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Pokémon: Detective Pikachu

Quite empty
The film lacks a decent narrative and the majority of the cast is forgettable at best. It seems to be a film more focused on setting up CGI action pieces (admittedly pretty decent action pieces) rather than telling a story or giving the characters real depth. Ryan Reynolds is alright in it but as he does the exact same voice and a similar persona to Deadpool it makes for an underwhelming performance because it invites comparison to a far better performance of his, obviously this is in part because of the lack of PG restraints on Deadpool compared to Pikachu

Doctor Who: Spyfall: Part One
Episode 1, Season 12

Heading back to form
Shortly before the premiere I watched the last 2 episodes of last series as I had stopped watching due to the decline in quality. They were pretty bad, thankfully this episode was far better, with an intriguing story, improved atmosphere, a really well designed new allien and a few nice cameos. Still not quite sold on the group dynamic but hopefully that'll get better.

Russia 1917: Countdown to Revolution

The documentary includes many factual errors, jumps to conclusions about things like motive and thought processes that the evidence simply doesn't support and massively overstates the role of Stalin in the revolution, as well as his friendship with Lenin. It also completely ignores that Stalin had previously been dismissed by Lenin from the party due to his criminal tactics.

The Soviet Story

Utter drivel
filled with historical inaccuracies and falsehoods this film is not a documentary it is fiction with a few facts thrown in. It is a clear work of propaganda funded by the EU. It makes out that the Russians hated the Jews and ignores the fundamental differences between the Nazi's and soviets, for starters how the soviet backed communists where regularly attacked and killed in Germany by the Nazi's.

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