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A Perfect 10
This show for families in agony of death is a PERFECT 10. I am not even reading the other reviews in fear one could upset me. I usually feel that hard stabbing critics usually don't have pumping hearts anyway. They are usually robot hearts, made of steel. Without feelings. Or "way out there" and can't relate to normal humans. The love, fear, pits in stomachs, don't talk about it, it won't exist, just saying the name is so real. There were so many aspects of this film, anyone in death crisis can relate to. I truly thank you from the top, the middle and bottom of my broken heart for this film. It sure helped me.

Mindhunter: Episode #1.4
Episode 4, Season 1

Wendy wants her status known
Against - bland Wendy is trying so hard to say I am gay. It is a joy just watching all her rocks and turn a the looks on faces. We shall see - wont we. This should be interesting.

The Truth About the Harry Quebert Affair

Meeeaaa. Just so so.
I started watching with this is going to be awesome. Beach, writer, girl, etc. Soon class lecture and politics. Yuk! I agree with the other low ratings ok but not a hit in this house. Acting subpar. And he Dempsey is a great actor...right?

Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald

A Pure Wizards World
Gosh, I don't know about you? This show Is a rewrite of how many before it. I'm disappointed. My grandson just loves the wizards, Harry Potter and all his worlds. I'm just very unhappy with this one. But if you are like me, with grandchildren and magic you will watch it because it's a Harry Potter magical world.


The show broke my heart. You would have to be a robot if it didn't break yours. The acting was awesome. The ending was awful. Left everything so disconnected. Dang it.


Confused - History
True history this is not. I am confused. But. I suppose since this is a entertainment recreated history drama, that isn't a shock. Yet. I love trying to follow the story. In war anymore, endless are the possibilities. High Castle side kick I think.

A Room with a View

Watch the remake...
The remake is do much better. Sorry just my opinion.

A Room with a View

Lovely and Sad and Beautiful
Cecil, you were good. Just the undertones were great. She was so in love she didn't know what to do. A great love story.

Ray Donovan: Never Gonna Give You Up
Episode 11, Season 6

Trust me. You have family? Don't miss this show. Donovan "Liev Schreiber" is over the top outstanding. Jon "Mick" has his love and shows it in so many crazy ways. Ray in this episode breaks my heart. He is one sensitive man that just takes on everyone's problems. The man can act beyond words describing "act" in the dictionary. I'm blown away at this show. He puts you right there with him in that family. Gosh I want to take away his pain. Grief is a terrible thing.

Ray Donovan: Horses
Episode 8, Season 5

Life vs Death ~ how many hours do I have to live? That thought in itself, that line on these two past episodes strikes every nerve in our bodies. This particular episode wrenched my heart. The acting is beyond belief. The love, hope, desperation, I just think it is amazing.

Finding Christmas

I mean seriously. This movie is do scrumptious from beginning to end. The music is awesome. The acting well ... my goodness gracious JTHodges, you are easy on the eyes young man. You can act, sing. Wow. This Christmas story is so much better than most! Yea for RoBo Reindeer. I watched this show, then I hit up google to find out where hallmark had been hiding you. This is a great movie.

Kurt Seyit ve Sura

Just beautifully loved and made
This received 6 something rating is beyond me. Love, true desire of passion and romance, aaaa. If you love period dramas, you are going to just love this series. These two fall in love and must deal with poverty, family pressures, enemies you thought were your friends and societal expectations. I was hooked from the beginning. But. If you don't like subtitles- dang it :/. You won't like. But at least give it a try. It is worth watching trust me. History, war, love, hate, romance. It is absolute wonderful. I gave it a 10.

Wedding at Graceland

If you can't say something nice...
This was so forced. Just didn't have the flow it should have. I was wanting this to be over the top good. It was just "almost over the top" goofy. Disappointed...that just my taste.

Testament of Youth

The absolute 10star movie. Yes, it was. If you didn't rate it there, I wonder where your heart is?

Far from the Madding Crowd

No no no I will not.
I didn't want this movie to stop. I just didn't. Hard life, hard work, loss, love, human torture of feelings from all areas of life. This was so good. so good!

Suite Française

Informing, delicate love, heartbreak
The reviews and ratings that are low, I wonder if we just see things differently? I saw this as a woman tortured in so much love. A community devastated in war. I just absolutely loved it. Loving someone to that degree just broke my heart.

Ben Is Back

I didn't even read if there were negative reviews. Are you a parent ~ watch this! This will put you in anxiety mode. The love of a child, there is no greater. I have been blessed with amazing children in my life. But this show is proof. NEVER. SAY. NEVER.

David Copperfield

How do you grow normal in a world like this. This show just sends me into orbit. That rod, every time I watch it, turns me inside out. If this is or was Dickens life, I suffer to think. Why? is all I can think. Peggotty I love you. Copperfield at his early youth as it should have been, he lives happily with his mother and his nurse, Peggotty. His father died. the violent Mr. Murdstone his mothers new husband lowest scum of the earth. How can one be "normal" after this kind of life? This magnificent child grows up as you well know.


Breath of "Freshness"
If you want a smiling heart. This is movie is full of an awesome adventure, delicate drama, fabulous fantasy, a sweet romance. The music is delightful. The visionary colors, costumes, are delicious. So refreshing to watch. Thank you, Lilly and Richard, and Kenneth for this sweet movie. The best left for the last comment, the entire family can enjoy Cinderella. Refreshing. Proud member of the juice box club at 65 years old.

House of Cards: Chapter 66
Episode 1, Season 6

Well ...... thank God for Doug
We'll bust my bubble. I wonder what they were thinking writing this. But. I thank God for Doug he keeps things interesting. We shall see. Frank just poof. I love watching Clare. But for heavens sake nothing like we saw in the previous shows. Sorry.

Sweet Land

Delicious in every aspect of the word finding love. A girl, her phonograph, a suitcase, and she has no idea what is about to happen. A boy and his mail ordered wife. I just loved this movie. I cried. I laughed. I admired her so much. No German around here. Times have not changed. Have they.

Love's Last Resort

Silly -Qwercky- Entertainment
This movie was just simply a movie to entertain. I cannot believe a girl who is a doctor could possibly be that empty between the ears. No. Wait - I'm sure there are. Silly entertainment, nothing more - nothing less. The writers and directors need to think again when they cast parts. I am a huge fan of Thomas Beaudoin. He is an amazing actor. He brings you to the point you truly believe his character. That's a great actor.i give him 8 stars. The rest maybe 4. What a shame and waste of great actors. A bit too much nonsense acting in this show. I mean really... REALLY! Why don't they use him so much more! There are a few actors that are just overused.

The Go-Between

Innocent Used Children
Heart wrenching. Heart stopping. Beautiful love story. Hateful mother. Blind love. The abuse of this child broke my heart. Neglect and abuse he endured as he payed in the rain crying. My goodness. Early on in the show, he feel so in love. The first love of a little boy is more real than anything most give credit. I just adored this movie.


One Person Destruction
An absolutely love movie. An absolutely hate movie. Not hate in the sense that the movie was bad. Hate in the aspect of how humans destroy. Astonishing how one person can destroy your life forever. Even at the end of this movie. Her non-regret was appalling.

A Room with a View

Lovely and Sad and Beautiful
Cecil, you were good. Just the undertones were great. She was so in love she didn't know what to do. A great love story.

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