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The Disappointments Room

Love Kate beckingsale but this movie is trash
If I known what they meant by a disappointment room... I wouldn't of watched this movie. It made my blood boil . Horrible absolutely horrible storyline. Don't watch or you will regret it!!!

The Open House

Horrible so horrible
I wanted to turn this off soooo many times and wish I had. Such a colossal waste of time! The mom in the movie made me want to scream. How her only concern was the shower... I was hoping for something supernatural not a stupid psycho that goes to open houses to get access to house mess with family and kill them eventually. But the things I had problem with we never see his face. The things he move and take soooooo dumb.By the end I was just heated cause it was a flat out mess. No gore just broken fingers.... lame


People really don't know what is a bad movie?! It's Not this one
This movie for what it was... was a nice slow ticking bomb but had lots of story... lot of depth to it. I absolutely loved it. It's been forever since I've seen a sensitive choose not to come back and the spirit stay. Lucy was one tuff costumer and you saw that early on when she saw Tess was enterable slam down next to her death spot over and over. This is not a horror movie this is a slow bomb supernatural thriller. So all these 1-2 reviews doesn't know a good spirit movie. This is excactly how sensitives get entered or possessed by spirits or demons. It doesn't happen boom pow it's a slow take over. I think this movie showed that perfectly. Also loved the cast.

Eliza Graves

A Must See for Asylum Fans! Outstanding Cast!
I really enjoyed this movie. It kept me guessing to thee very end. The cast- Kate Beckingsale(Underworld Series,Vaccancy, Click)Jim Sturgess(Across The Universe,21) David Thewlis(Fargo,Red 2,Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban) Those three were my favorite characters in the movie but I love them in everything I've seen them in. Anyway if you like the three actors as I mentioned then you should give this movie a go. It really deserves better ratings. For the sets, music, the pace, the brilliance of shining a light on something dark. It makes you think till the end. Then you're like whoah such a good movie.

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