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  • I knew exactly what they wanted to show from the beginning even though I never read the book. It's a waste of time, but if you like lies that make you feel better then go ahead.
  • This could have been well balanced Sci fi and drama series but all we get is disappointment. Even after fast forwarding the whole series feel like wasted too much of time.
  • 4 April 2019
    The entire movie seems like some kind of suspense but it just ends, very stupid story. Some writers need to stop writing for movies, like this one.
  • After watching this movie you would want to kill yourself because you are never gonna get that 2h 25m back. All the actors are stupid, script is nonsense and there is no suspense as claimed.

    There should be some kinda standard for TV movies also. Just because people can make movies shouldn't make one. The money invested should haven been given to charity rather.
  • If I took a camera and randomly recorded people talking, it would actually turn out better . This movie has no script no dialogues people just uttering nonsense. The whole time I was wondering "what the heck am I watching? Don't be fooled by those well known actors, even they must be embarrassed watching this nonsense. Total waste of time. 4th grade movie .
  • It's the same old DDLJ type movie just that it's senseless and emotionless. I was really annoyed and disappointed. If people like Imtiaz Ali and Sharukh make movies like these days of bollywood are over. Please Understand that a proper script is necessary before you jump into the "camera action" thing. Viewers are no longer interested in "ye style" get over it and start producing sensible stories.

    Songs are nice and thanks to Arijit, please stop misusing him. Locations were awesome but again we watching a drama movie and not National Geographic.