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Awesome show, great performance, highly addictive!
"Narcos" is a crime TV series showing the story of the famous (and real!) kingpin Pablo Escobar, the drug lord and owner of the Medellín drug cartel in Colombia. Pablo became a billionaire through the production and distribution of cocaine, a new drug at the time. Up until them, the biggest problem was marijuana, that was sold by "hippies in flip-flops".

Escobar was an established black marketeer in Medellín, moving trucks worth of illegal goods (alcohol, cigarettes, and household appliances) into Colombia during a time when this was strictly forbidden, when introduced to Mateo "Cockroach" Moreno, a Chilean exile and underground chemist, who pitched the idea that they go into business together, with Moreno producing and Escobar distributing a new, profitable drug—cocaine.Since cocaine is highly addictive, we see the ascension of the violent cartels in Colombia trying to bring tons of cocaine to the US and the battle with the DEA agents trying to hunt Escobar down. Pablo Escobar ascension to the most famous/ richer Drug Dealer in the world is also shown, and the story is told through Steve Murphy's perspective, an American DEA agent working in Colombia whose sidekick is the Mexican DEA agent Javier Peña.

In my personal opinion "Narcos" is a very addictive and an incredible TV series, with top performances from Wagner Moura (Tropa de Elite!), Pedro Pascal (Oberyn!) and Boyd Holbrook. I remember being very young in Brazil and seeing the news talking about Pablo Escobar on TV and how terrified some people were about visiting Colombia at that time. Wagner Moura is a great actor and makes Escobar at the same time monstrous and charismatic. A lot of the series is in Spanish, so "kudos" for "Narcos" one more time, since most TV shows hardly have any other language besides English. I see some people saying Wagner Moura doesn't look like a drug lord boss, but most of them didn't even bothered to search for Pablo Escobar real picture. Yes people, bad guys can be middle age, overweight and don't look exactly intimidating at first sight.

My vote is 9/10.


A very entertaining TV series if you enjoy the Viking Era or the adventure genre!
"Vikings" is a historical/adventure/drama television series, where the lead character is Ragnar Lothbrok, a viking young farmer who is ambitious and wants to explore new lands and civilizations. The character is inspired by the real Ragnar Lothbrok,a very well-known Norse hero, famous for his attempts to raid England and France. Besides him, we get to know his family and friends: his envious brother Rollo, his son Bjorn Ironside, his wife Lagertha (who is also a fantastic warrior!) his friend Floki, Aslaug, among many others characters who were also famous in the Viking Saga.

Ragnar starts as a frustrated farmer, who is not satisfied with Earl Haraldson interests in only sending his vikings raiders to poor places like Russian and Baltic countries. Ragnar and his friend Floki build a faster fleet of boats to make them to the western world, where Ragnar is sure they will have richer countries to raid and a better soil to plant and live. We see the ascension of Ragnar from farmer to King, and all the different cultures who never had contact with each other before,getting into war or trying to reach a diplomacy.

In my personal opinion, "Vikings" is very entertaining, even if it has some historical inaccuracies. I agree with Michael Hirst, the show runner, who said "that they had to take some liberties with Vikings, specially because no one really knows for sure what happened in the Dark Ages": If you watch "Vikings" as a TV series instead of a documentary and if you are into History/Viking/European movies/books/TV series you are probably going to enjoy it. It is one of my favorite TV series at the moment and I am anxious to the next season. The acting is also great and Katheryn Winnick is my muse!

My vote is 9/10.

The Expendables

Watchable, more because of the action stars united in a single movie then anything else
A team of elite mercenaries, the Expendables, leaded by Barney Ross head to South America on a mission to overthrow a dictator of a small South American island. Barney and Lee, a knife enthusiast, meet the rebel Sandra and discover what is really happening behind the conflict in the city. Sandra is revealed to be the dictator's daughter, and during an ambush, they need to scape and let Sandra behind. But Ross cannot let Sandra there, and to make peace with his conscience, he and his team decide to go back to the Island.

'The Expendables' is not a great masterpiece of the action movies but is not a terrible movie either; to be honest, as many users here already wrote, the movie is very ' so so'. I could say the movie is 'satisfying', if I need to use a word. Being honest, I was hoping for more, specially because all of the propaganda saying it would be the 'Greatest Action Film Ever', and also with the reunion of great names like Bruce Wilis,Schwarzenegger, Jet Li,Dolph Lundgren,etc. One of the most disappointing things in my opinion, was the fact that Arnold and Bruce were on the screen only to do a cameo appearance. A very funny cameo appearance, but still a cameo appearance. I thought Arnold and Bruce would be kicking asses with everybody, but in fact the movie centers around Stallone, Lundgren, and Statham's characters practically.

There are some cool explosions and some nice fighting scenes, for sure, but the plot is weak and cliché, and no matter how many bombs they can explode, an ordinary plot doesn't make a movie something incredible.

To make a small summary of what I am talking about: The movie is worthwhile because of the reunion of great legends of the action movies, but are better action films out there for sure. I would say for people to watch this movie, but with few expectations.

Vamos a matar, compañeros

Very cool western movie and the song stays in your head
In Mexico, during the revolution,the arms dealer Yodlaf "Swedish" Peterson is going to sell most of his weapons to the corrupt General Mongo. But there is a problem : The money Mongo is going to use to pay Yodlaf is locked in a bank safe almost impossible to break. Since Mongo and his men killed most men of the Village that could know the combination, the only man that is alive that knows the combination to open the safe is professor Santos,prisoner of the Americans in Fort Yuma.

Yodlaf agrees to bring Santos to Mongo, but he needs to go with Vasco to this mission, since Mongo suspects of the Swedish.

Besides most of the problems Vasco and Yodlaf need to deal with in their way to US, they even need to face Yodlaf's former business partner and now hater, John 'The Wooden Hand' and his Hawk, Marshall.

I watched "Vamos a Matar, Compañeros" because of my father's recommendation. I am not a western expert, so I cannot compare it to other movies of this genre, but I can say that this movie is very 'watchable' even for people who are not very familiar with the Spaghetti Western genre. I liked the character of Yodlaf Peterson, mostly because of his courage and his bad-ass -but-polite -gentleman actions. The clothes and the cinematography of this movie are also very good, as well some of the lines. I need to highlight two moments: First, when Yodlaf gives a dollar coin to Vasco, and the Second one when they transform Marshall (the hawk) into a barbecue! Priceless!

Labor Pains

Silly and predictable movie, but it is good to see Lindsay back.
Thea Clayhill is the secretary of the arrogant publisher Jerry Steinwald. She hates her job and she cannot wait to do something more meaningful, but all she gets are stupid chores like taking care of Jerry's pet. One day, after being distracted, an accident happens with Jerry's dog, and he, angry and tired of her terrible job, decides to fire her. Thea lies pretending that is pregnant to not lose the job, specially because after her parents died in a car accident, Thea needs to raise her younger sister Emma alone. Since he cannot fire a pregnant woman, Thea can keep her job, but she needs to use fake bellies and to fake her pregnancy to not make people suspicious. Jerry decides to stay out of the company for a while, during his dog's recovery, and his younger brother Nick, assumes his position. Nick is very different from Jerry, and besides being charming, he is a very nice guy. He and Thea start to work together in a search for a new incredible book, and Nick uses Thea's pregnancy to help him to publish a great book about pregnancy. The only problem is: For how much time can Thea keep this fake pregnancy?

' Labor Pains' is a very predictable movie, full of clichés, but it is a nice and soft romantic comedy to watch. The situations are totally unreal , but the movie itself is not a total waste of time ( although is not a masterpiece either). The pregnancy theme is something that I usually like, and it was good to see Lindsay in a role of an adult woman. In fact, she is doing good in this film and is nice to see her back, playing a more respectful character then the ones of most of her previous movies. Watching this movie even makes you forget all her drug- alcohol addiction that happens in her life and that she usually is famous for.

The L Word: Lies, Lies, Lies
Episode 4, Season 1

Tina discovers that she is pregnant!
Jenny continues to see Marina without Tim's knowledge, putting at risk her relationship with him more and more. Tim, on the other hand, is worried ( and jealous) because Jenny is going to meet an ex professor from her college that she had an affair, Nick Barashkov.

Jenny confides about her involvement with Marina to Nick, letting him very surprised but at the same time giving her support to go on, and also to write more bold stories.

Tina makes the pregnant test and discovers that she is pregnant from Marcus' sperm. Alice is with her when she makes the tests and is the first person to know about it; Tina asks Alice to not say anything to anyone yet, because she doesn't want Bette upset with her.

Dana is embarrassed because she had a female ejaculation with Lara; Alice, on the other hand, is interested in Shane's friend 'Lisa', a guy that is a lesbian identified man.

The L Word: Longing
Episode 3, Season 1

Jenny tells Marina that she is going to marry Tim
In this episode from the L World, Alice continues to date Gabby, the woman that all of her friends don't like and that treats Alice bad. In the beginning, Alice doesn't believe that Gabby still is a selfish woman, but when Shane tells her that Gabby is also dating Nadia, Alice finally put an end in her relationship with Gabby and tells her ( Gabby) everything that she (Alice) thinks about her.

Jenny tells Marina that she is going to marry Tim; she pretends to be happy, but in fact she is sad with this decision.

Dana finally decides to ask Lara to have dinner with her, and she asks her friends to help her in what kind of clothes she should wear on the occasion.

Shane decides to end Lacey's crazy attitudes of publishing banners and posters saying bad things about her. Shane talks with Lacey, explaining that she is not a fan of relationships and they stay in good terms.

Bette engages in a battle of wills with the board of directors whom oppose a new set of artwork called 'Provocations' at the California Art Center, and she takes a desperate step by traveling to Santa Barbara to see Peggy Peabody, an eccentric and notorious art collector, to ask for help in funding for setting up the event.

Lesbian Vampire Killers

Silly British movie, but funny and with a nonsense story!
In a Small Village, all girls that turn 18 become lesbian vampires, thanks to a curse that Camilla, a lesbian vampire queen who was defeated by Baron Wolfgang Maclaren, put in the villagers many centuries ago. In the modern days, we have Jimmy and Fletch, two friends that want to do something cool on their vacations, and decide to go on a hiking in an unknown village( that of course, is the same cursed village full of lesbians vampires).

At first, Fletch and Jimmy are not very excited to stay in the place, but when they meet a group of hot girls, they decide to give the place a chance. The only problems is that the girls are turning into lesbian vampires one by one, till only Lotte is left. Obviously, they will need to do something to help the other girls and to prevent Lotte from becoming a lesbian vampire as well.

''Lesbian Vampire Killers '' is a funny and silly movie. By it's title you can know what you are going to get: a B movie full of lesbian vampires, blood and nonsense! I see many people complaining about the movie, but come on! What would you expect with a movie with a title like this? It's suppose to be bad and fun! At least they are not fooling anyone!

Anyway, I loved Fletch, he was the comic star in this movie, specially with his references about the gay werewolf and his frustration with women. All the girls casted were very beautiful and most of the jokes were fun too.

Watch this movie is if you want to see blood, disgusting fluids and a funny nonsense film!

Jennifer's Body

Very weak and silly, at best you can watch on TV
Needy Lesnicky is a geek girl, who has the beautiful Jennifer Check as her best friend. Although Needy is always doing things to please Jennifer, the opposite doesn't happen very often. One night, Needy and Jennifer go to the concert of a rock band that Jennifer likes, and the place is set on fire. Jennifer is abducted by the band in their van, appearing many hours later,covered in blood, throwing up a dark liquid and with a very strange psychotic behavior. From the next days on, many of the boys from their school are found dead and with parts of their bodies eaten. Needy starts to suspect of Jennifer's behavior, until Jennifer tells Needy what happened to her: She was sacrificed by the band members in a black magic ritual,in order to make them have more success and fame.

The only problem is that Jennifer was not a virgin as the band thought, so instead of dying,she was transformed into a flesh-eater succubus.

I need to be honest and say that the reason I decided to watch this movie was because I liked a lot the trailers and thought the movie would be at least fun. But for my bad surprise, the movie is neither funny or frightening, in fact, its very bland. I think they gave too much expectations on Megan Fox' popularity , so they didn't care so much about the script. I am even surprised to know that the person who wrote the script was Diablo Cody, the same person who wrote the script for the acclaimed Juno.

In my opinion this is not the worst movie ever made in the movie industry, but it's definitely not worth paying for the DVD or for a rent. At best, watch it on your television.

Kadokyaputa Sakura: Sakura's Wonderful Friend
Episode 2, Season 1

Tomoyo discovers Sakura's secret!
Sakura is having a hard time to stay interested in the job of card captor. Kero needs to constantly remind her that she needs to take all the Clow cards for the sake of human kind.

When Sakura arrives at school, Tomoyo shows her the video she did of Sakura and Kero flying in the sky, forcing Sakura and Kero to tell Tomoyo about the story of the Clow Cards and Sakura's new mission as a card captor.

At Sakura's School,everything is a mess and being vandalized. Tomoyo and Kero thinks that it is a Clow card that is doing everything, so Sakura needs to go to school at night to capture the card, since some cards are only active at night.

In this episode, Tomoyo also shows the beautiful costume wardrobe she did for Sakura to dress her in the missions of catching the Clow cards.

Kadokyaputa Sakura: Sakura and the Mysterious Magic Book
Episode 1, Season 1

The first episode of this enchanting anime!
In this first episode, we are introduced to Sakura Kinomoto and her family & friends: her annoying big brother Toya, who always makes fun of her; her kind archeology professor father, Fujitaka Kinomoto; Yukito Tsukishiro, Toya's best friend and Sakura's object of affection and the sweet Tomoyo Daidouji, Sakura's best friend who loves to record everything in her camera, specially Sakura herself.

When Sakura is alone at home, she listens to a strange sound coming from her Dad's study room; when she enters the room, a different book named ''The Clow'' starts sparkling and making noises. When Sakura opens the book, she sees that it is full of cards, leading her to accidentally use the spell from one of the cards called Windy, that makes all the other cards disappear and Kerberos, the guardian, to wake up.

Kerberos (called ''Kero'' by Sakura and Tomoyo) makes Sakura the new card captor and they go after the Fly Card in their first mission together.

Heavy Rain

An incredible game that became one of my favorites!
'Heavy Rain' is a drama game that turns around the death of many young boys, with ages between 8 to 13 years old, that were murdered by a killer known as the ' origami killer', that always let an origami in the hand of the victim and an orchid in his chest. Another trait of the killer, is that all boys are found drowned.

Ethan Mars, our leading man, is in search of his son Shawn, that is probably a victim of the origami killer. Besides him, we also play with the private detective Scott Shelby, the journalist Madison Paige and Norman Jayden (my personally favorite character!), a FBI agent.

Heavy Rain is a game that looks very similar to a movie, where the player decide which actions the characters are going to make, changing the course of the story and also the ending. In this game, you are also allowed to play with all the protagonists of the story. 'Heavy Rain' has beautiful graphics and the feeling you have is that you are watching a Blu Ray movie; The actors that were casted are identical to the characters (specially the actor who plays Shelby, Sam Douglas) too!

I love games that gives us, players, liberty to control the actions of the characters. But don't think this game is only based in doing decisions: the player needs to be astute and some practice to not commit errors in the commands, not to mention that you need to pay attention in the story to not miss details and get compromised.

I recommend this game for anyone who wants to play an incredible and totally different game! If you have a PS3, don't let this game scape your hands!

Matando Cabos

This movie was the good revelation of the week!
Oscar Cabos is a powerful magnate from Mexico known by his violence towards people who displease him. And everybody hates him. However, one day, when Cabo faints, a big confusion is made, with two kidnappers trying to kidnap Cabos and taking the wrong man instead. Things get really mixed up, specially when Jaque and Mudo try to help Cabos bringing him to his house.

''Matando Cabos' was the good surprise of this week for me. I took this movie to watch after a recommendation of the librarian of my Spanish course and after almost 3 days watching nothing but ordinary movies, I come across this great Mexican movie! The situations are hilarious (and some of them are creepy, like when Botcha cuts his own father's finger!) and the movie has very good and tense moments. I don't consider it exactly a comedy, it's more like a mix of an action/ dark comedy movie, but it is VERY worthwhile!

I can say that it became one of my favorite Mexican movies of all times!

(500) Days of Summer

A different type of romance ...
Tom Hansen works in L.A. writing greeting cards even though he's a graduated architect. One day, Summer Finn, an average but beautiful girl, starts working in the same company Tom works,as the new administrative assistant. And pretty soon, Tom stays very interested in Summer, what leads them to start dating. Summer warns Tom that she is not looking for a boyfriend and that she doesn't believe in relationships, but Tom, a romantic guy that is sure that Summer is the woman of his life, agrees with Summer's terms in order to continue to see her and maybe make her change her mind.

As time passes, we see the problems in a relationship between two different people, each one with their own different interests and perspectives.

I liked ' 500 days of summer' more then I imagined that I would. I don't think the story is happy or cheerful, but I do think it has many realistic points, I mean, who never stayed (stealing another user's terms) in a "I love you more than you love me" relationship? It's a complicated situation, specially when one person is completely in love, making wedding plans and the other one cannot even imagine to spend four days in a roll with you.

The way the story is told, jumping the days back and forward is very interesting too, because we can compare better the mood changes from Tom and the problems in his relationship with Summer.

PS: I don't like Summer. I like the story, but I do agree that Summer is cold and didn't care much for Tom's feelings. And I do agree that she got married very soon after she broke up with Tom.

Az prijde kocour

A cat that is capable of watching human beings by what they really are
Czechoslovakia. A small town receives the visit from a magician and its group, that carries a strange cat with sunglasses. But the cat has a secret: when someone takes them off, the cat shows people, according to their nature and mood. Red is for those in love, purple for the hypocrites, yellow for the unfaithful and gray for the dishonest.

The grown-ups of the village consider the cat to be dangerous, so they kidnap the cat to decide its faith. But the kids and their correct teacher Robert, don't agree with that, and try to save the cat from the hands of the town people.

''Az prijde kocour '' has a very good plot. The idea of a cat that sees human beings by what they are and their real personality is incredible. The ending is also a surprise. The only thing that I didn't like is the way the movie is conducted from the middle to the ending, where it gets tiring and slow spaced. But the story is good and original, and deserves to be watched by everyone who is tired of ordinary plots.

And Starring Pancho Villa as Himself

Cool film based on one of the most prominent Mexican Revolutionary generals.
The Mexican revolutionary Pancho Villa needs money to fund his war against the current government in Mexico and also against the American federals who try to steal Mexico's oil and other Natural Richness, as well to add Mexico's lands to US. Pancho also knows that he is not well seen in US because of the press campaign against him, so he decides to invite many studios to shoot his battles and his life, in order to raise money for financing guns and ammunition and also for people to get a better impression of his attitudes.

The Mutual Film Corporation sends Frank Thayer and a film crew to make a deal with Pancho and to start shooting. Thayer stays fascinated with Pancho, and after the failure of Thayer's initial footage, he convinces Aitkin to invest even more money in a second attempt,with a longer and more personal movie about Pancho's life.

I personally enjoyed this movie a lot. I randomly choose this movie to watch to practice my Spanish, but I am glad I did it! I am not much familiar with Pancho Villa's story to know if the movie is accurate or not, but I liked to see a movie with a different story from a different hero that is not very famous outside Mexico. And It was good to see a movie portraying Mexico's side of the story for a change.

I think Antonio Bandeiras is great in his role( and it was good to see him talking in Spanish as well!), rude and soft at the same time, and I believe that this movie has one of his best performances.

Such a pity that this movie didn't get the much wider viewing audience that it deserves!

Ps: I stayed curious to watch the original movie from Pancho Villa from the 20's. Does anyone knows if it is really lost?

Post Grad

Nothing really special about this movie and the end is very fake
Ryden Malby is a young woman who planned most of her academic life: since school to her dream job. She always had good grades in school and in College, and now that she is graduated, she is certain that she will get a job as assistant editor in the publishing house Happerman & Browning, in L.A. But sadly for her,Jessica Bard, her arrogant classmate and biggest rival, gets the position she dreamed of. And Ryden is forced to return home to live with her parents again, where she will need to deal with lots of frustrations and many refuses of the jobs she is applying to.

I decided to watch this movie because at first, I liked the plot (the- graduating- girl -who- stays -unemployed- for- a -long -time is much more realistic then that thing in the movies that shows that everybody who graduates has an incredible job who pays you a lot of money!). But as I started watching it, I saw that the movie doesn't have anything special: it doesn't work as a comedy, since it's not funny, and doesn't work as a drama or real life story. We see Ryden struggle a lot to finally get a good job, and when she finally gets it, she gave up in order to run away after her best friend? Seriously, I found that so stupid and unreal. I know this is a movie and we shouldn't worry too much about it, but I don't think the final message of it matches with the character's dreams or realizations. Sorry, doesn't work for me.

The only thing I really liked in this movie was to see Rodrigo Santoro, my hot compatriot, in a movie with more lines and more acting then the previous ones he participated.


This movie raises a lot of questions
Catherine Stewart is a gynecologist married to David Stewart, a charming university professor, for many years.She starts suspecting that her husband is having an affair, specially when she sees a picture of him with one of his young university's students, after missing the birthday party Catherine prepared for him. Determined to know the truth, she hires Chloe, a beautiful prostitute, to seduce David and see if he responds her flirts.

I watched ' Chloe' two times in order to understand the movie better and to notice the subtle actions from the characters. I liked the movie( though I didn't watch the french film 'Natalie' that I see many people saying this movie is based on) and I don't dislike any of the actors casted. I also don't agree that Amanda is not playing well her role, in fact, I was surprised to see her so seductive and beautiful, since most of the movies I watched with her, she was always the stupid or dorky girl. This movie is very misunderstood, and I know it because at first, I didn't get much of the context as well.

It also raises many questions, from loyalty in a marriage to getting old and less desirable. And there is Chloe, a character that many people think is bad, but I see her, as in fact, a sweet (although obsessed to Catherine) misunderstood girl, who is only searching for someone who can pay attention and to care for her.

The movie is very open to interpretation and kind of intriguing( I hardly think that many people didn't stop a minute or two to think about the ending). But since I like a lot movies that talk about the oddities of human psyche, it was kind of fun to discuss the movie on the board and see what other people were thinking about it.

Brütal Legend

As all the things Jack Black does, here is a very funny and entertainment game!
' Brutal Legend' is a very entertainment game that has the heavy metal as his main theme.

In the game, the main character is a roadie named Eddie Riggs that is considered a very talented man, but lives, for his sadness, in a time where the music stopped to be the ''real deal'' to become totally commercial. After an accident, Eddie wakes up in a fantasy heavy metal world where the music has supernatural powers. In this world, Eddie will count with the help of incredible people like Ozzy Osbourne and Lemmy Kilmister to go ahead with his missions, as well to fight against Doviculus, the emperor of the Tainted Coil, and his glam metal puppet, General Lionwhyte.

The playability and the challenges of 'Brutal Legend' are a mix of the ''open world'' style with the combats of a kind of a simple ''God of War.''

It is a game that is very fast to end if the 'side missions' are not done, as well with cool upgrades that are not mandatory to play the game.

In general, I would say that ' Brutal Legend' is a very fun ( although sometimes vague) light headed game, with an excellent soundtrack and very cool characters, specially for people who enjoys/ are fans of the good and old Heavy Metal!

God of War

The first game of an incredible saga!
God of War is one of the most successful video games of all times, mixing the '' beat ' em up'' and the '' action adventure'' genres in just one game.

It had success in introducing the story of the spartan Kratos with the Greek mythology already known by many. In this first game of the franchise, Kratos needs to defeat Ares, the god of war, (and responsible for making Kratos murder his family) by the request of the Gods. Since Ares is attacking Athens, the goddess Athena herself tells Kratos that if he destroys Ares, he will be forgiven for the acts of cruelty he did, and also will be able to forget his horrible past.

This game is full of puzzles, beautiful scenarios (that are a great characteristic from all the God of War games)and many action scenes.

In my personal opinion, sometimes the game gets tiring specially because of the many puzzles and many moments you need to come back to the same spot you were before. I also think that, of all the God of War games, this one is harder then the other ones.

''Gow 1'' is a mandatory game in the collection of anyone who enjoys Greek mythology, massive destruction or simply wants to play a very good game.

The L Word: Let's Do It
Episode 2, Season 1

Tim asks Jenny to marry her - but she just had a sex encounter with Marina..
Bette and Tina still are having problems in their relationship, mostly due to the problems of finding a good sperm donor; When Bette finds a donor for them, called Marcus Allenwood, she didn't tell Tina that he's black, making Tina feel uncomfortable with the decision of raising a biracial kid; for Bette, being biracial herself, having a black donor wasn't a problem and this makes them have different opinions about the future kid they are going to raise together.

Jenny still is finding hard to get creative ideas for the story she wants to write, but when she joins Marina's book group, she gets a bigger brainstorming of new ideas. Jenny also ends up having a brief sexual encounter with Marina Ferrer while going to visit Marina's house.

Tim asks Jenny in marriage giving her a ring at the breakfast. Jenny is feeling guilty of what she did with Marina, but she accepts the ring. Tim, unaware of what happened between Jenny and Marina, invites Marina and other group of friends to a dinner at his house.

Bette and Kit are still trying to have a good relationship as sisters; Bette goes to Kit's house to get some advice of how to proceed with Tina and the donor's problem.

Alice is obsessive about a chart she invented to show how the lesbian girls are all connected to each other. Gabby, an ex girlfriend Alice had in the past, wants to go out with her again. Alice stays thinking about the possibility of going out with Gabby again, but all the girls are against this idea, since Gabby always treated Alice in a bad way.

Lara Perkins, a sous- chef that works at the tennis club Dana usually practices, is always sending food to Dana as courtesy. Dana pretty soon gets interested on her, but unable to know if Lara is gay or straight, asks for some help to her friends, that do some hilarious tests to see how Lara reacts.

(The funniest one is to send Shane to talk to her!)

The L Word: Pilot
Episode 1, Season 1

The introduction to the characters and the start of a very good series
In this very first episode, we have an introduction to the main characters of the L Word: Bette and Tina, a lesbian couple who are together for almost 8 years and have the apparently perfect relationship; they are also trying to find a sperm donor, in order to have their own baby; Marina, the European and beautiful owner of ''The Planet'', a famous cafeteria in West Hollywood; Shane, a hot hairdresser who is a lesbian Don Juan, but gets followed by Lacey, one of her last sexual conquests; Dana Fairbanks, a conservative tennis player who hides her gay identity in the closet , in order to continue to have success in her career;

Alice Pieszecki, a modern magazine writer who wasn't lucky with her last relationships;

Tim and Jenny, a couple who start to live together in Los Angeles; Jenny is a recent graduated writer, who comes to L.A. to start writing her first novel and to live with her boyfriend; and Tim, a cute coach's assistant who works with the girls from the swim team at UCLA.

Kit Porter is Bette's half sister and fights against alcoholism, that already brought her many problems.

When Marina kisses Jenny in a (mainly lesbian) party promoted by Better Porter and Tina Kennard, it's only the beginning of many things Jenny will start to experiment..

The L Word

Much better then I expected!
I never had much interest in watching ' L Word'; I always saw being announced on TV and never made a big effort to watch it.

It wasn't until a month ago, that some friends told me about how cool this series were, that I got a major interest in it and downloaded most of the seasons. And you know what? I wasn't disappointed at all! In fact, I am downloading the next season!

' L Word' shows more then just homosexual girls making out; it shows many issues that modern women need to pass through their lives, specially lesbian women, who most of the things become a little more complicated or bigger because of not following society's regular rules (Like Bette's and Tina's baby daughter, Angelica, that is Tina's biological daughter, so,legally, is only Tina's daughter).

The character I found most realistic in the show is Dana, being discrete and reserved about her life and also struggling to come out, specially because sometimes, the show makes us think that being a lesbian is something easy to be and that everybody will accept the situation or be understandable, and the reality is just not like that: we see many families that stop to talk to their daughters and sons, many unforgiven sisters or even brutality on the streets, when some homosexual couple walks in.

Ps: I dislike Jenny a lot. I don't agree with many of the things she does and most of her acts. In my opinion, she is annoying,unpleasant and weak in her morals and qualities.

Step Brothers

Painful to watch is the minimum I can say about this horrible film
Brennan Huff's mother and Dale Doback's father get married and go to live together. Since Brennan and Dale still live with their parents (even having 40 years old), they need to live as step brothers. They don't like each other and don't get along. The main problem will come when they start to shake their parents' wedding.

What a HORRIBLE movie! I haven't laughed even once! It is as bad as ''You Don't Mess with the Zohan '', but even more retarded! (If this is possible!!) How can someone even laugh with those ridiculous situations? The two lead characters seem two retarded men whose main objective is to destroy their family's lives. They behave like babies and they are what? 40 years old? I cannot believe this movie has almost a 7 in its rate. This only proves how many people with bad taste live in the world.

Don't even bother to watch this movie, or you are going to lose your time with one of the most pathetic movies ever made by humanity.

Friends: The One Where Everybody Finds Out
Episode 14, Season 5

Everybody discovers about Chandler and Monica...
The ''ugly naked guy'' is moving and Ross thinks about moving to his apartment, which is a great place and close to the Friends. While they are giving a look in the apartment, Phoebe finds out about Monica and Chandler's affair, since she caught them kissing. Phoebe decides to test Chandler and Monica, and starts hitting on Chandler.

Rachel decides to help Phoebe in mock them and gives a lot of dirty clothes to Monica take to the laundry. Chandler and Monica are suspicious that Rachel and Phoebe knows about them and they decide to play their game.

Chandler,however, loses the game, since Phoebe reaches the limit of kissing him. He tells them (Rachel and Phoebe) that he loves Monica and he cannot do anything with Phoebe.

Ross gets the ugly naked guy's apartment, and while he is in there, he sees the window and gives a flagrant in Chandler and Monica having sex, what makes him the last Friend to find out about them.

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