


I don't Knope what to think.
It was strange. I saw it and left thinking "what just happened?" I mean I know JPs films leave you thinking but I couldn't help but feel confused and not in a good way.

I can't say what was achieved, I can't say what things meant. A large plot line just vanished at one point and I couldn't stand that I felt like I didn't care when emotion scenes were popping up. It was like, I know I should be sad, but why is this even happening in the first place? Why is ___ doing ____ in the first place!

That said I know I at least enjoyed it enough to wanna see again. Either that or I just want some answers. New Rockstars where you at?

Thor: Love and Thunder

Taika's Lovely Blunder
Sadly this film isn't good. I truly was hoping to enjoy another Thor adventure but the plot lacks, the 'Disney greater message' is forced as usual and the overall acting is forgettable (save for Bale of course) it had some good spots that had me genuinely laughing but that's the only plus of the film: the laughs and that's not enough to get me to see it again.

Taika what have you done. :insert sad face:

Jurassic World Dominion

Jurassic World: Dumbminion
So disappointed it's not even funny. I don't see how they can fail this hard. It's like they tried to write a bad movie. So so sad. Only getting two stars because the dinosaurs looked pretty good.


If Red Dead Redemption was a Tv show
I have to say it was amazing. Was a little disappointed in how they just up and forgot/didn't care about past dead characters - you'll agree once you watch - and some of the teenage, love drama stuff pulled me out of it here and there - especially during two episodes - But by god this was amazing. I laughed I cried, I cried and I cried.

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales

I trembled in my seat with anticipation as the final trailers played in the movie theater on May 25th before Pirates 5 began. This franchise was my childhood and now I was able to dive back in as a newly turned adult and witness the next thrilling tale of my favorite legend to ever sail the seas. Captain Jack Sparrow.

Sadly, the tale was tall and had a horrible fall. What could have been a excellent addition to the already amazing franchise ended up failing in more places than anyone could have dreamt of.

The characters aren't rememberable- not even good old captain Jack himself which is my biggest issue. Jack Sparrow is NOT my Jack Sparrow. Something is off. If you watch the last installment in Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland series and then watch this, you can tell Johnny was channeling the Mad Hatter for some of this.

I love Johnny Depp and think he created a character than no one will ever be able to top, but Jack isn't the swagger master we all fell in love with in this movie. He's a back ground character who is just pulled along through the story because...?

It isnt Johnny's fault, it's the studio's. Disney, if you want to make an amazing Pirates Sequel, contact me. I'll help fix this sinking ship before Robbie gets in.

The Last of Us: Part II

But was it worth it?
The Last of Us Part II is something you have to experience instead of just reading reviews. The whole moral behind the game is this: How far will you go for revenge, and is it worth it?

The gameplay, the acting, the story... all of it is just... perfect.


Pointless changes but an amazing movie.
For this movie the horror is real. Pennywise is as creepy as ever - little too creepy to lear the kids on like in the book - and the actors playing the kids are on point.

Only issue for me as an ultimate fan of the book is the pointless changes that tainted the perfection that is Stephen King's IT.

Mike is no longer the historian who puts everything together. They took the most important role in the story away from the black kid and made him more so a fan service.

In a world where race is everything nowadays it is wild that they would do something like this.

Pennywise is played amazingly. The only issue is that he is 100% creepy in every scene. Pennywise is way too creepy to attract children like he does in the book. The original film with Tim Curry had this problem as well only it wasn't as noticeable.

I would say in total- watch this film. You'll dig it and find a lot of frights and excitement. The perfect blend of a coming of age horror story.

Annabelle Comes Home

The most boring horror film You'll see
This film isn't even worth reading the spoilers. The great thing about the past movies of this saga - though they too strayed far from the truth - had a basic true story behind it. This one is just fake. Every second is a joke. There are loads of moments when you see a classic jump scare or horror movie cliché coming but then it doesn't happen which normally would be great because all horror movies are just recycled spooks but this one could have benefited from taking those chances.

Waste of time. Even writing this is a waste.

Acting was fine though until the cheesy ending.

10/10 will never watch again.

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest

The Legend of Jack Sparrow!!
Swashbuckling, dashing and cunning, Jack Sparrow has locked himself into the hearts of everyone who has seen these films and rightfully so.

Dead mans chest takes a turn from the first film, which stuck closer to a realistic feel besides the undead crew, and sticks more to the legends and tales the sailors from the 18th century would tell upon their ships.

Davy Jones, the kraken, the dreaded dead man's chest. All of these take a crucial role in the progression of this movie and the, not-so-amazing follow up film.

Unlike its predecessor, Dead Man's Chest focuses on the quest and task of Jack Sparrow -apologies- CAPTAIN Jack Sparrow and his flight from a fate he brought upon himself by making a deal with the devil. Davy Jones.

The flow and progression of the story is perfect. From the island of hungry cannibals to the struggle Will Turner - the last films lead - faces with saving his father, to the strive for redemption James Norrington faces having been damned for his failure to capture Jack, all need the bloody key to the chest to fulfill their destinies.

If you haven't, watch it. Skip the first if you must. You will not be disappointed.


What a surprise!
I went into this film expecting to be laughing my back end off at the stupidness of the whole thing. What ended up happening was the complete opposite!! I was silent as a Christmas mouse as I watched An old, run down Santa (Mel Gibson) struggle to maintain the holiday tradition in a modern world riddled with hate and no Christmas spirit. Now don't get me wrong you'll laugh a few times but in total it's a dark drama, not a dark comedy. That said, wasn't disappointed at all.

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